This is the Worst Job Interview | Fast Comedy

– Thanks for coming in. – [Interviewee] Thank you for having me. That’s my resume. – Oh, great. (upbeat music) We’re looking for someone who has a lot of experience in this work. – I thought this was an
entry level position. – Yes, well, experienced entry level. Experienced is sort of implied. We’re looking for someone
who’s really a team player, but can also work independently, as well. So it’s really important that
the person who fills this role is someone who has a lot of
initiative, won’t rock the boat, will shake things up, but
takes a very cautious approach in making decisions, is a real risk taker, but plays by the rules. We don’t like to micro-manage around here, but we do require hourly status updates. In fact, I just do it via video
chat, I just keep it open. In fact, hey, hey, Steve, how are ya? – [Steve] Hey, how you doin’? – All right, we’re doing
the interview right now. Just wanted to update you on that. Say hi to Steve. – Steve. – We’re looking for
someone who’s confident, but not overly confident,
innovative, but traditional, easy to work with, but
with a bit of an edge. I think reliable maverick is the best way I can sum up this position. This is, indeed, an experienced
entry entry level position, so the offer’s gonna reflect that, but we do have a lot of
great snacks in the kitchen. Kind bar? (upbeat music) She’s gone, Steve. – [Steve] Oh, shit.

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