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The impeachment of Donald Trump
is getting closer. Today, the Democrats on
the House Intelligence Committee released a 300-page report outlining the conclusions
of their impeachment inquiry. And while all of this
was going on in D.C., Trump hopped on Air Force One
and flew to the U.K. And obviously I’m not saying
Trump is fleeing the country, but it was weird that
he only bought a one-way ticket. (laughter) It was also weird that he bought
a ticket for his own plane. Yeah. The pilot was like,
“Mr. President, “you don’t need a ticket
for this. This is Air Force One.”
He’s like, “Oh, yeah? “Then why does it say ‘one-way
ticket’ on this KFC napkin? You explain that to me!” (laughter) Now, obviously,
I’m joking, man. The real reason Trump was headed
to the U.K. was for a major NATO summit between
America and its European allies. And in classic Trump fashion, he began the trip with a bang. President Trump kicked off
his meetings here in London with a freewheeling,
impromptu press conference and some harsh words for French
president Emmanuel Macron. MAN 2:
Asked about recent comments by French president Macron that NATO is becoming
brain-dead, he hit back hard. Very, very nasty statement. You just can’t go around
making statements like that about NATO.
It’s very disrespectful. MAN 3:
In the past, President Trump has had his own harsh words
towards NATO. NATO is-is obsolete. It’s old, it’s fat, it’s sloppy. (laughter) NATO is old, fat and sloppy? (laughter) Why is it
that every insult Trump uses against others always seems to really be about himself? (laughter, cheers and applause) No, I don’t know if you’ve
noticed it, but every time… he mocks other people, it’s like it’s a pain
that’s inside of him that he’s trying
to project onto others. Like, where did he get that? It’s almost like
he’s taking notes during his fights with Melania.
Like, everything he says. He’s like, “Fat and sloppy. “That’s good.
I’m gonna use that. “Um, and how am I in bed? Maybe there’s something
in there.” Now, just so
we’re all on the same page, what basically happened here is
the French president said that NATO was becoming
brain-dead, partly because Trump’s administration
had stopped supporting it. And Trump, as the proud owner
of a dying brain, thought Macron
was insulting him personally. But that’s not the only reason
there’s been animosity between France and the U.S.
right now. Because as this summit goes on, there’s also a trade war
heating up between the two countries. NEWSMAN:
The Trump administration is now threatening tariffs
of up to 100% on $2.4 billion worth
of French imports, including wine,
cheese and handbags. The new tariffs are retaliation
against new French taxes targeting U.S. tech companies
like Apple and Google. I’m not necessarily
in love with those companies, uh, but, uh,
they’re our companies. They’re American companies. I want to tax…
those companies. They’re not gonna be taxed
by France. I’m not gonna let people
take advantage of American companies, because
if anyone’s gonna take advantage of the American companies,
it’s gonna be us. It’s not gonna be France. (laughter) Yo. No, I’m sorry, Donald Trump
is rock and roll, man. -(laughter)
-I’m sorry. How dare you take advantage
of American companies? -That’s what I was gonna do!
-(laughter) This man is one of a kind. He’s, like, the world’s worst
superhero. You know? He’ll, like, stop a mugger who’s
robbing an old lady, but only so he can fly off
with her purse. -“It’s mine!”
-(laughter) So yes… in response
to France announcing taxes on American tech companies,
Trump is now threatening to tax all the most clichéd
French goods, like wine, cheese and handbags. Yeah. He was probably also gonna
tax French fries and mistresses, -but that hit too close to home.
-(laughter) Now, although Trump plans
to punish France by taking as much from them
as possible, earlier today, when he actually sat down
with President Macron, he did offer to give France
something in return. We have a… a tremendous amount
of captured fighters, ISIS fighters, over in Syria, and, uh, they’re all
under lock and key. But many are from France,
many are from Germany, many are from UK–
they’re mostly from Europe. I have not spoken
to the president about that. Uh, would you like
some nice ISIS fighters? I could give ’em to you. You can take… you can take
every one you want. This is why he’s
a great politician– ’cause that was one
of the greatest non-answers I’ve ever heard. And that’s okay. -Goddamn. Whew!
-(gasping, groaning) That whole… meeting got,
as the French say, very (bleep) uncomfortable. -(laughter)
-S’il vous plait. I mean, just look at Macron. You can see
from his body language he’s trying
to hold himself back, but deep down he’s thinking,
“I swear to God, “this buffoon is gonna make me
cut the bitch, I swear to God. -(laughter)
-“I swear to God. Oh, my God,
I’m going to kill him.” (applause, cheering, whistling) And what a turn this
relationship has taken, huh? I mean, just last year,
Trump and Macron were giving each other
friendship trees, remember that? And now Trump is offering
to send him ISIS. (laughter) It’s pretty dark
that Trump would offer to send ISIS fighters
to Macron as a gift. But, I guess, on the other hand,
we have found the one gift that’s worse than a Peloton.

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  1. The left will support any1 and any stance that is opposite Trump. Macron wants to tax American companies. But TDS doesn't care…

  2. Macron is not popular among his people. Guess you americans never heard about the yellow vests in France. Supported by 80 % of the population. The revolution once more happening right now. Because the news never tell you!
    The most frensh people agree with Trump, and hate Macron. Macron fight against his own people

  3. I just LOVE how Trump in al seriousness keeps using the word disrespectful. Oh mister Trump, coming from you this word has lost its meaning a long long time ago.

  4. How unprofessional is that? How can ANYONE see how Trump interacts with real world leaders & not cringe at the laughing stock the US has become? How is that petty spouse-squabble response something befitting of a president??

  5. Taking advantage of US tech companies? They have just been made to pay taxes like any other company operating in Europe!

  6. If I was Macron, just would have stood up said "I can't deal with this idiot anymore, will wait for the next President" and walk off.

  7. Why do all his criticisms seem to be about himself? Maybe it's because his whole world is filled with himself. He doesn't know about things or people that exist outside him.

  8. I love you Trump. is the best thing that ever happens to Africans. Kick French criminals out of Africa Neto is dead. Stop ripping Africa resources give back our money France

  9. Trump is a fat, sloppy, ignorant, moronic scumbag.
    Feel sorry for Macron for having to touch that disease-ridden gross, fat idiot.

  10. Ah European isis fighters… it is not like America heated the fires in the gunpowder keg that is the Middle East and created Isis in the first place. It is not that There is a real refugee crisis going on in Europe because of this, unlike the Mexican refugee crisis, Trump is actually responsible for himself. Bernie Sanders warned Congress of what could happen in the Middle East years ago at the onset of planting seeds of democracy… only a handful of Congressmen where prepared to only just listen to him. I guess tremendous power comes with tremendous responsibility.

  11. Wine, cheese and handbags
    Well that's going to set fire to common Americans….
    Proper clap back would have been
    "You mean fighters coming from Syria, Iran, Libya, Iraq countries that were all decimated by America; with the exception of Iran"

  12. 😞🗣I thought I was the only one that picked up on those jabs about himself 🤨😂😂😂🗣You nailed it Trev

  13. Trump:
    We will no longer be pushed around by China, we will not tolerate our enemies.
    What he actually does: destroys NATO from within by making enemies with the oldest and strongest allies. Maybe we in the EU can remain friends with the USA for another year with this idiot in power, but another Trump presidency and the USA will be friends with: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Russia, North Korea, Philippines and will make enemies with everyone in the free World (since, you know, we don't have to kiss Trump's ass, because we have freedom of speach).

  14. Well I'm not surprised both of them were good firends and are now falling apart so fast. One is a business man who had little to no prior experience in politics, an incredibly bloated ego, no buisness being president of a first world country and no diea how to handle a crisis as they are completly loosing what little trust and respect the people had for them with lies and reforms that favor the rich over everyone else. And the other is Donald Trump.
    (Yes, yes to be clear, this is mostly a joke. Macron's nowhere near as embarassing on an international image status as Trump but god can he be toxic on the hommefront in his own right. And not exacty at the height of popularity either right now. The incoming strikes in two days promess to be the bigest yet, the trains, hospital personnal, the schools teachers, the students, the firemen…. It's going to be "great". yeesh.)

  15. Sometimes I just want to hold a press conference and assure our allies this country is not crazy. And that trump does not speak for the whole country.

  16. The funniest thing about that conv is that Trump don't know shit about France opinion's of its ISIS fighters. France don't want them back in France territory. Even women are not welcome back. France want them to be judge by the Irakian justice system or the syrian one. But nobody in France want them back. So it was totally inappropriate to bargain with.

  17. Why is it that people believe these big companies to be somehow "American", like Google was owned by american people or the government. Corporations are all basically without a country, they are the immigrants welcome anywhere and usually choose a tax haven. Exxon making profit doesn't mean USA gets any profit. Actually vice versa, the more money accumulates to few megaCorps and families, the less is left for the government public institutions, meaning the people and their needs. They (corporations) grow constantly, it is their business plan, while the social wealth is on steady decline. That is not a coincidence.

  18. OMG the thing in itself is so funny it's not even necessary to add jokes around it. If trump "gift" us Isis fighters coming from our country so bit, it's an issue de should take care of anyway… And by taking care I mean trials not public drama.

  19. I think the reason Captain Stupid hates Macron so much is, is the way Macron was treating Melania on their last meeting… Notice that she wasn't there for the last few meetings between the two?

  20. I'm so glad youtube has the "Don't recommend channel" feature now so I don't have to see this sad whiny bullshit anymore. Trump is going to win 2020 and this unfunny bitch can talk about him for 4 more years. Cya pussies.

  21. The US has IS-Fighters locked in Syria? Reality Check Drumpf…the Kurds have them locked. YOU pulled your Troops out of the Region, abandoned the Kurds. Now they have to fight with Turkey AND keep the IS-Fighters locked, while their own Dictator Assad and his Friend Russia trying to get back the Control over Kurd-controlled areas.

  22. Well actually his slogan MAGA could be used by one of his opponents for the coming elections, because he actually made America a disaster and it will need a lot of work after him to be great again.

  23. Trump going on and on about Isis terrorists from Europe, but makes no mention of the rise in white supremacist domestic terrorism here in the US under his watch. More Americans were murdered by white supremacist domestic terrorists on US soil this year than by any other terrorist group.

  24. Macron have ignored a year of yellow vest protests in Paris, lots of violent riot police/military, he piss on his own people. Maybe NATO should liberate the regime France from their dictator?

  25. Dear USA, your leader is a fucking buffoon and a joke. The world is laughing and facepalming at you.
    Please elect a Democrat, any Democrat (preferably Bernie or Warren) so we can continue to work seriously on global issues. Right now, it almost feels like the whole USA is slowly suffering from an onset of dementia.

  26. The USA may be number one but no one stay number one alone and destroying all your ancient alliance won't give the USA a better chance, just a quicker fall. It is a thing to be 1st  military power but without allies it is just shit.

  27. The only reason Melania stays with Trump is because she's afraid her citizenship would come into question if she divorced him. I mean at Trump tower they lived on different floors, not different rooms but different floors

  28. I hate Trump but, holy shit you gotta hand it to him he was brutality honest about the Google and apple thing. He doesn't like em, yet he stood up to France. Cudos.

  29. No, the real reason was, he was trying to do the umbrella thing better this time, and he knwe England fought Germany – no, wait, that's not right…

    By the way, my gym teacher escaped from The German Democratic Republic (East G, no more democratic than Russia was common sense) in a canoe!

  30. What did Trump say there to Macron? After he had bitch slapped Trump with his coherent answer and "let's be serious, you ridiculous, how you say..imbecile." and then Trump said it was the best sumthng sumnthng line?

  31. Probably the last destruction order from Putin accomplished. The Putin boy is finished. The interviews Trump is giving should be EDITED and brought to a more respectful disclosure. Shameful to watch. This man is representing the most powerful nation on the planet.

  32. NATO is making the world more dangerous not safer. Macron should be trying to resolve the problems in his own country before trying to save the world.

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