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Hey! Shall we go to the beach? Don’t say stupid things!
Let me think! Shall we go to… the seaside? That’s good.
– Okay! There’d be a lot of foreign chicks! Hey, isn’t that same as beach,
but said in a different way? No need of your different ways!
Listen to what I say! But, wouldn’t the trip be costly? There are cheaper packages!
– Softly! Grandpa is inside! Oh no! The old hag is inside?
– No problem. He’s asleep. Son! I’ll be back then..
– No! Don’t leave yet! Hey! What’s up? Wow! Look who’s here? Who is this, dear?
Why did you get him home? Si.. Sit down.
He’s my friend! What’s your name? – John!
– What? – John! Why are you shaking for that? I heard! What? – I heard
whatever you were saying! You’re about to go on a tour
or something, right? No! We are not going anywhere. Lying? Dare you lie to grandpa?
– No! I won’t! Stop pinching me, grandpa!
We’re going on a tour. Don’t lie hereafter.
Where are you planning to go? Seaside and exotic places!
– Huh? To get some fresh air at the beach!
– Oh! Fresh air at the beach? It’s been long since
I went to the beach! Couldn’t you see it when we
scatter your ashes at Varkala beach? What’s it?
– Nothing, my goodness! Let’s go together!
– No! It can’t be! I’ll also come!
I’ll bear all the expenses! No..
– All the expenses on me! What’s the problem? Let him come!
He’s bearing all the expenses! Why not? He can come!
He’s gonna take all the responsibilities… He’s wise unlike you!
You want a biscuit? Why not? I don’t give the cream to anyone! [Twist, lick.] Have it! Come on! Have it! Disrespecting the food?
Have it, you! Yes, good boy. Let me change and come. Ok? It tastes better without the cream.
You should also try it. You guys aren’t ready yet? One more person has to get ready.
– Huh? A chick? Yes. Chick! Wow! Is she your friend? Yes. At first, his grandma’s friend. Then his dad’s. Now, his. A while ago, my friend.
In a while, your friend too! Seriously? Where’s she?
– Will be here in a moment. Let me set up my phone by then! Is that a new phone?
– Yes! Honor 8C.
– Cool, man! Okay! I am ready!
Shall we go? Huh? Who is he? Oh, your friend, right? It’s good to have 4 people
when you go somewhere. 3 people, that’s not good.
Come on everybody, let’s go! Hey! Is he coming too? Yes. He’s the chick I mentioned about.
Come. Oh no! [Singing a song about beach] Hey! Are you crazy to take this
old hag with us? He said he’ll bear all the expenses.
Let’s milk him well! One, two, three, four! Hey! What are you whispering? We’re feeling hungry, grandpa! There’s a restaurant.
Let’s go and have something. ‘Kuzhi Mandi’. Let’s go there. Come! What the.. Standing beneath me when
I’m spitting? Dumb wit! Move aside! [A song about sea] What are you looking at? Sit down then! I’ll bury him in a ‘Kuzhi’ (pit) today! Is that a new phone?
– Yes, it is! How do you unlock it?
– Well.. It recognizes the face.
– Oh, the face? Let me see! It’s not getting unlocked!
– Not yours! My face.. It’ll get unlocked
with my face only. See? It gets unlocked with your face only? That’s the feature of Honor 8C. What if you die? Suppose if you die, your face is no more.
Then what can be done? In that case, with a pattern.. I can’t see clearly. Yet, there it is!
This is the pattern, right? I only need to see such things once. Let me play this! Is there anybody here? Hello! What do you want?
– Bro, we want.. – Shh! Didn’t you see us when you walked
around here? Were your eyes infected? Sir, th.. they came first. They might be the ones who came first.
But we washed our hands and sat first! That’s not how it is, grandpa!
– Who’s your grandpa? His big eyes, and beard! If you could tell
me your order.. You made us wait all this while.
Now you wait for us! Dear grandpa, it’s a busy hour!
– Again grandpa! What the… 4 ‘Kuzhi Mandi’. That’s enough! I don’t want Kuzhi Mandi! I just need a freshly squeezed lemon juice! That’s enough for me!
– All right! Hey..
– Huh? Due to your anger towards him,
please don’t spit into our food! We don’t do such things here! Okay! Any other things? How much? Oh, that’s all?
Here.. The share of my lemon juice.
You may pay the rest. But what about all the expenses?
– I’ll take care of all my expenses! That’s how it is, always! Huh? Wanna get some drinking water, kids?
– Dear grandpa, no! Let me know in case you need it! Hey, you’re always on phone! Can you watch movies in it? Grandpa, this is 6.26 full view display.
Movie watching is awesome in it! Oh! it’ll be good, right?
– Of course! Hey! We don’t have time to waste.
I’ve arranged a vehicle. Let’s hurry up! You’ve arranged a vehicle?
– Do you think of a tour as child’s play? The vehicle will be here soon!
– Which vehicle? I don’t know!
-Come! Listen, can this vehicle fit all of us? We can all go comfortably.
It’s a big vehicle. The time of Minimol’s arrival
has passed! Minimol? Minimol. Our vehicle! It’s a limited stop bus.
Yet, we’ll get seats! Hey, Rajan!
– Satheesan! Come along, kids! Come out, you little punk! Rajan!
– Satheesan! My sweetie! Loosen up! It’s been a long time since I saw you! Right! Even though my ribs broke,
I’m happy that we finally meet! Who are these guys?
– My grandson! Oh! Grandpa’s li’l boy!
He’s ditto as his mom! Hey! Not him!
– Damn! Not him? Then he’s ditto as his mom!
Such a darling! Idiot! Him!
– Wow! Come closer! He’s ditto as his mom!
Haven’t got a beard or moustache! Sweetie pie! Hey! Don’t kill the child! Your hyperness hasn’t changed!
– It’s because I love you guys! Who’s this new trouble?
– I don’t know! Who’s he?
– Sorry! He’s my grandpa! No need to apologize! Once started,
we’ll keep doing it to each other! Hey! He’s my grandson! He looks like our classmate
Varghese! Huh?
– Just for fun! Where are you off to,
with these dorks? They’ve been forcing me
to go to the beach with them! To the beach? – Yes!
– Let me also join you then! You too coming?
– Yes! We’ve got a car! Let’s go! But.. what about the funeral?
– Let it go! We’ll attend another one! That’s right. Let’s go!
– Everybody hop on! Hop on!
– Where are you going? I’ll drive!
– No way! I’ll do it! Give me the keys, you! Today is the day I met Rajan! Get inside! – You go first!
– Get in! – No! You go! Why so?
– I want the side seat! Whatever! Shall we go?
– Straight to the beach! Shout out loud!
Yay!! Such slugs! You start the car! What kind of song is this?
Is this what you play while on a tour? Check this out, then! Guys! Come on! Slow down, man! Cool, man!
Slow down! Go slow for God’s sake! What happened?
– I am praying! Why?
– ‘Cos I wanna live! How could you play a game
in such a situation? If we go like this, we will die for sure!
Let me at least finish this level! This game looks cool.
The graphics are good! Of course! Keep playing, then! What’s this? The same bitter taste of
the biscuit I had earlier! Dear grandpa! Go slow! Bug off, you!
– A bike! A bike! Oh, no! Brakes! Come out, before the mob gathers! What happened, son?
Get up! I had asked you to drive safe! I had asked you not to drive faster! It’s them! It’s them!
– Let him be! He does this always!
Racing on this street! Are you all right, my dear? Hey! I’ll kill you!
– Let him be! Brother, it’s not me!
– Of course it’s you! Take the money out! Treat yourself with this! Repair your bike as well!
You’re all right! Go! See! This is how you gotta
deal things! Since it worked out,
shall we click a selfie? Give me your new phone!
– In this situation? Hey! Our plan worked out!
What’s the problem then? We’ve always been like this! Right?
– Yes! Smile, everyone! Look at the pic!
– Killed it! The quality is awesome! I gotta take a leak! Let’s go!
– I too wanna! You srart the car! Here! I’ll kill him today! Good that it didn’t peel off! Are you still in pain? No! Why are you looking at me? See this? His bite-mark, when I scored
A+ in 10th standard! See this? His punch-mark
when I won 2nd place in arts fest. I got more to show, if I kneel down!
– Let it be! Can I tell you the truth?
Weren’t we going to a funeral? His death isn’t natural! Then?
– This man killed him! If you show such love to someone
who’s hospitalized for asthma.. Can I tell you something then? You guys carry on.
I’ll get down here! Then what about the trip? If we go with them, they would
drown us in the sea! Shall we leave then? Hey! They are your grandpas! My grandpa can manage
to reach back home. Mine, too! Then start the car! I guess due to joy,
the peeing doesn’t end! Hey! Stop! Stop! The kids tricked us! How do we go to the beach now? We’ve reached! Come on! Hey! My phone is missing! Check thoroughly in the bag! Hey! No! The setting sun, peaceful sea,
such a beautiful scenery! It feels so peaceful, without them!
– Right! Hey! Look at that! Oh, no! Satheesh!
– Hey, Raj! There they are! You guys reached only now?
– How did you come? Your phone was with me!
We used the GPS, and came! My phone!
– An awesome battery it’s got! I was playing all this while!
It still doesn’t finish up! It’s a 4,000 mAh battery.
It’ll finish after 2 days only! Come on, guys! Dive!
– A big wave will come now! Come on! Hi guys! Hope everybody liked this video! If you liked it, like, share
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