Weekend Update Hosts Roast David Spade (feat. Jimmy Fallon) – Lights Out with David Spade

Last night, we did
sort of an unofficial SNL “Weekend Update” reunion
with Dennis Miller and Norm Macdonald
and Kevin Nealon. But today,
we got a few videos from, uh, other familiar faces
from “Update.” Hey, guys. This is Colin Jost. I’m just calling
from the offices at 30 Rock. Um, I had to step
into a separate office because Michael Che
has been drinking again. And, uh, we all know
what happens (laughing):
when he drinks too much. I’m sad that I missed last
night’s episode of Lights Out. Um, it featured three comedians that I always really admired, -uh, as well as David Spade.
-(laughter) And, uh, I just wanted
to thank them for making “Weekend Update”
great, and keeping it going, uh, until Michael Che
and I could come along and slowly destroy it. So, thank you, guys,
and, uh, have a great night. Love you, Spade. -David Spade.
-(whooping) -Uh, I-I didn’t even know
you had a show. -(cheering) But I hope
it’s going well for you. And, uh, I understand that,
uh, you’re pretty bright. I-I’m not sure why I’m talking
to you at all really, except that, oh,
you want me to remind people that I’m the one
who invented “Update,” which is very simply
a-a takeoff of a news guy. Kevin Nealon– Kevin… is the only real talent
there, uh, but not necessarily
with “Update.” -But just a funny,
wonderful girl. -(laughter) Spade, what’s up?
I just want to say, uh, that bit last night was great, getting all the guys
back together. The Weekend Update legends. I thought it was really cool, and I also thought
it was super cool that, uh, you didn’t invite me. -(laughter)
-So, uh… good night
and have a pleasant tomorrow.

23 Replies to “Weekend Update Hosts Roast David Spade (feat. Jimmy Fallon) – Lights Out with David Spade”

  1. I soooooo want a skit where other late night band leaders apply to be the house band on Lights Out, and have Fallon be part of it, with Roots, or have Reggie back on and film it. I like how these guys are cool with each other, I mean you'd never see Fallon on Conan.

    You know how DeadMaus5 and others did the funny interviews with Spade about being the music guy, we so need this.

  2. Calling Jimmy Fallon an SNL all-star is a joke in of itself, the guy couldn't keep a straight face in most of the skits he was in and his delivery was trash!
    He got incredibly lucky being handed his show when we all knew Conan O'Brien was next in line.

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