We joke because we love… making fun of New Brunswick | 22 Minutes

A big trend in 2017 has been immigration. People on the move;
in Canada the influx of new immigrants means provinces who have seen their populations
decline in recent years are growing again. For example,
New Brunswick! That inspired us to do a sketch that went
something like this: – You’ll love it here. – Yeah. – The… trees. – Yep. – And the rest of you who chose to move here, can we ask why? – Yeah what would make you wanna do that? Well we got a lot of flack for saying New
Brunswick is nothing but trees, in fact,
New Brunswick sent an emissary to our studio here in Halifax to teach us the error of our
ways. Please welcome New Brunswick Premier,
Brian Gallant! – Well thanks for having me. – Brian,
you’re welcome for the chance to get out of New Brunswick. Now, but if you’re here,
who’s taking care of the trees? – No worries at all,
I watered them all before I left. – Oh good man. – You know what we make fun of New Brunswick,
like a lot; Okay,
but believe us when we say: we joke because we love… Making fun of New Brunswick. – We’re like always making fun of Moncton,
– Mhm. – It’s like Moncton is our favorite thing… said no one ever. – And now what do New Brunswickers make fun
of? What’s the Moncton of New Brunswick? – Well, Newfoundland obviously. – Oh, snap! – Hey! – Touché! – No, touché! Touché, sir. – After our tree sketch came out,
Tourism New Brunswick started a friendly Twitter war with us. I guess if you work for Tourism New Brunswick
you’re just thankful for something to do, right? – No, but in all seriousness though,
Premier, how are things going in New Brunswick? – Well, tourism is an important part of our
economy and I’ll tell you we’re investing more every summer season over the last few
years, increase in the amount of tourists. In 2017 operators are saying it’s the best
summer season they’ve ever seen. *snoring sounds*
– Wow, and uh… – No I’m kidding, I’m kidding of course. – The mayor of Saint John is calling for people
from Vancouver and Toronto to move to Saint John because for the price of a condo in Vancouver
you could actually buy Saint John. – Well, I don’t know about that. But there’s no doubt that Saint John has a
very competitive cost of living, great quality of life,
the whole province does. We were ranked as the most cost competitive
jurisdiction in Canada and the U.S. to do business. Now I have to ask,
– Wow. all of you,
are there any of you that have actually been to New Brunswick? *applause* – Some. – Well I,
I went to the Old Brunswick. – I went, yeah. – Now,
we’re not saying New Brunswick’s boring, but you know,
the provinces have cute little mottos on their license-plate, right, you’ve got like, Friendly
Manitoba… Ontario: Yours to Discover,
New Brunswick: New Brunswick. What’s goin’ on? You need a cool,
you need something fun! Well we’re actually thinking of changing it,
so are you ready for this? – Yep. – New Brunswick:
If you hit Nova Scotia, you’ve gone too far. *laughter*
– Nice. Very nice. – Obviously,
New Brunswick is more than just trees, quickly tell us a few other things that are
there. Well we have the warmest beaches north of
Virginia, the highest tides in the world,
we have vibrant cities, the best people you could ask for,
we have have Hopewell Rocks; which are big rocks with trees on top of them… – Oh yeah! – Nice. – We’re the third largest producer in the world of maple
syrup, that we get from our trees. – Mhm. – And, and of course,
we have the longest covered bridge in the world,
that we made from our trees. – Aha! Premier, thank you so much! Briant Gallant!

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  1. The problem is that we do not reflect enough on our history in Canada. We try and hide it. And you know what they say about those who do not learn from their history. Because if we did, New Brunswick would be a huge deal. The last decisive naval battle between France and Britain was fought in the Bay of Chaleur in Northern New Brunswick. First Nations people played an important role in helping survivors. This place is so very important and yet very few people even know this aspect of New Brunswick’s history. It should be a big deal, and it’s not even in our history books.

  2. I live in new brunswick and i have a lot of freinds from all around the world abd i always wonder why new brunswick?

  3. Okay, shut up eh? Or we'll sick our mascot on ya, Stella the Safety Skunk. Oh yeah, she's real. Well, not real but sort of real. Take that eh? https://www.sugarsmascotcostumes.com/mascots-educate/

  4. Stimulating our own population to reproduce? Of course not.
    Collecting people from every shithole of the world? YES PLEASE!

  5. What was that song "brown lives…" Something; about 5 minutes before the liberals decided canada needed a few million refugees…

  6. You know what we say here in the States? If you can't make fun of New Brunswick, who can you make fun of?

  7. To be honest. I forgot this province existed. Except when I talked to a Japanese girl that's doing her exchange their. I was like wtf.

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