*spitting* *laughter* *Child laughing* To you, uhh.. *Wheeze* AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *laughter* Oh my god.. It’s ok! *Laughs* *Crash into door* Oh dear.. ADAM!? *Swings bat* *Breaks lightbulb* -* Gasp…Glass shatters on floor* *Laughter* *Girl laughs* – My God! You broke it! – Oyy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Use that – Oh yeah that thing. Oh *laughing* *Laughter* (Take On Me – aha) CRASH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (screams) Doesn’t throw 🙁 Broken? D: *cards flipping on the table.* yAaAaAh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Table Breaks* Ooh! Here you go! Joining the rodeo Yeahhhhhh Rodeodeode Start it! AAAH! *Light breaks* Ow! Oohhh.. My God.. ow.. Philip!!! *Glass SHATTERS!!* *Music playing* DUMMM DUMMM *GLASS table breaks* Aaah! *music playing* *glass breaks* (Banging) *wood falling* Aaah! *laughing* Tell me you got that! “AND IIIII” *Curtain breaks* OH *laughing* Oh my god… *glass breaks* *diving board breaks* *gasp* *glass shatters* *laughs* *diving board breaks* Oh my god! *picture frame shatters* Don’t drop it.. *Drops It * (Laughing) You can fix it *people talking* GET mom! Mom! Mom! Oh my God, Will! Happy- *gasp* *laughing* It’s not doing it now. *stool breaks* Aaah! *laughing* *chipmunks chatter* I DONT LIKE IT! I REALLY DON’T LIKE IT * oof * *Thud* *laughing* *splash* Oh! *thud* LAUGHTER What you.. You’re such a demon.. and I don’t know why.. I didn’t- AAHHH!! aah god! *scraping* *glass breaks* *crash* (laughing) Alright,stop, er, just just stop pushing him Stop me! *laughing* *crash* *WOOD BREAKING* Hey Sue wave! There. Oh! Oh Sue god! *wheeze* *laugh* Agh!! Ow! *laugh* We can put Zach on your shoulders and play chicken. I don’t know I don’t want to Woah!! My God, are you okay? Yeah.. I didn’t try to do…. *Wheeze* Are you ok? XD Carlos, I already got you one. *laugh* He’s crazy man. Oh yeah, go. *laugh* *crash* Ohh!!! *clutter* Oh no… *machinery whirring* *outcry and laughing* What is she doing? I couldn’t hang on! *Laughing* (Clicking Tongue) No way! She didn’t even need a hole.. Oh my gosh.. *toilet flushing* *screeching toilet (really loud)* Hold on.. How much she weigh, Jimmy? I think that’s too far away. Oh my lord.. Just don’t break your neck. It’s your boyfriend. *laughing* *shrieking laughter* *deep breathing and grunting* *clunk* *jump rope hitting ground* *jumprope breaks* *feet hitting treadmill* STOP , STOP! hahaha You can go a little faster than that, don’t you think? Oh My Lord! Ouch! You can’t get it off? No! *laughing*
“Help me!” *Laughing* I can’t take it off! *laughing* Mama, I’ll Help you! Ellie will help me, Thank you *scream* *laughing* *machine whirring* *crash* *chuckles* Yay! I saw that, I saw that Daddy! *thud* *scream* *laughing* *man talking indistinctly (in accent)* Hey bro, what’s going on? Hey, rig me bro! Here, say hello to my wife. Oy! Ah- *laughing* Um.. *laughing* Hey bro, that’s my wife. You wanna see my kid? *laughing* here *laughing* Enough! What is the fascination with the empty dog bed? *laughing* He’s gonna roll her over. Oh my *laughing* Was that fun (music) (crash) (laughing)oooouuuu (music) where is the kid? *laughing* *Music outro*
(Let’s go – Lenko)

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