Unwelcome Gator In The Family Swimming Pool | Gator Boys

we are the Gator boys are you doing alligator yeah what’s up oh yeah there is an alligator new partner and you don’t want it in the pool huh nope no how are you gonna catch the alligator I’ll probably just go in the water and get in close and grab him in a position where he can’t bite me I’ll help you can you can help by staying up here no fair once we catch them maybe you can come touch him how’s that okay alright there’s a young kid here probably 7 or 8 years old he was dying to go in and help that’s what I don’t like about people watching what we do they seem to think it’s easy cuz we make it look easy but make it look easy cuz we’ve been doing it for 20 years don’t knew someone less they tell you to okay it might come down to it I don’t know what you’re right I say we tried to though get him up on that side right [Music] the one bad thing about this pool is it has a vinyl liner in it it adds an element that is not normal in Florida usually we have a lot of concrete bottoms the vinyl lining makes it very difficult no traction you can’t really get a good foothold to grab them very slick [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] just taking me off [Music] and when you go later [Music] [Music] we we once saw so neighbors don’t ever go in the water with alligator ever ever ever I know we kind of make it look easy but we’ve been doing it for a long time but if you get ahold to you you’ll pull your arm off and you don’t get to put it back at all right all right guys please say thank you thank me that’s a really good point is made you know anybody tries to do what we’re doing then you don’t understand the behavior of the animal he’d let you know when he’s gonna do something I can read his body and say okay he’s getting ready to turn around and come after me that’s why I don’t get bit usually there you go [Music]

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  1. Boy: can I help
    Guy: yes just stand there so you can distract the gator don't worry he's not going to bite you

    Boy :ok

    The boy stand there and the gator grabs him and the guy grabs the gator and leave

  2. I've heard that if you see an alligator and it's chasing you run in a zigzag line cuz alligators follow the exact way people do I don't know if it works but I've heard of it

  3. First of all what did the boy do to get told off and he didn't get to even pet the alligator!
    And second how old is that girl because what is she wearing??

  4. I don’t know if y’all will believe this but the kid that wanted to help is actually me it’s all fake and they told me to say that

  5. It's not unwelcomed. If you didn't put a fence up or no trespassing sign, IT'S BASICALLY WELCOMED.

    Americans these days.

  6. For some reason this alligator was cracking me up. His body language was so outraged and offended: "Unhand me, you pervert! Get out of my swimming pool!" LOL

  7. The boy was pissed when the guy told him to never touch he just turned around like boi? U tryna tell me I ain’t touching my fav animal for real?

  8. By the time these guys arrived the kids didn't change or even dropped the towels, because we NEED TO UNDERSTAND that they were about to swim when found the alligator

  9. Man the memories. I remember they came to my house and told us to act smh I thought this stuff was real until they told us what to do

  10. I live in Pennsylvania. It is so cold in the winter here. I want to move more south to escape from the cold but I don't like to encouter alligators sometime, even though I really enjoy watching the Gator Boys catching gators. I watched almost all of their short clips on Youtube.

  11. "That's what I don't like about people watching what we do". Then why would you make a TV show about what you do? I don't care I love this show

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