Top 10 Anime for Comedy Fans

this video is brought to you by crunchyroll check out crunchyroll to watch some of the anime featured in this video and support the creators in Japan ready those funny bones welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 anime for comedy fans did I strike a nerve for this list we’re looking at anime notable for being so laugh-out-loud funny that even newcomers to Japanese animation are bound to get a smile on their face so if you’re a fan of sitcoms and stand up but not yet a fan of anime these might tickle your fancy that that that can’t be normal number 10 haven’t you heard I’m Sakamoto well in case you haven’t heard here’s the rundown he’s perfect [Music] in terms of schoolwork appearance and handling any kind of situation imaginable Sakamoto always two hands at the pinnacle you’d think this might make for an unlikable protagonist but due to the fact that he handles everything that comes his way with such elegance poise and a heavy helping of melodrama you’ll find yourself eagerly anticipating he’ll lawlessly overcomes each new obstacle none of us may ever live up to the magnificence of Sakamoto but you’re sure to have a good laugh while watching Ken still sane cool this ever night Detroit metal city vocal nunya Steven de down-on-his-luck Negishi dreams of one day becoming a famous musician but alas his choice in cheesy pop songs ensures that he’ll never be elevated beyond performing on the streets his luck takes a rather demonic turn however when he finds himself roped into becoming the frontman of Detroit metal city a death metal band whose fame soon surges thanks to his talents something he’s actually not too happy about caught between two warring musical worlds and falling desperately in love Negishi struggle is tragically hilarious number 8 the devil is a part-timer I swear I will be the one who breaks the sales record for black pepper fries after he and his forces are bested Satan finds himself banished to modern-day Japan where in order to survive he must take on human form and get a part-time job aside from the hilarity of having the devil himself get into all sorts of trouble the series also has a surprising amount of part to it as instead of thriving on the despair of others the Demon Lord actually uses his hellish powers for good [Music] huh I guess not everything that comes out of fast food is bad for you such a pain numbers having school rumble it’s just aa high school where there’s an awkward romance around every corner the cute and friendly Tenma is constantly trying to get the attention of the eccentric but uninterested oh gee all the while she’s completely unaware that the macho rebel harima is hand over heels for her failing at every turn when trying to express his love everything I do is for you you’re pretty much guaranteed to spend half your time laughing yourself stupid and the other half just begging for them to confess their love for each other already don’t you dare give up on us harima number six mr. Rosso Matsu these sextuplets from the 1960s anime have aged horribly the antics of the Matsudo family are hardly ordinary with each of their different personalities constantly leaving them into all sorts of trouble often to irredeemable loves of course it’s not all fun and games with these bros so don’t be surprised in between all the telekinetic cats murder mysteries and crassness you’ll find yourself exposed to a few tender moments of legitimate brotherly bonding but only if you cut that so as you can usual bokeh nissan doesn’t know sounds like a Hozuki see hold number fine nichijou if this is what you call in ordinary life then we shudder to think what isn’t [Music] focusing on the daily activities of a group of high school students don’t expect to be paced with many real-world issues because you’ll be too busy dealing with most bizarre aspects of their lives throw into the mix a child scientist a talking cat and a principal vs. deer fight and you’ll find it outlandish comedy that also hits surprisingly close to home with some of its gags number four what’s a moat a Danna for those of you that like your humor with an extra layer of cringe then behold the Babylon of awkwardness that is Tomoko Nonya and the fucka a reclusive shite and an avid fan of erotic video games she believes that she’ll easily become popular when she enters high school we’ll need to find that disaster seems to follow her everywhere she goes while Tomoko certainly doesn’t do herself any favors the series always has you rooting for her all the while finding yourself unable to stop laughing as things inevitably take a turn for the worst number three one punch man say hello at the Saitama the only hero strong enough to take out every villainy comes across with literally a single punch instead of turning this into a stale motif the concept of being so strong that life becomes monotonous make Saitama a thoroughly investing lead whose deadpan attitude to life and unbelievable strength can not only smash the likes of meteors but also smash your face with laughter each end up chuckling number two the daily life of high-school boys just like real life this coming-of-age story centered on three high school boys may not always be a pretty picture but it can be funny divided into a series of rapid-fire shorts the antics of Tana Cooney headon Arellano shiitake mate brief but they will have you in stitches before you know it moans thong on I want it not good from violence siblings rival high schools true friendships as well as trying to figure out the ladies the high school years of these three aren’t going to be the ones that you’ll be forgetting anytime soon you so cool kazehaya moonlight no more year you get it totally Theriault shot before we reveal our number one pick here a few honorable mentions no junior shadow we can look up sandy man Chaka Chaka my anger okay a mass yarmulke Bokke oh hey number one Gintama series what the mother quit punching punch but it’ll do anyhow I got a little hole the white demon steals the show yet again you just can’t beat the series focused around a former samurai completing any and all odd jobs in Edo period Japan which has coincidentally already been conquered by aliens from the lunacy of the freelance work that Ginn and his friends have to undertake the brilliant characterization the absolutely absurd scenarios as well as the occasional action scene that actually stands above most other show in series Gintama is literally out of this world in the laughs Department Komodo chamomile this video is brought to you by crunchyroll as a WatchMojo fan you can try out crunchyroll premium for free for 30 days and enjoy lots of anime seen in this video ad free while also supporting the creators in japan new episodes are available up to one hour after the air in Japan via simulcast and all episodes are professionally subtitled [Music]

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