Things That Only Happen When You’re In Labor

– Are you taking a
(beep) selfie right now? – (whispering) Three, two, one, no. (upbeat music) – You’re doing good honey. You’re doing good. – Okay. – Hello, I’m Dr. Ben and I’m here to do your pelvic. – Nope. Female doctor. Ugly doctor. Any other doctor. – Do you have to urinate? – I don’t think so. – I’m just gonna gently
push on your bladder. Okay! – I haven’t eaten anything in 15 hours. – You’re glowing. – I will never want to
remember this moment. – I’m guessing seven pounds, nine ounces. – I think it’s a ten-er. – Loser buys quesalupa? – After this, I can not eat Mexican. I’m sorry. – I don’t want to do this anymore. – I can’t do this. – I’m not ready for a baby. – I’m ready to go home! I’m gonna go home now! – I’ll come back when I’m feeling a little more ready. – Get your hand, out of me! – I can’t, you’re contracting. Relax. – Oh, it looks like the
baby pooped in the pool. – I shouldn’t have looked. – Oh beautiful, do you want a mirror? – You don’t want a mirror right now. You look beautiful. – I don’t feel well. – Oh, that makes sense. We’re moving most of your organs. – She’s gotta stop pushing. She’s gonna rip her asshole. – Honey, I need you to stop pushing. – Do you feel my fingers? Push right there. – (strains) That’s awkward. – This is the best day of my life. – (crying) I hate you so much! – Push like you’re pooping. – I don’t wanna poo! – Just go, poop is part
of the program here. (screaming and cheering) – It doesn’t feel like I’m pushing! – Is that supposed to happen? You’re gonna fix that right? (baby cries) – We did it. (baby cries) – Um, excuse me, is anyone gonna give me my baby? – Okay, you ready to
deliver your placenta? – [Woman] No, no, no, no, no, no, no. (beep) that.

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  1. I do recall saying “I can’t do this. I’m ready to go home." Also refusing the mirror. I was like “No! I don’t want to see.”

  2. When she said to poo I thought the baby was her terd💩💩💩💩 and the thingy at the end??? I had to help my mum to do that with my younger sis Lilly or was I waiting in the car bout that?>_>

  3. Giving birth on your back is actually the worst way to give birth. It is more natural for a baby you come out in a squatting position. Being on your back was established during westernation of medicine and made it easier for doctors to have access

  4. Sad to see 99% of the comments are so uneducated about birth. No wonder they're all scared when all they see is this crap shown as a normal labour

  5. This just confirms why I'm not having kids. To people who say that women change their minds and have kids, not all of them do. I know 3 other older women who did not have children. They don't regret it either.

  6. My mom hated her doctors. When she finished pushing me out, she said the doctors didn't even let my mom see me, they were just keeping me to themselves and like "hi there cutie! How are you cutie?! I love you cutie!!" and didn't give me to my mom until 24 minutes later.

  7. I am mother of two and pregnant the 3rd!!!it is not like this!!! i was having epidural in my 2 babies and it was soo wonderful for me,and i was always a very sensitive person👋😊

  8. I don't feel well
    That makes sense were removing most of your organs

    Do they actually tho an does it hurt to pull the thing on

  9. when my sister was being born, I was in the delivery room, and when my mom was holding her, my dad said, "we did it!" and then my mom slapped him, grabbed his shirt collar and said, "what the he** do you mean we?" best day ever

  10. They really need to make only female doctors/nurses do it, because it’s super awkward if a guy is looking at your…. privates…

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