TRY NOT to LAUGH CHALLENGE – Funniest Kids Fails Compilation July 2018 | Funny Vines Videos

*kid riding bike* *kid riding bike* *kid falling on bike* *kid falling on bike* *baby plays with toys* *baby plays with toys* Oh Oh Don’t write on that! *Baby writes on the board* Go. Go. AHHH AHHH OH! OH! “I’m gonna do a backflip.” “I’m gonna do a backflip.” “Okay” “Okay” (girl): “Watch him climb up… (girl): “Watch him climb up… There he is!” (off camera): “Um, Claire… (off camera): “Um, Claire… Which way is he jumping?” Which way is he jumping?” (girl): “That way” (girl): “That way” (off camera): “Oh, no no no, he’s—” (off camera): “Oh, no no no, he’s—” (boy): We need one more cup! (boy): We need one more cup! (off camera): Ellie, we need one more cup (off camera): Ellie, we need one more cup (boy): We need one more cup! (off camera): Where is she going? (laughing) Oh, she’s getting a cup! Okay, Andrew! Let’s try the thumbs-up, okay? Ready? (laughing) No, no (off camera) Well, how did you do that? What were you doing? (girl): I was… I… I wanted to do this! (off camera): What did you wanna do? (girl): This (off camera): What? (girl): I…this (laughing) (boy): Just what I wanted! (off camera): What are they Milo? Show the camera! (boy): Q-Tips!! (off camera) You wanted Q-Tips and Santa brought them to you? (boy): Yeah! Just what I wanted!! (left): My dad has a gold tooth (right): My dad has diabetes WTF Woah!!! (off camera) Ohh, no (off camera): What’s the matter? (boy): The lettuce is killing me (off camera, laughing): Cause you had to eat salad? (off camera): *yells* (baby): *farts* (music) (off camera): Pay attention Kaden, good job, keep going! (boy): yells (off camera): Oh! (off camera): Good job (in distance) Mitchell run! Run run run run run! (laughing) (man): Now bend down and touch your toes Now run to mommy Run! Run run run! yeeet! (off camera): What are you doing!? (off camera, singing) Oh, you should know what you’re falling for Baby, do you you dare to– (Screams) Dad! Are you kidding me!? (dad yells & kid screams) (kid off camera) Paisley, I’m gonna get you! (paisely) nope *ded* (off camera) Those things are hard to get into (laughing) (laughing) (more laughing) (off camera person 1) What happened? (person 2) She’s trying to get on the hammock and watch what happens, watch (person 1) Is she gonna hurt herself? (person 2) No Watch this (laughing) Woahhh (crying)

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