Vice President Mike Pence’s Coronavirus PSA

-Mike Pence is in charge
of handling the coronavirus. In fact, he released a PSA today
to help calm everybody down. Here. Take a look. -Hello. I’m Mike Pence. And I want to talk to you
about coronavirus. I am the Vice President,
the ambassador to heaven, and now Trump’s
little science boy. It’s true, the President has put
me in charge of coronavirus. So there’s no need to panic
or even…blink. [ Laughter ] Luckily, we can already see the
white at the end of the tunnel. Today, President Trump allocated $8.3 billion
to disease prevention. That’s one dollar for every sin that’s been committed
at a Cher concert. And, fortunately,
I understand viruses… or, as I call them,
little nose Satans. So everything
will be cool as milk as long as we follow
a few tips… like, instead of saying,
“Bless you,” start saying, “God bless you.” Wash your hands frequently. And don’t touch yourself.
Not even in the shower. If you’re feeling sick,
call your exorcist right away. Avoid personal contact,
even with your spouse. That’s why Mother and I
haven’t touched in years. And if you have to cough, don’t. That’s just the Holy Spirit
slipping out of you. Coronavirus is affecting
all Americans. Even I had to cancel my Leviticus on the Sea
Bible cruise. But if we stay calm,
everything will be all white. I mean all right. All right. I’m Mike pence,
and I bless this message. [ Applause ] I’m gonna be the fall guy
for this, aren’t I? He’s gonna go with
Nikki Haley, right? All righty, then.
Mother, pack our bags!

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  2. Fall Guy Pence. Was there ever any question that Mike had an important role to play in the Trump Administration ? SOME BODY has to feed the wolves, when you throw the dog food in the So.China Sea !

  3. Pence is the perfect choice… he's had Norton Antivirus installed since his last system update in 2006.

  4. ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️

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  5. These Hollywood elites like to put down Christians but they are the ones who think they are holier than thou. They like to think they have morals. Think again Jimmy.

  6. i miss click the dislike button hahahahah and i feel bad for something 😛

    about it but i like it anyway 🙂 not the corona i dislike it 😉 ahihih

  7. Do you think there is a Government behind creating the Coronavirus? Doesn't China claim to have a population issue?
    Notice how people get infected but it only kills folks with severe pre-existing conditions or mostly the elderly that is vulnerable?
    I just don't trust the circumstances for which this virus came about.
    This is costing people their lives and you mean to tell me between all the billions of dollars that our country🇺🇸 has and some of the most Brilliant Minds and they can't create something to combat this with a cure, medication or vaccine? SMH
    Come on U.S.A. get a handle on this.

  8. Perhaps it would have been a funnier skit if Mike Pence actually showed us that he’s a super Christian bigot. But it seems like we’re just being told this over and over again with out any justification. If the left wings propaganda machine keeps making these obviously unjust, one sided hit pieces on Trump and his admin we’ll surely get Trump for another 4 years.

  9. Jimmy nailed the way Pence squints so as to seem more interesting or more pensive lol he's such an airhead.

  10. If you work for Trump, you are going under a bus for him. It's how he is. His employees are nothing but fodder to him.

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