Top 10 Highest-rated Chinese Costume Dramas 2019

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update December 26th 2019 edition. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas if you celebrate it, if not then hope you’re enjoying your holidays if you have them if not, then well hope you’re
having a great day. In this edition, the Top 10 Highest-rated
Chinese Costume Dramas of 2019, but first a quick drama premiere announcement. Under the Poweris an upcoming
costume drama starring Ren Jialun and Seven Tan and it is slated for a December 28th premiere. Set in the Ming dynasty, it tells the story
of an embroidered uniform guard, played by Ren Jialun,
and a police officer, played by Seven Tan, who are brought together to solve a case. They end up falling in love but later she
discovers that the emroidered uniform guards were responsible for her parent’s death. Ren Jialun recently starred in The Destiny
of White Snake with Yang Zi whereas Seven Tan starred in Face Off with
Andy Zhang. So 2020 is fast approaching and what a year
2019’s been for costume dramas. Even with the 100 days of broadcasting period where
essentially we had no costume dramas premiere for about a quarter of a year,
I think it’s still safe to say that we had a pretty good year. If you guys remember, I did a video back in
November entitled Top 10 Highest Rated Chinese Costume Dramas of 2019 so far. That was sort of a preliminary list and I
wasn’t really expecting too many more costume dramas to premiere before the end of the year. Well boy was I wrong as I counted at least
10 more premiered, plus the aforementioned Under The Power will premiere in a couple of days time, Princess Adventures will premiere on December
31st and who knows what else will happen between now and then. Let me just give you guys a quick review of
that preliminary list: Let’s see how much has changed now as I present the updated Top 10 Highest
Rated Chinese Costume Dramas of 2019. The list is based on ratings on Chinese review
site Douban, and I’m only including dramas with at least 10,000 ratings. The drama stars Li Xian and Li Yitong
and tells the story of a sword cultivator who plots to avenge his master’s death and
overthrow the tyrannical king of Heng. It has a 6.5 rating on Douban. The drama stars Tang Wei and Zhu Yawen and
follows a rebel who vows vengeance for her slained family but instead becomes a concubine
and eventually empress. It has a 6.7 rating on Douban. The drama stars Xu Kai and Sandrine Pinna
and follows a young genius who cultivates immortality under the tutelage of a beautiful
but sharp-tongued master. It has a 7.1 rating on Douban. The drama stars Luo Jin and Li Yitong
and tells the story of a crown prince who faces enemies from all sides and falls in
love with a maidservant who wants to kill him. It has a 7.4 rating on Douban. The drama stars Chen Xingxu and Peng Xiaoran
and follows the ninth Princess of Western Liang
as she journeys to the Central Plains to fulfill a marriage alliance with the Crown Prince. It has a 7.6 rating on Douban. The costume drama stars Zhang Ruoyun and Li
Qin and follows a progressive-thinking noble who’s
tries to push through political reforms but is constantly opposed by the emperor. It has a 7.9 rating on Douban. Joy of Life surged to the top of viewing charts
since its premiere in November. For those of you, who like me, are following
it, production has plans for two more seasons. The drama stars Steven Zhang and Zhou Yutong and tells the story of how six youths from different
backgrounds form a team of top elite spies in the Northern Song Dynasty. It has an 8.2 rating on Douban. This is the only drama in the top 10 that
I haven’t watched and honestly I was surprised it was so highly-rated. It is available on the iQiyi app with English
subs if you want to check it out. The drama stars Chang Chen and Ni Ni. Set in the same world as Ten Miles of Peach
Blossoms, it tells the love story between the God of War and a young maiden whose very
existence can bring harm to the world. It has an 8.3 rating on Douban. The first few episodes of Love and Destiny
had mixed reviews but the drama ultimately rewarded those who stuck with it. If you started it and dropped it early on,
maybe consider picking it up again; many have said that they eventually grew to love it. The drama stars Lei Jiayin and Jackson Yi
and tells the story of the head of the security
department and a former constable as they foil a terrorist attack on Chang’an. It also has an 8.3 rating on Douban. I put this drama ahead of Love and Destiny
even though they had the same rating because it had more ratings; over 300,000 whereas
Love and Destiny only had around 130,000. The Longest Day in Chang’an stands as my favorite
costume drama this year. It has the highest production value of any
costume drama I’ve seen probably ever – in terms of cinematography and production
design. It also has a suspenseful story and terrific performances
from its actors. The Untamed stars Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo
and follows the adventures of a demonic cultivator
and a young master as they travel and solve a series of murder mysteries and become soulmates
in the process. It also has an 8.3 rating on Douban. The Untamed has the most ratings by far on
Douban with over 670,000 of them. For a drama with that many ratings and still
be rated so highly indeed demonstates what a massive show it is. And considering that it’s a relatively low-budget
web drama which premiered with little to no promotion, it certainly has overachieved. This has to be the most popular drama of the
year and has shot its stars to superstardom. So there you go guys, the top 10 highest rated Chinese costume dramas of 2019 according to Douban. One thing to note is that these ratings fluctuate
and this is just a snapshot of how things stand at the moment. Dramas like Ming Dynasty and Sword Dynasty
haven’t ended yet and their ratings could rise or fall dramatically depending
on how they end. And if previous dramas are any indication, their
endings could have a huge impact on how the ratings swing. And that’s it for today guys. I will try to do a couple more top dramas
lists as we head into the new year so stay tuned for those. Do check out my Patreon page where you can
find perks to becoming a patron, the link is in the description box below. This show would not be possible without your
support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, liking and subscribing. Thank you all for watching and hope to see
you in the next one. Cheers!

100 Replies to “Top 10 Highest-rated Chinese Costume Dramas 2019”

  1. The Untamed 🏆🥇
    Best costume drama I have ever watched. All praises to the author and Yibo & Zhan for embodying the characters.The drama taught me many life lessons, most importantly it shed light upon the concept of love and relationships between human beings. I hope many more people will watch it around the world and appreciate this masterpiece!

  2. Marcus..I stumbled across “Dreaming of Qing Dynasty”…. I really love it so far and wondering if it’s on your list at all…I need you to tell us about the main characters especially the male lead role Wang An Yu!!!

  3. The Untamed was my first C drama. It's truly the best thing in 2019 including other Western shows. I have never seen such a terrific drama and storyline. It's unique. Do you think they can consider a sequel since it's a massive hit right now?

  4. Hi Marcus!
    Watching your videos is like entering a candy store, and not knowing which one to eat first ♥
    Obviously I loved Love and Destiny (after fighting youtube for subtitles)
    Once Upon A Time In Lingjian Mountain suddenly seeing the Name, I related it to that North American series of story tales (Very good by the way, we changed all the dynamics of Disney stories) hahaha
    That channel that you say where they transmit them iQiyi try, but is not available for certain countries (it hurts)
    As you know most of us do not speak or understand the language and we always appreciate the subtitles 👍
    I hope you will also spend the best way these days, happy holidays for you.
    A huge hug and if at any time, you do not read my comment, I see it from my Cell 📲 but I do not leave a comment, because they are like testaments hahaha
    Until your next video!

  5. My 2019 top 5 list are
    1. The Untamed
    2. The Legend
    3. Love and Destiny
    4. Ever Night
    5. Heavenly sword and Dragon Sabre
    I also think Sword Dynasty will break into the top ranking when it comes to an end.

  6. Hi marcus
    Good afternoon
    Happy belated christmas🎄🎅🔔❄
    I wnt to ask smthng marcus
    Y in chinese language they said Q As CHi bcz Q is a english alphabet

  7. Xie xie ni marcus.. Nowadays i feel like I'm a chinese lol😅😅. Umh as for the untamed i expected it to be number one and princess silver atleast number 8. Anyway Hope ya'll had fun, i just resumed to work. #onelove

  8. Watching costume dramas is an emotional investment 😔😔 and it's the holidays 🤔🤔 idk if I'm prepared for that 😅

    Joy of life prod team better have the other seasons w/ the same cast if they plan an open-ending 🙄

    Still can't get over Goodbye My Princess ending 😭

    Tbh, I did dropped the Love & Destiny after ep 16(?) I don't remember exactly, but yeah, skipped some parts then pick it up somewhere ep 33-36 got confused, drop it again and decided to just watch it again but didn't watch the ending 🤷‍♀️

    I've yet to watch Longest Day in Chang'an because it's the holidays and I'm not fully decided to go see it 🤫😳


  9. Hello Marcus, I almost watch all your weekly updates and I like them though I don't comment that much. I like how you always started and today's wishing was great. I'm enjoying my holiday and wish you as well.. ☺️

  10. You don't know how much I was crossing my fingers for the "The Untamed" to be #1.
    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Glad it is.😅😅😅😅

  11. The Untamed, I know already had fans because of the novel and manhua. However, the show did a great job by casting the two male leads, especially Xiao Zhan who FELT like he really was Wei Wu Xian.
    The tracks were beautiful. And though essentially its a BL, the story was so much more with interesting side characters!

  12. Wow! My two most favorite Chinese costume drama which I really binge on and watch many times is no. 1 and no. 3. Thanks Marcus for the info. Your videos are my guide in what to watch in cdramas since local tv stations in my country focus more in kdramas.
    -Your subscriber from the Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭

  13. THE UNTAMED RULES!!! Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo RULES!!! No.01 drama 4ever. I am an international who just starting to wtch Chinese dramas this year. Thank you Marcus for all your updates.

  14. I dont understand Why "The Untamed" is not available in Most of the counrtries which have active million users. It was available in Middle east and Not available in You tube in Phils and other asian countries.

  15. The Untamed Is gaining more and more Fans daily, and It invaded the World Of Kpop Fans specially the most powerful, influential Fandoms.

  16. Hi, I’m just so pleased that the Untamed is still going strong yes, yes, thanks Marcus have a Happy New Year 💥💥💥🥂🥂🥂

  17. Hi sir Marcus,could you please update us if I will never Let you Go can have season 2 I love the chemistry of #ArielLin and #ZhangBinbin

  18. Can you update us on Wang Yibo s dramas? They were filmed in 2017, but have been shelved. Are they going to ever release them

  19. Longest day in Cang'an is by far the best drama production I have ever seen. Cinematography, story line, production, acting, suspense and all. Untamed is beautiful but relies only in good acting. Still I put it in top 3. For my humble opinion, Longest day, Joy of life and Untamed are the top 3. Thanks for your videos Marcus!

  20. Looks like most of the 'Untamed' fans are female.. wonder why? And EverNight didn't even made it into the Top 10? I guess they finished airing early this yr

  21. i'm Chinese. The untamed is purely a piece of shit… The rating on Douban can't represent the quality of this drama because it's fabricated by its toxic fan base…. The untamed can't be compared with The longest day in Chang an or the Joy of Life AT ALL.

  22. I wanted to watch Young blood on the IQIYI app but the subs are so bad you can't understand what is happening most of the time.

  23. That was a big change, but all the dramas mentioned are very good and Love and Destiny is my favorite. Thanks Marcus 🤗

  24. I already dropped down Royal Nirvana from my list. I can’t continued watching all the plot anymore.

    I am gonna check the Young blood. Thanks Marcus for sharing.

  25. Good Morning Marcus! Thanks for the information. Iam in love with chinese Drama. Have a Happy Holidays 🤗🤗🤗💚💚

  26. Dear Marcus, please can you let us know which Chinese serious and films that have English subtitles. It will save a lot of time. Thank you. Della.

  27. My #1 is also THE UNTAMED! I was definitely surprised with The Longest Day In Chang-an being in #2. I dropped this drama and i think i'm gonna pick it up to continue watching it. 😁

  28. Drama romance of hua rong
    It should be also be one of the top drama
    The drama plot developments only started from episode 9
    Drama is based on one story after another
    Total episodes 24

  29. Why is that most actors get replaced for second installments of the shows they filmed? Also will Mark Chao be back in The Pillow Book? And I know this is an old question I keep asking but uhm any update on The Pillow Book and The Wolf? I also heard that’s there’s going to be a second second season of The King’s Avatar, is that true?

  30. YES! top 1! the untamed ❤
    thou it is low in budget, but the costume drama is quite a masterpiece! kudos to all the cast and staff of the untamed!👏👏
    it is not simply a good job- it is EXCELLENT!👌
    thank you for the update Marcus! ❤

  31. Love and Destiny hold steady and strong. It’s went from lowest rating to top 10 drama of 2019 with little to no promotion. 😍😍

  32. To all fans of drama the untamed
    Today 27 dec 2100 China hours there was a special edition on this drama
    It stated the untamed special edition
    It was sent by notification to my tablet but unfortunately over here faced copyright restrictions
    Perhaps marcus can check on this matter

  33. Wow, Untamed? I didn't like it. I got really bored watching it. I found myself fast-forwarding through a lot of it and will not be rewatching it. The bromance and constant focus on male-only action and not giving the two female leads much of a story or character depth turned me off BIG time. This is very popular in China but how did it do in the rest of the world?

  34. Why is a gay love story, ‘the untamed “ so popular in China? The country is very traditional and the government does not promote gay love.

  35. I managed to watch Love and Destiny until ep 13 after dropped it so many time, I don't know if I should continue or drop it again. To be honest, beside a good storyline I like to watch drama with good looking actor & actress but in Love and Destiny none of them r good looking (in my eyes). One of the reason I keep re-watching The Untamed is bcoz of all the good looking actor & actress 😍

  36. Yehhhhhhhhhh…..The Untamed is number 1. I really love this drama so much…♥️
    A drama that captures people's heart.That drama is 'The Untamed'

  37. mire uno o dos episodios de the untamed y lo deje en espera mientras miraba see you again porque amo a shawn, pero lo voy a seguir mirando, y voy a hacer nota mental de los otros dramas para cuando vuelva a mirar un costume drama

  38. For me The Untamed is always #1 in every aspect.
    My first and only Chinese Drama I've watched so far and love it so much ❤❤❤

  39. I couldn’t even get through the 1st episode for the untamed. I am definitely one in a million, I usually never like what the majority follows 😞

  40. Goodbye My Princess❤❤❤❤👌👍 uh i dont know, but i love so much with their story and ost, really touching💔
    The Untamed❤❤❤👌👍
    Sword Dynasty❤❤👌👍
    Royal Nirvana❤❤👌👍

    I love 3L3W Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, and going crazy waiting for The Pillow Book.. but idk why i'm really not in mood for Love and Destiny🤔 i just hate it why love and destiny release first than TPB, then i'm not watching that drama hahaha😂😂😭✌✌ punish me

    Thank you for updating Marcus👍
    Nice information since i love costume dramas, and Merry Christmas for everyone who celebrates 🦌🌲🤩❤

  41. Joy of Life is the real MVP. Drama aired only last month but imo it beats everything this year.

    Happy for "Goodbye my princess"

  42. YES I so love The Untamed but I adore Chang'an they are both sooooo very good in different ways. Right now I'm watching Joy of Life and Sword Dynasty. And lastly I 'd like to add that Love and Destiny is such a charming drama worthy of Peach Blossoms! Thank you for posting your videos I love getting updates from you!

  43. I just reached episode 32 for Royal Nirvana on Amazon video and then found out it goes up to 60 episodes(it stops at episode 32 on Amazon atm)I cant find English subs pass 32 anywhere😭😭

  44. The Untamed has reek havoc on my social life. I haven't watched another drama since or read any other books… What kind of crack was sprinkled on this series?

  45. Also you have to understand there's going to be a tiny bit of spillover from The Untamed to the Joy of Life. At first I was seriously planning to watch it because I heard Xiao Zhan plays a supporting role in it. But I'm still on Legend of Fuyao (2018) with that fine a** Ethan Juan. ^_^

  46. Heck yeah, the untamed is a great drama, I'm so happy that it's no. 1.

    I wonder what the top ten drama of the decade. Since we're goin into a new decade and all.

  47. I am content with this list! I have not picked up Love and Destiny again, yet. I will try again in 2020. I really loved The Untamed and am proud that it wasn’t just me thinking it was great. Looking forward to your future, Top Videos! ❤️

  48. guys you should try "THE ROMANCE OF HUA RONG". It'a a breath of fresh air.It's also a costume drama but with a plot centered on pirate life

  49. Of the 10 dramas in your prelim list, Novoland, Goodbye My Princess, The Untamed and The Longest Day in Chang'an are the ones I enjoyed. I dropped Love and Destiny early on as it wasn't getting my full attention like 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms did. HSDS and The Legends were a disappointment for me. HSDS was just very frustrating, esp. the main lead guy, and The Legends, good looking cast, but I found it lacking.

    For the current list, I'm hoping Sword Dynasty will rise up in the list as it is fast becoming one of my favorite costume drama so far. The male lead reminds me of Elvis Han's portrayal of Sima Yi in 3 Kingdoms.

    I don't know if I'm happy or not about Joy of Love having 2 more seasons… I hope they'll do arcs for each season and give us closure each time, and not keep us hanging for each season waiting for the final ending.

  50. Yes! Finally! The Untamed got its rightful place, no 1, baby!!! Let me just say… other dramas, I’ve never watched or want to watch more than once. But The Untamed, so far I binge watched for 25th times and still Xiao Zhan’s face makes my heart flutter.

  51. Guys please you need to see "The Longest Day IN CHANG'AN " cuz you won't regret it. It's one the best CDRAMA I have watched

  52. All of them I never watching except the untamed ,
    I really don't like if not my type 😂
    My heart only Princess agents zhao liying ❤️

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