Trump’s Impeachment Acquittal, State of the Union & Black America | The Daily Show: Global Edition

– Welcome to “The Daily Show:
Global Edition.” I’m Trevor Noah. Before we begin, some news
coming out of Mexico. The Mexican president
is raffling off the presidential jet
to the people of Mexico, yeah. He says he doesn’t need a jet,
so he’s gonna raffle off. So, for $25,
for a $25 ticket, you could win
a presidential jet. So, if any Mexican out there
was worried about the wall, I think I’ve got a solution. Here are
this week’s headlines. Let’s kick it off
with the Super Bowl. Yesterday’s big game
was very exciting. Like, I don’t know why
they don’t just make every football game
the Super Bowl, you know? That way, you get
more people watching. And the best thing
about it is, even if you don’t like
the sport, you’re bound to find
something else exciting. – And they have done it! Chiefs are Super Bowl champions
here in Miami… – Superstar quarterback
Patrick Mahomes leading the charge
in a thrilling comeback, defeating
the San Francisco 49ers. Mahomes making history
at just 24 years old, becoming
the youngest quarterback to be named Super Bowl MVP. – I’m going to Disney World. – Shakira and Jennifer Lopez
wowed the crowd, singing and dancing up
a storm. – There’s one person, though,
at the Super Bowl who wasn’t that impressed.
– I saw this guy. – Check out this one fan
in the stands. We got a picture of this.
This guy is out cold. A sports reporter caught him catching some Z’s
during the game. He most likely,
of course, paid a lot of money
to score a seat. The average price
for a Super Bowl ticket is close to seven grand. – Okay, okay, okay.
There are two ways to see this. Either you can be mad because
this guy wasted a lot of money just to miss
an incredible experience, or you can see it as
this dude balling out so hard, he spent $7,000
just to take a nap. (laughter)
That’s a serve. But seriously, how–
how chaotic is this guy’s life that he’s like, “I need to go
to the Super Bowl just so I can have
a quiet place to sleep”? Like, how noisy is his home? He must have, like, 13 kids, and every one of them
is Bernie Sanders. “Dad, Dad, Dad,
I can’t find my toys! “The DNC stole them from me!
Dad! Dad!” But we’re–
we’re just kidding around. This guy is clearly dead.
Now, um… The big moment from last night
that everyone was talking about, or raving about, rather,
was J.Lo and Shakira. They killed it.
They really killed it. (cheering and applause)
Yeah. But… but some people
were really pissed that J.Lo pulled out a stripper
pole to do some moves. Now look, I understand
some parents might be angry because there are kids
who watch the game, so, for all those parents,
just tell your kid J.Lo’s a fireman, all right?
Problem solved. Right.
And here’s another thing. J.Lo spent months
learning how to be a professional pole dancer
for her movie “Hustlers.” Let me tell you something.
If I spent that much time learning how to pole dance, I would be pole dancing
every chance I get. I don’t care where I am,
I would be doing it. I’d be in the subway like…
♪ Jump on it, let’s do it ♪ (cheering and applause)
♪ Riding my pony ♪ And finally,
yesterday was Groundhog Day, which leads me to ask, what the hell is
Groundhog Day? People pull a rodent
out of the ground, and then ask the animal
to predict the weather? I’m sorry.
This is so unfair, because if Africans
were doing shit like this, and you heard that we pulled
animals out of the ground– Like, there are villages
in Africa where people wear animal skin, and if I tried
to explain to them that Americans use groundhogs
to predict the weather, they’d be like,
“Ah, but why not use the satellite data, huh?” All right,
that’s it for the headlines. Let’s move on
to our top story. (cheering and applause) Impeachment. It’s democracy’s version
of sending back a meal. And, today, we reached
the series finale of this president’s
first impeachment. So, let’s check in
on the latest developments in another installment of “The Magical, Wonderful Road
to Impeachment.” – ♪ The Magical, Wonderful
Road to Impeachment ♪ ♪ Who knows where it’ll go? ♪ – It’s probably
presidential harassment. (cheering and applause) Today was the final day
in the impeachment trial of Donald Jambalaya Trump. And no big surprise–
he was acquitted by the Republican-run Senate, which was never in doubt.
(audience booing) Yeah, yeah.
Don’t boo. Vote. (scattered cheering)
See, impeachment… (cheering and applause) …was… was– no. Like, everyone knew
where this was going. This was like a movie
where you can guess what was gonna happen without
even watching it, you know? Like “Titanic.” Okay, it’s a ship
that’s gonna sink. Or “Sophie’s Choice.” Some lady has to decide
which dude she’s gonna bone. I get it. I get it. So, with the outcome
never in doubt, the only really drama today
was whether any Republicans would dare vote
against Donald Trump. And it turns out
there was one man with binders full of courage. – Republican Senator Mitt Romney
emotionally announced on the Senate floor
that he will break ranks and vote to convict
and remove President Trump. – The president asked
a foreign government to investigate
his political rival. The president’s purpose
was personal and political. Accordingly,
the president is guilty of an appalling abuse
of public trust. With my vote, I will tell
my children and their children that I did my duty
to the best of my ability, believing that my country
expected it of me. That is shocking.
(applause) That… is… shocking. Who would have thought that the most badass
Republican in the Senate would end up being
a Mormon dude named Mitt? And I got to say, Mitt, you proved everyone wrong. The haters said you were as
radical as a glass of skim milk, but they were wrong, Mitt. You’re whole milk, my man. That’s right.
Whole milk, fam. (cheering and applause) And, by the way,
I like how Mitt said that he voted this way so
that he could tell his children he did the right thing. ‘Cause that’s such a white
people thing to say, right? No, white people love explaining
themselves to their children. “I couldn’t look
my son in the eye if I didn’t do
the right thing.” Black parents
don’t give a shit. Like, black parents
are just like, “Boy, you better not look me
in the eye. I made you.
I’ma do whatever I’ma do.” Now, other than Romney,
another Republican senator who was considered on the fence
was also– uh, about Trump
was Susan Collins of Maine. All right?
But she decided that we don’t need
to throw Trump out because she thinks he’s
already been scared straight. – There are some senators who could have crossed
party lines. Senator Susan Collins
will not be one of them. – I’m voting to acquit. I believe that the president has learned from this case. – What do you believe
the president has learned? – The president
has been impeached. That’s a pretty big lesson. – However,
during a TV anchors lunch at the White House yesterday,
Trump responded to questions
about Collins’ comments, saying he had done
nothing wrong, and that his conversation
with Ukraine’s president, quote, “was a perfect call.” – Man, Donald Trump
would be the hardest person to defend in court. He’d be like, “Your Honor, my client
has learned his lesson.” (imitating Trump)
“No, I haven’t!” “His days of selling drugs
are over.” “Who wants cocaine?!” Because clearly,
Trump hasn’t learned a lesson. If anything, he’s learned that
he can do whatever he wants, and Republicans will let him
get away with it. But first, they’re gonna
shake their heads. “Mnnn!” So basically, thanks to Senate
Republicans, Trump is now free. He can just run through laws like he’s got that
Super Mario invisibility star. That’s what he can do.
Yeah, he’s invincible. Except Trump
is more powerful than Mario, ’cause in this case,
the turtles are on his side. (laughter)
Basically… basically, President Trump…
(cheering and applause) …is off the hook. He’s completely off the hook,
and you know what that means. He’s gonna
let loose tonight, man. He’s gonna eat 50 burgers,
bang a porn star, and then he’s gonna do
something crazy. And while Trump–
and while Trump is doing that Joker dance
down the courthouse steps, the rest of the country is
still focused on the fallout from Trump’s State of the Union
speech last night. And– and– and it’s not
so much what was in his speech, but the fallout has been about what speaker Nancy Pelosi
did to the speech, and Republicans aren’t happy. – A bitter, bitter Nancy Pelosi ripping up the president’s
State of the Union speech. – One of the most classless
things ever done in the history
of the State of the Union. – I have never seen anybody act
so childish in my life. – A spoiled, petulant child essentially picking her nose in front of
the American people. – It’s not just the numbers
you’re ripping up. Those are people. – Nancy Pelosi shredding
the memory of Kayla Mueller, shredding Tuske…
100-year-old Tuskegee Airman, shredding a little
two-year-old. – That’s Pelosi ripping up
the stories of these Americans. – Yeah. That is so true, my friends. When Nancy Pelosi tore up
a copy of Trump’s speech, she wasn’t just ripping up
a speech. She was ripping up the memory
of the people in that speech. Those people are gone now. That’s how paper works. (laughter) Like, one time at dinner,
the waiter ripped up my receipt, and then I was hungry again. (laughter) (cheering and applause) Now, look, man, you can argue that Nancy was right or wrong
to tear up Trump’s speech, but… but I’m sorry, guys. These people, these people,
the people that support Trump have no business complaining about breaches of decorum,
all right? Their dude is literally
the king of that shit. He puts
the “dick” in decorum. Don’t come in acting like
you’re all, “I can’t believe
he did this.” ‘Cause it’s kind of funny,
it’s kind of funny, though, that Republicans were so upset
with Nancy’s lack of decorum, especially because
Trump used the very same speech to bestow America’s
highest civilian honor, the Presidential
Medal of Freedom, on conservative commentator
Rush Limbaugh, right? A man, who, to put it mildly, is not known for being best. What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? I love the women’s movement, especially when
walking behind it. So “nigga” with an “a” on the end– why, I think I can now. (continues mocking) He is moving all around
and shaking, and it’s purely an act. If any race of people should not have guilt about
slavery, it’s Caucasians. (audience muttering)
– Yeah. Yeah, Rush… Rush Limbaugh
might be racist, sexist, homophobic, and mock
people with disabilities, but at least
he treats paper with respect. So, maybe that was
Nancy Pelosi’s real mistake. It’s not
that she was disrespectful. It’s that she wasn’t
disrespectful enough. See, maybe if Nancy interrupted
Trump’s speech with a racist Asian accent and
a couple of casual “N” words, instead of earning
everyone’s anger, she would have earned
her own Medal of Freedom. We’ll be right back.
(cheering and applause) – Welcome back
to “The Daily Show.” President Trump… President Trump
wasn’t the only person giving a speech tonight. After he finished
his State of the Union, Michigan governor
Gretchen Whitmer gave the Democrats’
response speech in English, Texas representative
Veronica Escobar gave the Democrats’
response in Spanish, and then Beto O’Rourke
gave the speech in Spanish again
but much worse. And, as you know, we here at “The Daily Show”
have our own annual response where we cover the issues that are of special importance
to black America. So, please rise– but not really,
you can just clap– as Roy Wood Jr. delivers “The Daily Show’s” annual
State of the Black Shit address. (music and cheering) Good evening, black people, African Americans,
people of color and really tan
Italian people. I’m Roy Wood Jr.,
and I’m coming to you from one of America’s
blackest places: a Popeyes in St. Louis owned by
Cedric the Entertainer. Tonight, we black people
are gathered here to once again
ask ourselves the question, where we is? Now, we can’t deny we had some setbacks in 2019. Let’s start
with this presidential race. All of our black candidates
are gone. Kamala, gone. Cory, gone. Deval Patrick– Come on, he basically… Right now the blackest person
in the race is Andrew Yang. And no… and no… he is not related
to the Ying Yang Twins. I made that same mistake. But by campaigning on giving all Americans
$1,000 a month, Yang is doing
one of the blackest things: promising to hook everybody up
before he even got the damn job. (laughter and applause) Y’all know how we do. (cheering and applause) That is how we do. One time, I applied for a job
at Bex Buy– Best Buy. I texted half of Birmingham. I was like, “Hey,
who want a Blu-ray of ‘Frozen’? It’s on me.” Now, of course, one of black America’s
biggest setbacks happened at the beginning
of 2019, the infamous case
of Jussie Smollett. What the hell
was that boy doing? I don’t know
what’s more messed up, a black man
faking a hate crime, or the fact that
he went out at 2:00 a.m. to go eat at Subway. Jussie, you’re black. Make yourself a syrup sandwich
and go back to bed. But– but 2019 wasn’t all bad. As usual,
black excellence overflowed in the world of entertainment. Tyler Perry opened
one of the largest movie studios in the country. Spike Lee won
his first Oscar. Billy Porter won an Emmy and every red carpet
he walked on. (cheering and applause)
And, of course… And, of course, Lil Nas X. That boy made the biggest
country hit of the year. That’s right,
we finally got one. We got us a country hit. This– this must be
how white people felt when Vanilla Ice came out. (laughter and applause) And… Let’s also not forget
about Lizzo. (cheering and applause)
She sang… she rapped, she twerked,
and she did the unthinkable. She made playing the flute
black as hell. That’s how good Lizzo is. Lizzo can turn any white thing
into a black thing. I bet you on her next album, she just gonna be speaking
to a manager at the Gap. (laughter) In sports… in sports, we celebrate
Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes, whose last-minute comeback
propelled him to victory against the San Francisco
49ers. And yes, I know,
everybody keep reminding you that Patrick Mahomes
is half-white, but it must have been his black
side that won the game because it showed up late
in the fourth quarter. (cheering and applause) We also… we also congratulate
sister Meghan Markle, who made history
by telling the royal family to shove that crown
up their ass. (cheering and applause) We say thank you. We say thank you
to Ms. Markle. America is now 2-0
versus the British Empire. That’s what you get. That’s what you get
for that Stamp Act, bitches. And we stole Idris Elba. This brings me to the future
of black shit and what’s in store for us
in the year 2020. This year, we’re gonna be
supporting black businesses, cheering on sister Simone Biles
at the Olympics, and going to political rallies
in record numbers to support our candidates. But mostly just to see if Obama
show up ’cause we miss him. (muttering) So, black citizens, when you ask the question,
“Where we is?” I stand here
to say to you all the state of black shit
is, woo, goddamn! God bless you all, God bless black people, and God bless the series finale
of “Power” on Starz! I gotta go.
My sandwich is ready. Good night!
(cheering and applause) – Roy Wood Jr., everybody. We’ll be right black.
(cheering and applause) (applause and cheering) – Welcome back
to “The Daily Show.” My guest tonight is
an award-winning reporter for “The New York
Times Magazine,” and creator
of The 1619 Project, which commemorates the year the first enslaved Africans
were brought to the colony of Virginia,
and it examines the ways the 400-year legacy of slavery
continues to shape America. Please welcome
Nikole Hannah-Jones. (cheering and applause) – Thank you. – Welcome to “The Daily Show.”
– Thank you. And congratulations
on creating and working with a group of
people on a project that has gone on to become
more than just a moment, but rather, a rethinking
of America’s history. Let’s start with the “why”
behind this. I mean, history seems like
it has been written, so why try and write it
again? – Well, history has been
written, but it’s been written to tell us a certain story. And, uh, The 1619 Project is
trying to reframe that story. And it’s really about, uh,
the ongoing legacy of slavery. We’ve been taught that slavery
was a long time ago. – Mm-hmm.
– “Get over it,” which is something
nearly every black person in this country hears
at some point.. And The 1619 Project
is really saying that, uh,
slavery was so foundational to America
and its institutions that we are still suffering
from that legacy now. And it’s exploring the many ways
that we– that we still are. – It’s interesting that
you’ve chosen the year 1619 because many people
would say, “But this was
before America existed. So why do you choose that point,
and why do you argue, more importantly,
that on the fourteenth…? You say,
“On the 400th anniversary “of this fateful moment,
it is finally time to tell our story
truthfully.” – Yes, so, it’s funny,
because this year is also the 400th anniversary
of the “Mayflower.” Yet, no one argues that we
shouldn’t learn about the “Mayflower” because that
predates the United States. – Interesting.
– We know that that was an important moment. Um, I would argue
that the “White Lion,” which was a ship
that arrived a year earlier carrying enslaved Africans,
was far more important to the American story, uh,
than 1620, than the “Mayflower.” So, no,
American hadn’t yet formed, but Virginia
was the first colony, our institutions would come
out of the 13 colonies. – Mm-hmm.
– Uh, our legal system, our cultural system,
our political system. And certainly,
the anti-black racism that we still struggle with
is born at that moment. – When you… when you
start off in this magazine, there’s a… there’s a really
beautiful passage in the beginning where you talk
about your personal journey, your father
was a proud American, and how you didn’t understand
how he could be proud to be American when America
seemed to be against him in spite of everything
that he did. – Yes.
– How did you reconcile that, or did working through
this project change your view on how to be American
or how not to be American? – Yeah, absolutely
working on the project changed my perspective
on my father. Um, I open the piece talking
about how my dad, who was born
in apartheid Mississippi… – Mm-hmm.
– …uh, flew this flag in our front yard
on this giant flagpole. And he was one of the only
black people I knew who flew a flag
in their yard, and I was deeply
embarrassed by that. Um, but as I started
researching for this project, I got that he understood
something that I didn’t, that, um, no one has the right
to take away our citizenship
and our rights to think of ourselves
as American, because so much of what
black people have done is what has built
this very country that we get to live in today. So, when Thomas Jefferson
writes those famous, uh, English words,
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that
all men are created equal,” uh, he owns 130 human beings
at that time, including some
of his own family members. And he understands that, uh,
one-fifth of the population will enjoy none
of those rights and liberties. So we are founded on
a hypocrisy, on a paradox. – Mm-hmm.
– But black people read those words and said,
“Oh, we’re gonna believe that these words are true
and apply to us, and fight.” We said we were founded
as a democratic republic, but most Americans
could not vote at the time
of the Constitution. Uh, but thanks largely
to black resistance and freedom struggles,
we are as close to a multiracial democracy
as we’ve ever been. – Before you go,
one of the main questions many people may have,
and you see this, unfortunately, all too often,
is people saying, “Why do you have to keep
drudging this up? “Can’t we just move on?
It’s been 400 years. Now, can’t we just move on?” What would you hope
people take away? – Uh, that’s a great question. Let me just say,
for the record, nobody wants to get over slavery
more than black folks. Uh, it’s not…
(Noah laughing) (applause and cheering) It’s not
to our benefit, right? So that the fact that our
nation can’t get over slavery has not benefitted black people
for a single day. But that’s the problem– we’ve never dealt with
the harm that was done. And there’s never been any
effort to redress that harm. So, what I hope that people
would take from the magazine, every single story
in the magazine starts with America today.
– Mm-hmm. – And shows how these things
about American life that you think are unrelated
to slavery actually are. And I hope by confronting
that truth, maybe we can finally start to
repair the harm that was done. And then finally, uh,
start to live up to be the country
of our ideals. – It’s a fantastic job,
fantastic magazine. Really wonderful
having you on the show. – Thank you.
– Thank you so much. To learn more about this
beautiful, amazing story, go to, that’s Nikole Hannah-Jones, everybody,
we’ll be right back. (music and cheering) – Well, that’s it for “The Daily
Show: Global Edition.” But before we go, some news
coming out of Iran. Business is booming for its largest
flag factory, yeah, which, get this, made about
2,000 US, British, and Israeli flags
for Iranian protestors to burn last month, yeah. And you gotta admit, that’s
a lot of smoke in the air for protestors to breathe. If I was that factory owner,
I would start making my flags scented,
like candles, yeah. Then protestors would be like,
“Death to America! Ahh, lavender!”

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  30. What's up with these people? Not for AMERICA!!! WMP. White man privilege. Wow. And they blame other race and culture for stealing from America. Orange 👨

  31. It's very clear Trevor backs Bernie. Thank God. The people need more exposure to what Bernie is actually about.

  32. So Trump is FULLY VINDICATED because House Dems refused to bring actual evidence, Trump gives one of the BEST political speeches in American history and this immigrant FOOL makes stupid jokes bashing him while his Presidential numbers keep improving?!? LOL can't wait when Trump gets reelected HAHAHA!

  33. The day when KellyAnne Conway and Laura Ingraham judge other people for their behavior….LOL! Not going to work. Laura Ingraham doesn't care about Americans that don't agree with her.

  34. If someone ripped up Obama’s speech, then everyone would have been mad as hell, but when it’s trump who is actually making our economy rise at record time, people support the woman who committed a wrong against a good and needed republican

  35. I like black people but they are just so biased against trump for telling the truth and because he is not black, that they will support whatever idiot goes against him and it was republicans that stopped slavery, not democrats which is important because they always like to bring up the past

  36. Lol 😂 13 kids, and everyone of them is Bernie Sanders. 😂😂😂 I can’t with Trevor Noah!

  37. I get how important is it for constituents to vote, however only 435 voters are accounted for/ to elect a president.

  38. I'm not from the US, love the Comedy of the Daily Show, but why is this show becoming a propaganda show that is pitting one colour against another. I know there's history with the treatment of black people and race. However, once educated in the subject of your history, why are you not looking forward together? Good luck America.

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