Trump Fired Pandemic Response Team

Okay, let’s continue our coverage of public
health of infectious disease and the incompetence of this administration in the context of the
now possible Corona virus pandemic headlines have been floating around that Donald Trump
fired the U S pandemic response team. This sounds crazy. Why would any president
fire the pandemic response team? Is this really true? And the answer is yes, it is. It is
true. The Trump administration fired the U S pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs.
This started circulating after Judd Legan, who runs the popular information newsletter
tweeted quote with the Corona virus killing thousands and threatening to tank the global
economy. I feel like more people should be talking about the fact that Trump fired the
entire pandemic response team two years ago and then didn’t replace them. Trump also cut
funding for the CDC, forcing the CDC to cancel its efforts to help countries prevent infectious
disease threats from becoming epidemics in 39 of 49 countries in 2018 among the countries
abandoned China. And Judd goes on to say, this isn’t about, this isn’t just about accountability,
it’s about drawing attention to these structural problems in the U S response effort before
things get worse. We are seeing this front and center here in
the United States. We are seeing front and center how stuff that is just politics very
quickly becomes life and death and much more than mere political posturing and a positioning.
White house officials tasked with directing national responses to pandemics were fired
in the spring of 2018 that’s true. And as Snopes points out, rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer
abruptly departed from his post leading the global health security team on the national
security council in May, 2018 amid a reorganization of the council by then national security advisor,
John Bolton Zimmer’s team was disbanded. Tom Bossert, who was the Washington post reported
had called for a comprehensive biodefense strategy against pandemics and biological
attacks had been fired one month prior. If it weren’t tragic life and death, it would
be indistinguishable from some kind of weird comedy or satirical skit, but it’s all real.
It’s true that the Trump administration cut the executive branch team responsible for
coordinating responses to pandemics. Did he cut CDC funding? Yes, he did. 2018
reports say that funding for the CDCs global disease outbreak prevention efforts were cut
by 80% which includes the CDCs effort in China. The central point, the focus of Corona virus
today when we’ve been sounding the alarm for three years now saying this man is a danger
to the country. That was not a metaphor that was not hyperbolic. This was simply the sober
assessment of the situation. The way to observe this administration is to try to ignore the
propaganda videos and look only at what they do right? The big videos of Trump looking
tough and heroic in China or India rather or wherever it is that he’s traveling to.
Don’t look at how they present themselves, watch what they do, and you will very quickly
understand the incompetent reality of what is taking place here. We had enough to worry
about economically before Corona virus, we had enough to worry about socially the fabric
of politics and discourse in the United States geo. Politically, we had more than enough to worry
about with Donald Trump. We had more than enough to worry about with Donald Trump without
a growing outbreak of coronavirus, which medical experts have said Trump’s response to so far
has been, and I quote incoherent now. We also have that to worry about as well and we have
morons running the response. When I say we’ll be lucky to get out of this alive I, that’s
literally the case for millions and millions of people. If this continues to grow and we
need competent people, this isn’t about do we build a wall or not. Okay. This is not
about from claiming that he’s building the wall when he’s not. We’re talking about a
life and death situation potentially for millions of people and we have uh, arguably the least
competent people in charge. Absolutely concerning. Um, I, you know, you all know that from that
we’ve been reporting on coronavirus for months and from the beginning I said I am not going
to become more alarmist about this than the facts actually suggest. And early on when
you are starting to see very alarmist reporting in some places we were sober and our assessment
of what was going on, contextualizing Corona virus, looking at SARS, looking at influenza,
so on and so forth. We are seeing growing numbers that are caused for more concern.
But the real red alert now is the incompetence of the people we have in charge. And the fact
that a lot of the competition people have been fired. Let me know where
your head fat so to speak on coronavirus. We’ll take a quick break and be back with
much more right after this

100 Replies to “Trump Fired Pandemic Response Team”

  1. Yeah,but now Mike Pencildick is in charge of handling the response to the Covid -19 outbreak and he has a perfect solution. "Paray to Jeeeesus!"

  2. The former USA under tiny trump needs to cut trump to return to the country of the United States of America. trump is incompetent and worthless.

  3. This virus will settle down as it has done with other viruses and as per usual Trump will brag what a wonderful job he did to stop it spreading when he did absolutely nothing and this will be another thing he will not be made accountable for, when will this stupidity and insanity end?

  4. China effort to stop virus spread in Wuhan is staggering you can check that here: It would be way easier if they recognized situation before, in the USA they will ask you what insurance, people with milder symptoms will not visit doctors due to the medical cost and copay/deductible/underinsurance issues and will come to work that will make situation way worse all of it is described in this article

  5. As an American and a Registered Nurse, I am outraged by the irresponsible response by this administration and find Pence’s lack of experience and poor record in public health to be terrifying. The lack of foresight in cutting this crucial funding demonstrates that we were not prepared, nor will be, in the event that this virus becomes more rampant in our county.

  6. A treasonous, impeached president. A humiliating political party in charge. What could possiby go wrong.

  7. no matter what, we in Den Hage will post an arrest warrant for all 🙂 Starting with Trump, the border patrol, Erdogan, Putin, Assad, etc.

  8. Trump is not called a donkey for no reason , heee hawww..
    donkey is so obsessed in over taking obama's legacy ,
    the self proclaimed the chosen one and the stable genuis is a mental case as us prez….

  9. This what happens when you vote an apprentice donkey to be con-mander in chief of the free world , you get what you elect ,
    a donkey..

  10. Trump tried to pivot this saying that Americans should thank him because it would be way worse if he wasn't elected because of the Dem policy for "open borders". What a buffoon. He fired them because be probably needed more money in the budget for all of his future weekend golf trips where he self deals running up the tab at his own golf resorts that tax payers have to shell out for. More than $100 million and counting.

  11. I wonder if Trumps trade war with China might have contributed to the problem. Maybe some poor Chinese person lost their job and had to start eating sick bats to survive.

  12. Can anyone who is infected with the Carona virus and is not short of a dollar or two go and stay at Mar a Lago or other Trump golf courses for a week or two

  13. This isn't about politics.
    Trump has a personal grudge against Obama, and doesn't care about jeopardizing MANKIND if he can get back on Obama. Trump cannot forgive that a colored person has become POTUS.

  14. Call me crazy but it’s obvious that this is the government’s effort to cut the population! Do you really think it’s a coincidence everything is going on? Thanks Trumper’s … you just killed a great potion of the population!! Let’s see you try to blame Obama for this one

  15. I've been watching this virus since the news broke about it. This is as serious as it gets. The transmissability is staggering. Just look at China's response, to quarantine a billion people and tank their economy. Now add this administrations total incompetence. We do not have the ability to treat all the people that will be seriously struck ill. Which means more will die than current estimates. And I guarantee since trump has tied his 'wonderful' response to it, he will not quarantine, because it will look bad on him, which will make the problem worse. We truly are in a catastrophic environment. Our only hope is for the 25th amendment. And we know how that won't happen. I've lost all faith in our government and our people.

  16. Thats why your life depends on presidential elections.

    Now Trump got blood on his hands on this one.

    Now noone can protest in America aince the Trump will just quarantine all of you and abuse executive power to those who are against him.

  17. Omg he's the most ignorant man I've ever seen. What can't they pull out article 25 NOW!!!
    Get the team back and increase monies to the CDC and let's get on this. We're the country that doesn't get these illness. Oh yeah and what's up with the new injection Israel has come out with to help innoculate for Caronavirus?????

  18. dumb and dumber and obviously even more fking stupid…that's the freaking strumpit!!! he is systematically destroying this country with his idiocy!!!!


  20. So sad that Trump has allowed people to be able to go into banks with Super Soakers filled with spit and get all they asked for.

  21. Should we really be surprised, I expect no less from this WH! Now, Pence is in charge & he's got such a great record with science 😟

  22. yes its al great. geting greater by the second. no fear have everything under control. it,s great can't be better.
    thank you i am doing a great job.
    wher are you going. play golf!! i play great golf i,am the best.
    dont worry about me me me me. i am just playing golf


  24. Well, since Obama had something to do with it after Ebola it was either slash it or lie and take credit for it at a "rally". When this is ove he will take credit for "fixing it" from scratch.

  25. Even if the Coronavirus is indeed a hoax, Trumps' response to it has been LETHAL to this nation…and he has once again proven his incompetence in his position.

  26. We need a BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL with holes in it, that people can climb, can cut thru, can tunnel under to help stop the Virus from entering the USA. – Trump.

  27. It wasn't what she was referring to but when asked about trump not long after the election a supporter said he may get us all killed but at least he won't lie to us 🤔

  28. Just had a trumphumper tell me that he is confident that he can depend on tRump to take care of us! No one he trusts more. How do you respond to this when facts just don't matter.

  29. You reap what you sow! The world has been watching Trump with disbelief.
    The US could be a major player of spreading this virus Globally. Imports/Exports, Intercontinental Travel. If Trump was Top of his Class he would know about how Spanish Flu was transmitted across the world, killing Millions. He'll still be elected in 2020, the world is watching the US people!

  30. Trump also his introduced his fiscal year 2021 budget proposal on Feb. 10, – that's 11 days after WHO declared that the coronavirus outbreak was a public health emergency of international concerns – and Trump's budget included a 16% reduction in CDC funding from the 2020 spending levels.
    He did this knowing about the convir-19 outbreak

  31. The least competent people in charge are faced and responsible to deal with this crisis.

    What can possibly go wrong…

  32. This situation took 3 years to get done, and here comes trump and axes it simply bc Obama did it
    This man is obsessed with Obama's BBC
    I'm beginning to believe he's a CUCKOLD!
    Most old white with limp biscuits are!

  33. Do you guys really think that the Grand Wizard of the Republikkklan party is doing all this ? It's the Republikkklan party stealing all the money from the real Americans.

  34. Our entire school district closed this morning. There was no announcement on the high school website so I called and asked and was told "yes the school is closed". I asked if there had been an outbreak and was told "no". I read later on that indeed, persons had been tested and they were awaiting results of those tests before making a decision to reopen or not. They are also sanitizing the school.

    Meanwhile, my son had come back home from the bus stop after the bus didn't arrive and I feel, had we known, that we should have immediately treated him as possibly infected – could have had him keep his hands sanitized and I would have taken to doing some extra sanitizing also. I am concerned and wonder why the guy at the school told me "no".

    Am I overreacting? I have asthma.

  35. Rump is a genius simply said, he claimed earlier that this virus would not impact the U.S. Rump would have not reacted if it were not for wallstreet 3 trillion dollar drop in the market this past week. If this virus is under control "as he claims" why not let his children use public transportation. Now he is trying to put a hasty team together in order to cover for his incompetence.

  36. Trump is a genius who has our best interests at heart. Awwwww… who am I kidding! He’s a complete moron!

    Bernie 2020! 🔥🇺🇸

  37. There’s nothing surprising about this. What is surprising is the trump base that will claim fake news and blame Democrats.

  38. Maybe the Heiniken-Virus just might actually get into the white house. 

    In my mad Max Fury road voice -Oh what a day, what a glorious day 😏

  39. No self respecting virus or bacteria would consider infecting Republican politician. And Trumps yokel supporters are also immune, not being fully human.

  40. MORONS, my sentiments exactly! Trump and his administration is totally inept.
    Question, what ever happened to the guy from the CDC, who went missing and then found dead by an apparent (sure) suicide, wasn't that about 18 months ago? Is there a correlation to his death and the NEW PANDEMIC!!!?


  42. I simply cannot understand why he’s not letting the Dr’s and scientists speak about this now no wait I do it’s because it’s making him look bad.
    He doesn’t care how many may die from this it’s his inflated ego once again can you imagine if this virus made it to Washington D.C..

  43. Trump playing ginga with our government to hide his incompetent,illeagal and immoral activities now citizens pay the price by dying.

  44. Trump cut the funding to the heath programs, in the government, because he's racist! He got rid of the programs for no other reason then because a black man put them together! And republikkkans love him for it! Republikkkans are the greatest threat to our country than any enemy!

  45. Pence is going to pray coronavirus away, like he does his gay, and the AIDs epidemic in Indiana under his watch.

  46. Just more evidence why a reality star con man does not need to occupy the oval office, tragically this still may not get enough people to the polls to vote him out office.

  47. We were foomed the day that the electoral college chose Trump over Hillary. His fans cheered him for being the biggest jerk to ever run for president without taking so a thought on whether or not he would be a good president. They ignored do many things that would've tanked anyone else's chances just because of his insults and name calling. During that so called press conference on the corona virus, my heart sank. As much as he sucks you'd think that maybe just once he'd have an idea a plan when he's needed the most but no he failed us.

  48. Judd's an idiot.

    Trump ATTEMPTED to cut CDC fund, but it was blocked by congress. Rip your Twitter investigations.

    uses snopes Lmfao get real.

  49. Why should the US help China with US funds other than to help itself out? Sorry, China LIED. Now you're lying to 50k people. (wonder why your ratings are so low, because you're an idiot that gets their info from twitter)

  50. Can we check that trump’s not standing upside down?
    The noises coming out of the top end sound a lot like farts, and that also explains why his pubic hair is flapping in the wind.

  51. Putin has and is coaching him what to do, to create as much damage to our country. Putin must drinking his Vodka and celebrating.
    If it wasn't for this country Trump wouldnt have had the opportunity to scam everyone and live well. Other countries wouldve put him in front of the firing squad. And instead he's destroying this country that Putin wants to see destroyed.
    Then Trump considers himself patriotic.

  52. What a moron. Trump is not for the citizens of this country, he only sees what makes him feel good at the time.

  53. Glad you're talking about this because so far, media doesn't seem to want to address this "firing" part…….and the ship continues to fill with water and everyone still wants to pretend it's not sinking.

  54. That should be an impeachable offence right there! This dumbass is trying in every way possible to destroy America!

  55. Then he turns around to play “hero” by donating his quarterly salary to research & what not with the virus. 🙄

  56. Wait, this response team was fired nearly two years before this pandemic? Can he be tried for this? Not for impeachment, obviously, but can he be charged with incompetence or manslaughter?

  57. Why waste money on some dangerous, life-threatening virus that Mike Pence can just pray away, when we could put that money towards building Trump's big, beautiful fence for the Mexicans to dig under?! Priorities, people!

  58. right wing voters tend to be older voters… does he realize the covid-19 virus tends to hit older people harder… does he really wanna loose those voters ahead of the election?
    who's gonna watch fox news when all the old farts die of?
    this may be mother natures way of gaming the system in her own favour

  59. He fired the very people that kept ebola from taking off in the US. That's the same as sending all the military home, all the policemen laid off. What could go wrong?

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