Types of people on Call | The Plotfathers | Funny video | 2019

( Music Playing ) hello What are you telling? Wait wait I have to transfer 3 lakhs? and? And withdraw 2 lakhs? Give me your account number Yes? 000? IFSC code? Aadhar card number? hmmm hmmm one sec one sec Sir, you forgot to ask Pan card number! Hello? You didn’t tell me your pan number Yes give! (Phone ringing) Hello? Bro, i needed one favour I dont have time for your bullshit I really have a urgent work bro please I told na i am not free right noww Hello? ( In girls voice) Is this Hasnit Parmar speaking ( In girls voice) Yes myself hasnit this side, yourself? F#$%% [email protected]#$% M#$### You came again? I told na i dont have time Hello sir? Sir, boss has told me to inform you that you dont need to come to office Because boss has fired you! bye sir Hello? Where are you? come down fast we are getting late fpr the movie Hasnit? Where are you? you working out right? I wanna tell you something I dont think its working anymore I think we should breakup You deserve a better girl then me Please dont text me or call me Hello? You remember we planned to go Goa? And we had cancelled it? Because my dad didn’t allow me to go Bro, Dad said yes for goa!! What!!!!! When! How! Where! You pack bags fast we will leave today Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? hello? Hello? Can you hear me now? Now? Now? Can you hear me now? no? Yes yes now i can hear you, ya ya tell me. Hello? you there? Hello? bro happy birthday Thank you bro So what plans today? Nothing much bro just took a new phone What? Who takes LOAN on birthday Not LOAN, PHONE PHONE i took PHONE Let it be Meet me at evening we will go for party But why did you take LOAN to give birthday party? You could’ve taken new PHONE instead let it be let it be! But why did he take loan?

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