Top 13 Trampoline Fails (Breaking trampoline FUNNY trampoline fails)

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in todays video I will be looking at the top 13 trampoline fails
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These clips involve people either falling though or generally being a danger to themselves
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So lets begin the top 13 trampoline fails The first clip comes from a person how to
a say this politely less athletic that the average person.
she sets herself a hit goal of jumping from the trampoline into an inflatable swimming
pool As you will see things don’t go quite to
plan. Next up we have a clip that involves a ladder,
a shed type thing and a trampoline, but these three thing together and you have a recipe
for disaster well let me know in the comments if you laughed
at this one. A little kid up high in a tree about to jump
on a trampoline, yeah nothing could go wrong hear,
guess what it does watch this one. The next clip raises the tree and bring in
the roof of a house, I’m not sure that the duvet on the trampoline will Cushion the landing.
least hits wrap up warm when he goes though the trampoline. This should be a lesson not to play on the
trampoline when its icy and covered in snow. ha ha this next clip will have you looking
away when this attempted backflip goes wrong. Something about the next bloke on the trampoline
makes me feel glad that this happens to him. I cant put my finger on it . Comment below
if you agree. Again no surprise that she falls thought the
trampoline I like this next clip as it takes a little
while for the bloke to notice that he has fallen though the trampoline. I have included
the still photo of him unware that he has indeed gone
through the trampoline. Another young lad standing on a massive ladder
I guess he is just going to jump on an empty trampoline and fall though, ha ha guess again. When will people learn that they should not
jump on icy trampoline. What makes this next clip really funny is
that fact that the guy thinks he can pull of this backflip on a half turned over trampoline
or the sound of his head when he hits the metal popes
I cant work out which is better. The last clip of of a man jumping up and down
on the trampoline and falling thought it. Thanks for watching the top 13 trampoline
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