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Jesus, can you hear me? I don’t know where else to turn. I’m desperate. I need your help. I can hear you, my son. I have always been listening. Who are you? It is I, Jesus. I heard your prayer
and I’ve come to help you. You’re not Jesus. I… I am. But doesn’t Jesus look
a bit more like…? Oh! Oh, I see, you, er…
You thought I’d be white. Kind of, yeah. Look,
I don’t know what to tell you. I was born in the Middle East
2,000 years ago, the Bible’s very clear about that. It should be pretty obvious I don’t
have blonde hair and blue eyes. I guess so.
Plus, have you heard my story? I was arrested by a mob
of angry government officials and beaten for a crime
I didn’t commit. That shit doesn’t happen
to white people. And there was some confusion
over who your father was. OK, that’s just racist. Sorry. It’s just… You’re not really
what I was expecting, that’s all. Would you like me to fetch
white Jesus instead? Oh, could you? No! There is no white Jesus. It’s just me.
Now, do you want my help or not? Yeah, I suppose so. After all, you know, black or white,
we’re both still Christians, right? I’m guessing now’s not the time to tell you I’m Jewish.

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  1. Jesus doesn’t curse why did that guy say “that shit doesn’t happen to black people”

  2. these people are describing him wrong yes Jesus is black but Jesus doesn’t curse one of the Ten Commandments say do not curse

  3. Hair white like wool as white as snow eyes were as a flame of fire his feet like unto fine brass burnt in a furnace Rev.1-14,15

  4. Ezekiel 16:3

    This is what the Sovereign LORD says to Jerusalem: Your ancestry and birth were in the land of the Canaanites; your father was an Amorite and your mother a Hittite.

    The term Amorites is used in the Bible to refer to certain highland mountaineers who inhabited the land of Canaan, described in Genesis 10:16 as descendants of Canaan, the son of Ham. 

    Heth (Bible) Heth is, according to Genesis 10:15, the second son of Canaan, who is son of Ham, son of Noah. Heth is the ancestor of the Hittites, second of the twelve Canaanite nations descended from his sons, who lived near Hebron (Genesis 23:3,7).

  5. see revelation 1:14 this is a description of Jesus Christ and if that's not a white man then nothing or no one is white

  6. Jesus is a middle eastern man. Born in Bethlehem , raised in Palestine. He did not stick out meaning he blended in with his village. Everyone there is arab. I’m pretty sure a white or black person would stick out. His skin was bronze mean he was brown skin, Arabs are brown skin. His hair was like wool. Arabs had hair like wool, dreads , the texture is very course. He is either a Jew or an Arab. He certainly was not black or white

  7. Correction Jesus was born in Africa enough with this so called Middle East he was a Black man deal with it.

  8. Jesus lived in a pre-arabic Israel and Judea, of course he was white, same as most Chirstians in the Middle East who are white and trace their heritage back to the ancient jews and pagans native to the zone

  9. Black people just want to steal culture. They want to pretend that Egyptians were black then they want to pretend Jews were black.

  10. In 500 years they will be saying America was founded by black men.
    When will white people stop catering to the black supremacy movement? Black people steal culture , that’s all they are good for. That and spreading disease AND raping new borns.

  11. Jesus was not Jewish by faith in fact it was the Jews who hated him and eventually crucified him, or not depending on what you believe

  12. Jewish is a race and a religion. They have light skin and can blend in with the populations of southern Europe to an extent. The interpretation of John 7:35 is Jesus could have went to Greece and not be found by people looking for him because they look similar.

  13. Why if you say Yashaya is black and the Latinos, Caucasians will fight you down to say so called Jesus was white and some people it doesn't matter what color is he knowing deep down inside it does Some say how dare you say so called Jesus is black man I look at it like this you are a racist. I know the truth just like you guys call him Jesus how? When the J wasn't back then. YOU BRAINWASHING YOURSELF AND THE SLAVES FOR BELIEVING IT. THE END OF TIME IS NEAR AND TRUTH IS COMING OUT ABOUT EVERYTHING THING.

  14. The Original Jews, were not African they were from Israel
    Obvs, Jewish and Catholicism are both False religions.
    The star of David is actually not holy at all
    Catholic churches are decorated in demons.
    God said be fruitful and multiply Priests can marry or have sex…
    God wouldn't want your virginity.
    Marry had SEX, babies aren't magic.
    And Jesus was a spirit made by God he was the "Light" in let there be light.
    He was doing his job saving us.
    Jew "Ish" Is not Jew it's nothing Fake
    Christians aren't supposed to pray to Jesus only God.
    And finally Jesus was an Israelite so Real believers are the Jews
    Stay educated.

  15. If Jesus was a low IQ black thug, then i will become atheist! My family got robbed and beat up by black thugs three times. Blacks are the stupidest, lowest IQ, laziest and most violent people i've ever met!

  16. Who care about Jesus "skin color"(not a heaven or hell issue)??? Concentrate on his
    1, Salvation
    2. Obedience
    3. Baptism (Acts 2:38)

  17. The race and color of the skin are owned by Jesus. So no matter for me if jesus come to you in red skin or yellow skin…. No matter also about the language… About your hair, about the eyes about blood… Because he is a salvator and creator. Peace for all the people. Best regard from me from JAVA INDONESIA, a Roman Catholic, another my skin is brown color. GBU all

  18. Yeshua is not skin colored, HE's in HIS GLORY as the Before the Fall of Adom and Chava, they were Bathed in LIGHT. That's why the Black folks are way out of bounds for hoping for a Black Messiah. We all bleed Red Blood, For the Life is In the Blood. Based on DNA Tests of CHRIST Blood HE's RH NEG Blood Type. And by the way, you can say HE's sorta Color Blind, HE LOVES EVERY COLOR. It's the People on Earth that have the Race Wars. We are OUR BROTHER"S KEEPER. All come from ADOM and CHAVA, Why make Racial slurrs to create strife, the World Need the LOVE that CHRIST Provides. Every Journey starts with the First Step.

  19. Bible never mention Jesus is white
    Bible mever mention GOD is white.

    you got the imagination from Leonardo Davinci works that never meet Jesus in person. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    Leonardo Davinci is the Racist Master.

  20. This colour thing is getting out of hand god is a spirit they that worship him must worship him in spirit and truth

  21. It's amazing how people can be so ignorant to the truth that Yeshua is a so called black man. The scriptures tells us his color and yes it does matter because so called white people have made him white which is false Jesus Christ = Cesare Borgia. July 22, 2019

  22. If Jesus was to come to earth today looking exactly like he did back then he would be racially abused by some Christians. They think a man born in Israel 2000 years ago was a white dude with blonde hair and blue eyes lol. He was a dark-skinned Jew. It should be pretty obvious he had dark skin because he lived in a very sunny semi-desert region and spent most of his time outdoors in the sun preaching to people. He also walked long distances in the Sun with his disciples. If he was as white as he is portrayed he would always have severe sunburn. None of his disciples were white either, all dark-skinned jews but Europen Christians Twisted his character to suit their own racial ideologies

  23. nobody cares white JESUSARE EASIER TO LOOK AT YALL BLACKS wouldnt like it if we wete to scream from the top of a mountain that we wanted MEXICAN AMERICAN JESUS THE HELL WITH BLACK JESUS QUIT BEIGN RASCIST BLACLS

  24. Actually jesus was asiatic

    This thing about white/black jesus is just a excuse to bring up a liberal agenda about racism

  25. John 18:36 Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.”

    So BBC 3, Jesus states in his own words that he is not of this world. That he is different from the Jews. That he was lord before the time of Abraham. Saying Jesus was Jewish is like saying Jesus was just a man. He's so much more. He's not white, black, Arabic, Jewish or anything else of that earthly nature. Jesus is described as the son of God, the divine, true man. He's not of a certain race. You need to read your Bibles and see for yourself.

  26. In all actuality, assuming Jesus was even a real human being, he'd probably look like an Israeli Jew. Israeli Jews look pretty close to white (assuming you even make the distinction).


    You antichrist Christian will be apart of the 2/3rd who will not make it into the kingdom. Keep denying the son and he will deny you. Read revelation 1:14-15

  28. Understanding it's wrote in biblical Bible it's Say's in the living truth of Just the way Jesus Christ look's WHO he was an what he was! Jewish Jew!
    The word's of the living truth of the bible Say's that Jesus Christ was a Jewish Jew the very way Jesus Christ look's Brown eye's Brown blackish hair Brown skin!
    The way the bible Say's that Jesus Christ was know black man!
    Itself wrote in the word's of god! The living truth of the word God himself the truth of the bible of god's word's!
    Don't believe open you're holy biblical Bible Read God's word's!
    The truth she'll set you free the word of god!
    An believe me the bible don't lie!

  29. *Both Hebrews and ancient Egyptians were BLACK:* Throughout the Bible Hebrews were often mistaken for Egyptians: For example in Acts 21:38 Paul was asked "Art thou an Egyptian?" He answered "I am a Jew from Tarsus in Cilicia." In Exodus 2:19 Moses is mistaken for an Egyptian. In Genesis 42:8 Joseph was not recognized by his brothers. (because his skin was the same color as the Egyptians.) According to the Bible the Hebrews will return to Israel when God, (Not the British government, the U.N. and the Rothschilds.) gathers them and sets them back in their land. Isaiah 60:18 "Violence shall no more be heard in your land, wasting nor destruction within your borders; but you shall call your walls Salvation, and your gates Praise." Ask yourself: Are the Jews occupying that land today living in peace? Listen to these people from all over the world: More Proof: Images from the Bristol Psalter: Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 tells you who those people are occupying Israel today.

  30. True Christians love Jesus for who He is and what He did for us all. Not His f*** skin color or ethnicity. Live forever Lion of Judah!

  31. It's doesn't matter what color he was here on Earth.. that body bag Jesus was in went back to the dust of the earth .. as we all will one day go but the true and living God Jesus is a spirit which never died and will never die that why he said worship him in spirit and in truth.. be ye spiritual minded… Walk in the spirit.. stop letting the devil deceive you and take you away from what's really important for your own soul

  32. Ofcourse Jesus was not whitye Pls read the BIuble, he had to be identify remweber, problem is whityesd and I am not Black just in case had to invente a WHITE GOID, sewe a shepardic Jewand u will see what I mean, Ashkenasis Jews from Kasaria arte whites, blond hair and vblue or green eyes and Jesus was Nort a Jew either he waS A nAZAREAN, Jew IS NOT A RACE

  33. The only ones who really seem to care about how dark Jesus was are black people, who suffer from low self-esteem and need to pretend that they have a great history by claiming most of the great rulers and inventors were black. In this view, a Greek, Iraqi, Arab and a sub-Saharan African are all "black" because it's convenient for their narrative. Jesus wasn't Nordic nor sub-Saharan African; he was a medium-tone, curly-haired, big-nosed heeb.

  34. It doesn't matter about his accent. It's just that his name wasn't Jesus. The Romans gave him that name if you don't believe me. Ask your religious leader in your church. 🐒🐒

  35. I encourage you people to put away the racism,humble yourself and accept the truth,and get saved,rather Jesus Christ was black or white,change your life for the better: can not make it into heaven being racist full of hatred for any race of people😉

  36. Jesus is a Jew with light tan skin ! Stop stealing other people cultures ! Jesus is Jewish get over it go away losers !

  37. …// .. The forensic science studies the skull and bone formation (FBI,.. etc. follow this method to determine race). Skin tonality means nothing. The middle easterners may have tanned skin but the majority of them fall under the category of the "Caucasians". Ergo, Jesus was a Caucasians. // case closed.
    p.s. The Africans were introduced into middle east primarily after the Islamic appearance and s Islamic slave trades (600 + years after Jesus).

  38. Revelation 1:14-15 King James Version (KJV)

    14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

    15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

  39. Thank you Herr absurb, you are right, I never heard nobody ever mention that Jesus was white neither, they didn't had to, come out of their mouth's and say it, they draw picture's and painted him white, they white him out, that's what they did, they knew what his true color was, and they didn't like his skin color, so he had to been black, I'm not talking about crayon color black, Jesus was our race, so that why they change the color and white him out so that telling y'all back than in those time, they didn't like the race that we was if they woulda like what color he was they wouldn't had to white him out to make people think he was white, they didn't paint him Jewish neither, nothing but white, so it was racist in the Biblical time's to, it had to, cause they painted him white over us and the Jew's so they didn't like know other race but themselves that telling us the answer right there, if he was Jewish why they didn't let him be Jewish, if he been brownish black, why they didn't let him be his true color, they might be didn't paint his human body, they this drew a picture of a man they call JESUS and painted him a white race, that's how they took out so.e of the colors from the Bible, than again they hide that Bible with the colors in it, and this came up with another Bible without putting in color's, so i reckon every character's that they got in the Bible is white, all the truth is hide, back, they change his name after many Centuries and he been dead just that many Centuries and all of a suddenly they came up with a Jesus they think we fool and dumb but I'm not

  40. They still don't know how YAHUSHUA speak, nobody don't know how he sound, until that day come, he probably spoken English all we know

  41. I find americans overt obsession with race funny. I mean if you worship the guy shouldn't you care more about his message rather than his race?

  42. Jesus was a Jew. Jews apparently have Asian origans…who cares what color (or colour for some) Jesus was…only racists and you can not be truly Christian if you are a racist. Or even a worthwhile human.

  43. White Jesus is not made in my image and it is written to make no graven images all this is propaganda and deception to control the masses

  44. What makes black people think Jesus is black when he was born in the middle east. Have blacks never heard of Arabs or jews? I'm no historian but the middle east at that time didn't have black rastafarians

  45. Now do one on Mohammed… You never will. The Quran goes out of it's way to explain Mohammed's being a man of a white complexion who was racist and had black slaves. You never will because the BBC are cowards. They are scared of a Fatwah like Salmon Rushdi and the Satanic Verses.

  46. Jesus Was a Caucasian of the Mediterranean phenotype. Like Souther Italians, Syrians Southern Spaniard's etc. Olive Complexion. Hair was white like wool. Not texture like wool. There are 3 Races with many Subgroups. Negro, Asian and Caucasian… Middle Easterners are Subgroup of the Caucasian Race.

  47. Jesus was from the Middle East. We can all agree on that. However, He was NOT Jewish. Judaism is a religion. Have the makers of this video read the New Testament? It doesn't appear so. That part really bugged me.

  48. How can you say he is black. You never seen him. Let me tell you this. I don't know what colour is jesus. But I know this. His beauty is magnificent. Nothing is beautiful than jesus. And we people are crafted by his image and he by his beautiful hands and beautiful spirit he put in us. The bible Is for our souls. Not the body. The body will be destroyed someday. Jesus is trying very hard to save our souls. But we don't listen to him. Please follow jesus while you still have time to live in this world. Because we don't know where we will go after we die .And No one is ugly. Only people make themselves ugly. Love and live with what you have.

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