Thor-ever Love 【 Thor: Ragnarok Animated Parody】

I, Thor Odinson, the Crown Prince of Asgard.. ..Undeniably the most gorgeous creature in all of the nine realms… …the most skilful and powerful warrior ever lived… …with the most beautiful golden long hair… …I am the epitome of perfection… …but I wasn’t happy… … until the day I met her… Well, well, well, let’s see what you’ve got, Thor of Asgard. Odin’s beard is this possible? No one could ever do that, except for me.. Huh!! You… are HELA good… …see what I did there? Hela good…hahaha This fall Oh, I love thee. I love you more! No, I love thee even more! Based on the best selling graphic novel. Are you outta your mind?! She’s the goddess of death! She is here to destroy Asgard and kill us all ! I don’t care about who she is! I don’t care if she wanted to destroy Asgard! The only thing I know now is that I love her. I’ll take the entire army of Asgard on if I have to. Big brother! Don’t go….I love you… Thor my love, where are we going? I know some powerful friends, we can stay on Earth, father will never find us there. The forbidden love NO~~! Why are guys doing this to us? Let go off me! Noooo! Release me at once! Between two gods You’ll stay away from my brother if you know what’s good for you. This is a mistake! We are a mistake! Don’t be a fool… I’ll never let you go again, not after what we have been through! You gotta be kidding me.. Who is he, honey? He’s..He’s…He’s a friend from work, haha…we know each other…haha… Friend from work? I thought…I thought we were brothers… You lying piece of Asgardian crap!!! Oh, c’mon! Thor-ever Love, every Monday to Friday, 8.30 pm, only on Cartoon Hooligans.

100 Replies to “Thor-ever Love 【 Thor: Ragnarok Animated Parody】”

  1. Hey guys! Press CC for subtitles and Setting to choose from English, Spanish, French and Brazilian Portuguese. We love thee, Thor….

  2. I thought that was his Sister and also can’t Thor explode out lighting out of you to destroy the ropes and hulks hair is a little bit off

  3. That's sus sister you weird why you do that you weird cartoonhooligans oh my God that's your sister but that's the sister of Thor not the girlfriend watch the movie all over again until they say hello okay

  4. Sooo let me get this straight
    Thor with long hair is golden long hair(Golden)
    But when he gets a hair cut it turns light brown?

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