Thora Sa Haq Episode 5 | 20th Nov 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

why Hareem clothes are with you? Umm… I have asked you, why my daughter’s clothes are in your hands? these … she has given me herself keep them here…
and go from here stop… yes … send Seher to me… ok, alright … I’m sorry why are you saying sorry? it was my mistake…
So, I shall sorry no ….
it was my mistake I should have walked carefully you were coming from the other side I couldn’t see you I don’t know, where my focus was? aren’t you feeling pain? no … anyways… it was my mistake leave it … thanks God, the glass has not gone very deep otherwise… we had to call the doctor try to take some rest now don’t do work for some days OK although I know what? that, people of this house will not let you rest but still if you want that your wound gets healed soon, and
your foot gets alright soon … then try to take rest OK, I’m leaving now and yes … try to keep your foot away from exposing to water the wound gets infected listen … I’m very thankful to you yes … you had called me? what has happened to your foot? nothing much … just just got a small wound a little bit wound? but you have put the band aid, as if it’s a very big wound if it is an excuse to get rid of doing work… then listen to me carefully no excuses will be catered here even if you want, then also I won’t let you make an excuse therefore, don’t ever think to make any excuse do you have any work with me? yes … these are some of Hareem’s clothes she has stopped wearing them, being out of fashion but you can wear them it doesn’t make any difference to you, irrespective of the latest fashion in trend what are you looking there? what I have said to you, is not acceptable? if you want to refuse…. then don’t even think about it in this house, even if you get my daughter’s used clothes… then be thankful to it you are fortunate enough… else I don’t even consider you capable of this mamma… keep quiet it is not important, that you interfere in my every decision why are you standing? pick up these clothes, and go from here don’t expect more… for yourself from this house mamma …
how can you do this? what she’ll think about me? I’ve given those clothes to Farzana … and I have given them to one, whose presence disgust me even more than Farzana’s presence mamma… why you did this? you have made me fall from grace in her eyes I don’t understand …. why do you want to raise your importance in her eyes? mamma, she is mine & Zamin’s cousin and I’m your mother you can see her… but you don’t see me? she is your mother’s enemy I can’t love my enemy’s daughter then don’t do who is asking you to love her? but at least, do not insult me in front of her do you even realize? what you are saying … very well alright … so you want to confront your mother…. just because of that low-class girl? for God’s sake mamma … I don’t want any such thing but also I don’t want, that Seher wears my used clothes why? why does it matter? she is my cousin … not my servant the truth is … she is not even capable to wear your used clothes I was doing all this, so that she can remember her position & value in this house please mamma… you hate her … and you don’t like her that’s your personal matter I have never forced you, to start liking her so, please … you won’t treat her in my regards like this alright … I was expecting this answer from you but remember this the more you are taking her side ….
expressing love for her taking her for outing with Rafay & Zamin all this is not right Oh …. so you are angry on this, that we took her for outing along with us yes … of course, I shall be angry….
because it’s not that girl’s standard that she goes for an outing with my children anyways… I’ll see her later on but, you remember one thing everything looks good under certain limits to take care of low standard people, is sometimes hazardous and I want to save you from any such loss… that’s why I’m saying this to you and enough … no more discussion on this topic anymore now, go from here mamma, listen to me I have said to you, go from here go … wow … you have become master in playing cards Zamin’s luck is very good, when it comes to playing cards he always gets queens he must be having now … I can bet you really! we’ll just see now what … stay away …. no cheating alright, then tell us
how many queens do you have? shall I tell? look, what I just said it means, you have become a king of two queens alright, tell me my cousin is which number queen of yours? queen number one, or queen number two? shut up! we are talking about cards furthermore …
Hareem is priceless for me say what Hareem?
Hmm … alright… coffee is here
which one is mine? this one oh, why did you brought this?
where is Seher? she has hurt her foot… she is sleeping yes… let her rest also, mamma treated her so badly today do you people want anything else? no… no …
you go and yes… take more clothes from me in the morning
OK? so what do you think? shall we go to inquire about the health of your cousin? what do you mean?
in her room? yes….
why? is there any problem? and who will play the game? first of all end this game… furthermore, she is sleeping… Farzana just informed you by the way you are so cold heart person just now, she said that your cousin is hurt…. that poor girl is in the room and you are thinking about cards….
ch… ch… I feel sorry about it by the way, you are so concerned about our cousin is everything alright? what is the matter….
tell me… tell me stop…. we are not going anywhere she is sleeping, let’s not disturb her now play the game yes, Zamin is right focus on the game alright then…
I will go alone, tomorrow…to inquire about her health also I will take along the ‘get well soon’ card also I will mention on it, that your cousins are very ruthless… don’t trust on them ever stay quiet & play your game…
else I will start beating you again Reemi… (nick name for Hareem) good morning … *greetings* I have got to know, that you are hurt no, it’s nothing like that but band aid can be seen on your foot….
anyways… take this… eat this apple no, thank you eat it …
an apple a day, keeps the doctor away if you say so ….
I can translate this for you not at all…
I know it’s meaning Oh wow! alright, if you don’t mind… can I ask you something? why you are always upset? I’m leaving at least, have an apple trust me…
it’s good for health look, if you want your health to remain good…
then stop these disgusting acts with me else I …. I just saw your cousin so I thought to inquire about her condition thank God, that she is fine take this…
eat apple have an apple… I’ll see you, haan … Top sales Iron sand …. leather
quality foams you all know, what sort of challenges we are facing now the increasing price…
as you can see *instinctive sound* Zamin … Zamin! yes uncle….
sorry yes sir… where are you? you are not in the meeting no sir, I’m listening to you Um…I couldn’t sleep well at night that’s why I got bit dizzy so, the presentation given by Mr. Sohaib do you agree with him? shall we approach the new clients, like this?
Hmm…? not at all, sir the marketing strategies have changed around the globe we also have to bring narration to our ideas, in order to approach to new clients hmm … it means… you have something better for us
Hmm…? yes most certainly OK then let’s make a new presentation *message tone* it feels, you were waiting for a message from someone special you? I’m sorry, I should have come after knocking the door but this is kitchen and kitchen is house member’s mutual property…right? do you want anything? do you know…. my mother is also annoyed from this habit of mine,
she also says to me that “your feet are like cat’s feet” I go anywhere, anytime without making any sound I’m sorry, if I have scared you coffee…. I wanted to have coffee if you don’t mind, and you aren’t busy then please make one cup for me I have a lot of work
ask Farzana to make it alright, give me your number at least, give me your number yes? mobile number…
I should have it now we have become friends so, I should have the number I’m not friends to you nor I want to give you my number why?
why you don’t want to give me the number? look…
I’m very funny & joyful person I stay happy & keeps my friends happy do friendship with me
I will make you learn, to stay happy look, please let me go and if I won’t let you go… then? don’t be angry… I’m just asking you to…that Rafay …
what are you doing here? actually, aunty I came here to make coffee for myself what do you mean? you will make coffee for yourself? yes, actually I don’t like coffee, made by anyone else alright then Seher… come with me I have some important work with you what was he doing in the kitchen? he had told you he came to make coffee when he entered the kitchen, I came outside the kitchen he is sister-in-law’s nephew yes… I know he is not only nephew he the one & only and very dear I know… why are you telling me? I’m not telling I’m reminding sister-in-law loves her nephew to the extent she hates you with much more intensity I didn’t get you be careful God forbid…. if any thing happened so sister-in-law will be against you with all her heart be careful here you go…. your coffee sister-in-law’s nephew is taking interest in your niece what? I’m talking about Rafay he is wandering around Seher, nowadays what rubbish you are talking? have you gone mad? what happened Waqar? there is nothing to get so much angry on this that day, you were saying that Rafay was meeting Hareem in this way… in that way and now you are talking this rubbish what has happened to you? are you alright? I also know Waqar, what I’m saying and I’m not just saying it like that I find that boy’s actions very suspicious but the problem is, that he is sister-in-law’s dear nephew and I cannot express any of my such doubt in front of sister-in-law your this idiotic mind, and the thinking you get in that mind… keep them to you only you don’t have to share them with me Waqar…. have your coffee daughter Seher, are you alright? I’m fine, uncle what happened? you seem so dull no, everything is fine how is your foot? what happened? you got hurt? why I wasn’t informed? it was just a small wound… now it’s alright don’t worry, uncle let me bring tea for you listen child one minute take this, daughter uncle, for what? a person can need this anytime no, uncle I have no need for these let me bring tea or coffee good morning, Seher how are you? bring my breakfast also
please … good morning ….
morning good morning all good, how come so early today
so dressed up Mr. Zamin… everyone is not lucky as you are that they get the key post, in their uncle’s company we need to dig our well our self, and have to search for water our self there was no need for such philosophy, though I had just asked a very small question from you oh, I was just kidding now, please don’t mind some interview sessions are lined up, so had to go there today is the last session I see … I see….
who says I see? a person can say “all the best”
“best of luck” “all the best”, Rafay “have a wonderful interview”….
happy now? more, like it….
thank you… oh, what’s this? I had asked Seher for breakfast…
why you have brought? I don’t know, she asked me to make breakfast…
so, I brought it alright…. no problem
it’s ok thank you… where is your interview? we will drop you…. say what baba? no, no … it’s OK you people will get late no problem we will drop, baba? have your breakfast peacefully, we’ll drop you well …. that’s so sweet of you
thanks I’m waiting for you outside then okay…. Munazzah has put me in a weird problem is he also worried about that? I shall ask him no … maybe, he has not felt any such thing if I’ll tell him, he will get worried son, till where your presentation is ready? baba, I’m doing work on it four slides have been completed what! 4 slides in just 4 hours? what is it, son? you seem worried… no, baba… I’m fine baba, I’m thinking I should give some money to Seher she has not taken any money from you, maybe she might take it from me you tell me am I, thinking right or not? yes, son you are thinking right… you should give her for sure alright then *text message tone* whose message is it? it’s of Hareem’s … I had to take her for dinner, It completely skipped out of my mind shall I wear this…. or this one? tell me, Seher both of them are good I will wear one at a time which one is more good? tell me quickly, I’m getting late this one … are you sure? hmm …. Umm… black color suits you very well whenever you wear black, you look so beautiful oh wow, you are speaking in Zamin’s style Zamin also like black color, a lot whenever I wear black color he showers such excessive praises on me, that I can’t even tell you you and Zamin are going somewhere? yes, actually… one of my school friend has just got married so I thought, I should invite her somewhere for dinner, in order to celebrate her marriage at first, I was about to organize it at home
but then Zamin said, it’s going to be bit boring then we decided, that we’ll take them for dinner, somewhere outside you also congratulate your friend from my side how sweet…
I will congratulate her for sure Seher ….
I’m so sorry I could have invited you too, but actually it’s a bit personal gathering no,no… I really didn’t meant that I haven’t said all this, just because you and Zamin go alright … So …. you have selected this one right? hmm …. OK done…
now, I’m going to wear this one thanks so much, Seher I’m sorry by the way….
tell me one thing why do you react after seeing me, as if I am a villain of any Punjabi movie look, please let me go you may go but before leaving …. give an answer to my question I’m thinking very seriously, to become serious for you the day, you’ll answer my question I will, that day… and at that time ask for your proposal from Rabia aunty & Iftikhar uncle please don’t refuse I’ll wait for your answer Tabinda’s husband is nice, right? hmm … yes, he is very nice you know after our marriage, my friends & your friends will invite us for such dinners it’s fun going on such dinners yes, it does then your friends will ask about you from me, & my friends will ask about me from you it happens normally, after marriage by the way, Tabinda asked me today what? what was she asking? that when are we getting married? I don’t understand, people don’t have any other question to ask? whenever they meet somewhere, they just ask… when are you getting married? and especially the ones who have already got married, they are after each other I don’t know I think, they are right how come? look, we have to get married at a certain age so, it’s better to get married earlier you tell me, what’s the certain age in your opinion? I’m not telling why, what happened? because then you’ll say, that I’m asking you to get married… anyhow Hareem, listen to me we have to get married one day we have to or not? then? I know Zamin I know … I waiting for that day I have predicted this earlier, that only you’ll get this job thank you…. thank you! aunty take some more, in this regard no, no….I’ve already taken give it to Munazzah… make Hareem eat this take these aunty, enjoy the sweets thanks son…. thank you so much
stay blessed thank you… thank you so much….
cousin …. congratulations cousin…
thank you… here you go take these chocolates…. why don’t you keep the whole box I have to get one secret work done from you what? I’ll tell you later, how can I tell you in front of everyone? I’ll show you one painting let’s go… that one
let’s go…let’s go by God’s will, I have got the job now I am thinking to get a wife too oh God, Rafay…. can you please talk in the simpler manner for once? I’m thinking to get married what! really? wow, that’s great… it’s such a great news won’t you ask, who is she? sorry… of course… I will ask… who is she?… tell me who is that girl? your cousin Seher … Seher … no way … you are joking no Hareem I think so, this is the first time in my life that I have become so serious, about a girl that I’m thinking about marriage hold up you are serious about getting married to Seher yes, Hareem I’m very serious with my cousin, Seher? yes, Hareem
I want to get married to your cousin and I need your help for that come with me Hareem… listen….
listen to me Zamin…
Zamin …. oh God, what happened? our boy, wants to get married who boy? I’m talking about Rafay Rafay! he just got the job,
marriage from just now? just get settled a bit, then get married I don’t want to get married like you, after thinking, doing engagement & doing long term planning I have found the girl, & I have started liking her too so I want to get married as soon as possible what do you say? when you will hear the girl’s name, you’ll also say WOW and you’ll say that… really, this marriage shall happen soon really! so who is that girl? our cousin “SEHER” but the problem is…. Seher has not said YES till now you understand or not, she must have got afraid just because Rafay is mamma’s nephew and when mamma will get to know this? I don’t know, what she’ll do with Seher listen, you don’t tension of aunty I will convince her in a second so, Zamin we need to do two things what works? at first we’ll convince Seher…. and then mamma Zamin… brother, you become my lawyer from my side I will keep you cousin very happy I have started loving her a lot please … you know, I’m very happy for Seher I think, that Rafay & Seher will look so good together right Zamin? uncle, he is after me again & again … he is saying one thing to me I have talked strictly with him but he is not getting it he is saying that, he wants to ask for my proposal from aunty & uncle for God’s sake uncle, do something uncle, please stop him by any means ask him to stop please…. uncle baba, see… what has happened, that we had feared for baba, I’m being caught in this matter by each passing day now even Hareem is favoring Rafay baba, do something both of them wants, that by any means I convince Seher for Rafay do something, baba see, so much prospect is done for God’s sake, stop it what happened? is everything alright? Waqar? Zamin … yes mom has anything happened? Munazzah your doubt was absolutely correct which doubt? will you tell me anything? has anything happened? sister-in-law, I want to talk to you it’s good, that you came I have ordered some suit just also look at them, if you like any…. you also keep just this one, I ordered for myself sister-in-law, are you aware of something? what’s happening in the house? what is happening? please don’t think, that I’m here to complain about Hareem you know this very well, how much I love her & how dear she is to me Munazzah what’s the matter? is Hareem alright? the more you hate Seher Hareem is getting into her… that much and Hareem has also fought with you many time, because of Seher…. right? hm … this has happened but I didn’t took her seriously because I know this very well that, Hareem is bit crazy you can say this… because she is your daughter now tell me, what’s the matter? nowadays, Hareem has started a new mission neither you asked her to do this nor me but don’t know, on who’s order she is doing all this? Munazzah, now my heart has started sinking why don’t you tell me straight away, what’s the matter is? Hareem … wants to get Rafay & Seher married and … in this regard, they are doing the meeting inside Seher, why are you refusing? Rafay is such a nice boy he is beautiful & handsome also now, he has got a very good job look he’ll keep you very happy and I can guarantee you for this Zamin … you also say something you are my lawyer Seher, you just get convinced …OK?
I will get mamma convinced don’t worry about her
and don’t be afraid of her Zamin, I & Rafay will convince her look Seher, I know that you were about to get married somewhere else and it couldn’t happen for some reason but if… you have understood it as your bad luck, and have got afraid of marriage… then and you don’t want to get married so, I will only say that…. just take this as your good luck not a bad luck because our relation was decided by fate I’m saying this again to you that, I’ll keep you very happy you cannot understand, what is said to you once? I had told you I don’t like you I can never like you for God’s sake, have mercy on my & leave me but Seher, at least consider for once what is your problem, Hareem? as she is saying, that she doesn’t likes Rafay… then why are you after her? why do you want, that she likes Rafay forcefully? leave her on her own…. please who is she to like or dislike my nephew? and how did you guys even thought that you guys will get each other married, under my nose? and I won’t be aware of it mamma, I was about to tell you
you stay quiet I know this very well you are behind this marriage plan mamma, listen for once
I’m asking you to stay quiet come here, girl come here, and stand in front of me who is he? he is my nephew who is he? my nephew and who you are? Waqar & Iftikhar’s niece daughter of Aijaz Ahmed even if you born 100 times after being dead then also, I will never let you & my nephew get married if you are doing all this, by thinking by this you’ll get into my house & family.. so, I won’t let this happen at all to trap a man, it is very easy for your type of girls like mother, like daughter aunty! whatever you want to say, you can say to me but don’t utter any word for my mother, who is not in this world anymore mamma, why are you doing all this? Seher is not at fault in this? fault? she is responsible for all this since she has come in this house, you have been disobeying me because of her, you are misbehaving me in front of all and what is she doing? at first, she trapped my nephew…. for marriage and when she realized that, I won’t let this happen so she rejected my nephew… and became heroine in front of all of you stop it aunty…. for God’s sake have mercy on me you think that you are so intelligent… but you are not you just need a reason to insult me & to let me down if I had planned to do all this then, I would have done this earlier I wouldn’t have stood in front of you, for being insulted you are misbehaving… in front of me wagging your tongue, in front of me how much you wanted to beat me, you can but I won’t listen anything against about my parents I won’t ever listen you are arguing … in front of me …. you are arguing…

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