[TRAILER] Tears in Heaven [UPCOMING] Chinese Drama 2020

Du Xiaosu is a reporter. During an interview, he met Shao Zhenrong who is a respectable doctor. The two fell in love with each other but It was strongly opposed by Shao Zhenrong’s mother. While Shao Zhenrong goes on a medical mission to give assistance to people up in the mountains he gets buried in a landslide. Barely able to cope, Du Xiaosu completely devotes herself to work to the point where she was hospitalized. All of this was seen by Lei Yuzheng, who is the leader of the Yutian group and also a friend of Shao Zhenrong he was touched by Du Xiaosu’s kindness and persistence and helped her silently. This aroused the dissatisfaction of the rich girl Jiang Fanlu, who in love with Yu Zhen. She made things difficult for Du Xiaosu for various reasons. also there is Lin Xiangyuan, Du Xiaosu’s ex-boyfriend who appear in her life again. To fulfill his ambition, he united Yutian opponents to find ways to frame Lei Yuchen, causing Yutian Group to almost go bankrupt. Du Xiaosu poked through Lin Xiangyuan’s plot. With the help and encouragement of Du Xiaosu Lei Yuzheng resolved Lin Xiangyuan’s conspiracy one by one and revived Yutian group. In the process, Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng eliminated the misunderstanding and prejudice between the two. This drama is adapted from a novel, “wedding day such as a dream” by Fei Wo Si Cun. Starring Shawn Dou as Lei Yuzheng. Starring Li Qin as Du Xiaosu. Starring Leon Zhang as Zhenrong. This is the second time Li Qin and Shawn Dou play together after they played in Chinese Drama, Princess Agent.

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