100 Replies to “Trying Troom Troom’s Awful Pranks”

  1. I’m truly Greg!
    Troom troom:buy sugar past to make a ugly phone case
    Troom troom:when done prank your friend who doesn’t share her cookies 🍪
    Danny when he’s done:*eats case* did you think I was eating my phone case!😏
    Friend he was pranking:no it looks like a towel
    Danny:dang it!

  2. "an ice cream cone… Like I was" your probably wondering. I'm at that stage of the night where I heard it as "an ice cream cone like me" idk wtf is up with me. Tbh

  3. And do the dang dang diggty dangy dang prank ( I'm just imagining him in like a Heather's outfit singing that but still with his YouTube channel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣)

  4. Hey I have been watching videos and for you watch your name late yet I don’t know I know Patty OK why didn’t say OK

  5. So what have you tell your mommy comments a couple of them tell them I got to show me have a look at my phone my God frankly I can’t think like playing with TickTock bling bling FGTVOGFG TV

  6. People are going to think your a freak if you do these weird pranks! Also it looks like you need a doctor! Just saying this will look like your insane!

  7. I work in a bakery so when he brought out the fondant and put the icing on it…… I died a little

  8. My Alexa also asked, “when should I remind you”. I told her tomorrow at 9am. I hope I get my reminder to never be a chef. Otherwise, forget and start chef school tomorrow

  9. i am house sitting and watching this video and did NOT realize there was an alexa in this kitchen until it responded to you AND SCARED THE ABSOLUTE SHIT OUT OF ME so thank you. thank you so much drew

  10. I was watching this while getting ready, and I looked away and got an ad that said: be focused, be entranced and I thought it was troom troom

  11. What I learned in the comments is that there wasn't a translation problem, just a stocking problem at the store you went to.

  12. The way your mom cooks bacon on foil like that is the worst way to cook bacon. Get a cooking sheet with a raised rack to put bacon on for airflow and perfect crispiness. Trust me, you'll get restaurant quality that way

  13. yea that girl legit put real rocks with the fake sand thing why would you make every thing else out of edible stuff and then just R O C K S

  14. Glueing a circular lightbulb into the cone would have been much more realistic. Pour some chocolate and sprinkles on top, then enjoy the trip to the ER for emergency mouth surgery! "ItS nOt A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE!".

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