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Just Thinking Out Loud. I’m Desi-Rae. What’s up guys? Sean here from The Actual Justice Warrior Youtube channel. Surprise! I have a special guest, Sean, who runs the
channel Actual Justice Warrior. And we’re doing in this video part 2 of our
takedown of The Young Turks commentary on why Saturday Night Live is hiring
conservatives like Shane Gillis. Just so you know you are watching part 2 of our
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Check it out. Again it’s not it’s not saying you can’t ever make fun of this
group of people. It’s just that you can’t get upset when the joke doesn’t happen,
doesn’t land, people don’t find it funny. And some people are like it just seems
like you were punching down for the sake of punching down. There was really no
joke there. And it’s not saying that you can’t make the joke, but what she’s
saying is is that she’s gonna criticize the hell out of you and demand that you
be fired if the joke doesn’t line up with her sensibilities. Because freedom
of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences or whatever justification
these authoritarians use in order to enforce their religious dogmatic
morality on the rest of society. So that’s my point. So I don’t know that
Shane Gillis should have been fired. We have a poll on it don’t we? Yeah we do. So if
you want to participate in this poll, share your thoughts on this story, you
can go to T y-t-dot-com slash SNL. And the question is, was SNL right to fire
Shane Gillis? Now finally to get back to the conservatives who are funny. I
haven’t seen one yet. I just thought that this was a wonderful
example of bias towards one’s self. I still don’t really have context. It
looks like they just read the quotes. Cenk is saying that, ‘oh he guessed that
something is funny because it didn’t seem malicious. But they read quotes! They don’t actually know what the entire context of the podcast was. I’m gonna
have a different take on this than most people because I don’t do comedy. I don’t
really watch it. I only go like if my friends are going. So most of it isn’t
really funny to me at all. And a big part of that is because it’s always talking
about super sensitive social topics such as race and gender. When I’ve gone to
stand-up comedy in the U.S. – I’m not from here – and I saw that I was like ‘is this
what people think is funny?’ Because it’s like they always have to go back to
these topics for some reason. And in my mind I’m like ‘Can’t you be more creative?’
And this has nothing to do with what side of the political spectrum you’re on.
Even though I’m saying that I don’t watch comedy, I understand that the
purpose of comedy is to release tension. It’s a social place where you can
finally discuss things that you won’t discuss in polite conversation. And you
do it through a joke. So I think that’s the reason why comedy tends to veer in
that direction. Because America is so uptight but now they have to use comedy
in order to relieve some of that tension. And I think depending on what side of
the political spectrum you’re on, you will find certain jokes funny or not
funny. Like sjw bashing is just boring at this point. It’s so repetitive. And also
comedy was meant to, you know, it was a way to poke fun at people in positions
of power. And like the comedy that goes after disenfranchised groups who have no
power at all, it’s just not funny for some people. And you can’t get mad and
put yourself in a position of victimhood because some people don’t find that
funny. When Ana Kasparian who does not love comedy was saying that comedy’s
purpose is to poke fun at the people who are in power, I thought that was
interesting for two reasons. The first one is that I don’t think that comedy’s
purpose is to poke fun at the people who are in positions of power. I think the
purpose of comedy is to make people laugh ,however you do that. Again this
narcissism thing about what they think is funny is what everybody else should
think is funny. And then the second thing I thought was interesting was that
they’re talking about punching down and not poking fun at people who have it
tough, and yet I still don’t really understand this
guy’s content. Like I don’t understand the personality behind it. It’s just a (news) story
to them. And if you go a bit deeper into that, the second thing that I find
interesting, is that you could say that the people who have power are the ones
who can cancel an entire person’s career over jokes that they’re making. I do
believe in the adage that is who you’re not allowed to criticize are the ones
that actually have power. And so they’re saying that ‘oh this guy’s punching down’
but I wouldn’t say that he has power because he was cancelled. That’s what
just happened to him. I completely agree it’s ridiculous for
the Young Turks to claim that Shane Gillis is the person in power
considering just digging up some of his old podcasts, cutting some clips out of
context, was enough to get him fired from his job at SNL. Clearly the far left, the
reactionary left, the left that doesn’t want you to say anything that offends
their sensibilities, have the power in this situation. Because if they didn’t
have the power then Shane Gillis would be enjoying himself on Saturday Night
Live. And also comedy was meant to you know it was a way to poke fun at people
in positions of power. And like the comedy that goes after disenfranchised
groups who have no power at all, it’s just not funny. Also I don’t think
anybody is really disenfranchised in this day and age in the West in the
United States. And I don’t like that she uses this word. I don’t like that they’re
just like portraying people as victims all the time. That is not the modern-day
world. Let’s go look up the definition of disenfranchisement. From the Cambridge
English dictionary, “disenfranchised is not having the right to vote or a
similar rights or having had that right taken away” or “having no power to make
people listen to your opinion or to affect the society you live in.” They
mentioned blacks and Latinos. It’s completely erroneous to use the word
disenfranchised, the vote one and also the second one because everybody is
listening. They have Netflix shows called Dear
White People. The New York Times promotes these horrible op-ed pieces that are
from the supposedly disenfranchised victim groups bashing the rest of
society. Their voice and their opinion does affect society. So that’s garbage. It’s hard to play the victim and pretend that you are the disenfranchised one
when you have virtually every media outlet on your side, when you have all of
the major social media companies doing your bidding.
Based on your exact ideology, Shane Gillis was hired according to the
producer of SNL as a way to reach across the aisle and get more viewership from
conservatives. He was fired before he filmed a single sketch for SNL, which
means that the people at SNL who knew who he was they did they’re digging into
him. They decided that this was somebody who was talented, that they knew he was a
conservative. They wanted him on board. They wanted him to join their team. Their
decision was overridden by the outrage from the supposedly disenfranchised side,
from your side, the cry bullies. To conclude, I think these people are
narcissistic and biased towards themselves. And I also think it’s really
weird this idea of groups being
disenfranchised and trying to make those associations with groups. And saying that
they’re victims nd that I guess they’re the savior – like trying to like defend,
defend these poor oppressed groups. Yeah, I think it’s pretty gross. I think it’s
good that Saturday Night Live is trying to reach out to a more conservative
audience and not just focusing on the Liberals. So that’s what I think of what
they had to say. And Ana Kasparian does not have a love for comedy. I just want to say
thank you so much to Desi-Rae Thinking for joining me on this collaboration, for
doing part one on my channel and allowing me to come on her channel to
finish up part two. I’m sure if you guys want to check me out. She’ll put the
links everywhere you need to see it. So, I hope that some of you will join me over
there. Thank you for watching. I hope you liked this collab. You can go find Sean
by searching for Actual Justice Warrior. He’s also on twitter as well. You can
find him there. Let me know what you think in the comment section. Have a
great day and I’ll talk to you soon.

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