Oh man! My stomach feels weird… Must be that spicy ramen I had this morning. Oh no oh no, toilet! Toilet!! TOILETTTT!!! Hey guysssss~~ Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Let’s get in that thing. What do you call it again? Ball Buster? Hulk Bolster? Whatever~~ Let’s go!! This chair is so comfy! I love it !! But…. Can it do THIS~~!!! Or THIS!!! And THIS!!!!!!!!!!! No…. Spidey…No…. I don’t feel so good My homeboy is dead!!! Screw you Thanos! Hey, What do we have here? Happy Happy Time? Happy happy time? Oh yeahh, so good, ahhh, that’s the spot, harder, yes, yes, I’m loving it!!!! What were you expecting to see? You nasty little basket! This is a kids friendly channel. Oh hey, what’s this? What the… Hey why did you do that, Tony! I needed that!! What are you doing?! I will kill you!!!! TONY STARKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! Hey Cap, hey Thor, hey Hulkie, what’s up? Hey…Why are you guys looking so maadddddd Heyyy, thanks so much for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe and foloow us on Instagram and Facebook! Simply search Cartoon Hooligans! Alright, laters!

100 Replies to “WHAT IF DEADPOOL DID THIS TO AVENGERS【Marvel Superheroes Parody】”

  1. Ninja Ninja Ninja que no sé cómo se llama Nilda te odio no le trates así como Ay no mames me molestaría contigo Ninja porque eres un maluco dice eso sería todo eso no mames no te quiero decir camión Okay entendido Bueno una sola vez que te vi no te voy a querer más pero que si es así no te voy a querer no lo vas a tratar más así y de ahí nomás Okay no te vayas

  2. 3:06 anyone remember the scene from tom🐈and Jerry 🐀where Jerry🐁 wore a glove and had beated Tom😂😂

  3. 1:deadpool sounds nothing like that
    2:Tony cant move his mask like a face
    3:why the fuck does iron mans suit look like his body

  4. 0:55
    Deadpool: CAN IT DO THIS!? OR THIS!? OR THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!??????? AND THIS!? Wheeeeee! woohoo! yeah! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!

  5. 1:07
    Deadpool: "sniff, sniff" No… (crying) Spidey Nooooooo!
    Spider-Man: I don't feel so good. "Faded"
    Deadpool: My homeboy is dead! SCREW YOU THANOS!!!!!!!!!!! (crying)

  6. Si deadpool estuviese en el ucm y si ironman no estuviera muerto y si el capitan america estuviese en el presente y thor en la tierra seria genial ver esto en vida real

  7. Captain America:TONY STARKKKK!!!!

  8. I'd have Deadpool having the Reality Stone or Infinity Gauntlet to ass expansion on the women of the Avengers making have super thicc booties like Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Captain Marvel.

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