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  1. With my dad goes to the store they ask him do you want your milk and a bag and he says no leave it in the carton

  2. Here's one:

    "Daddy, I'm cold"

    "Go to the corner"

    "But why, dad?"

    "Because it's 90 degrees"

    Ba dum tss

  3. After eating at a restaurant. "Excuse me waiter, do you have carry out service?" — "Yes we do sir" — "Oh, thank God, because I ate too much, and going to need to be carried out of here." Waiter shakes head and walks away.

  4. "Maybe soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish." That's my dad's go-to joke every time.

  5. Omg that guy on 0:31 is 18?? Wtf, he looks like a man while my 18 years old friends just got their puberty

  6. This is mine:

    Me : Dad I'm hungry

    Dad: hi hungry I'm dad

    Me: dad I'm serious!

    Dad: I thought your name was hungry


    dad: no I'm dad.

    ;DDD enjoy ur day evrybody

    Here another one when I was like 5 or 4 my dad says:

    Would u like water or milk

    Me: milk

    Dad: milk or water?

    Me: water

    I was so stupid back then

  7. My dad always tells people this phone joke about colors. He says "Greeen, greeen, yellow? yellow? PINK". Supposably the green is the phone ringing, the yellow is asking who it is and the pink is him hanging up but he has to explain the joke to everyone literally every time so idk why he still uses it

  8. My grandfather's favorite joke to tell was: "A termite walks into a bar, and asks, 'Is your bartender here?'".

  9. This isn't necessarily a joke, but my father's personality in a nut shell. I'll preface it with this: 1) We lost him 12 years ago to kidney disease/Diabetes and 2) We were eating at a Red Lobster where the tile floors were extremely slick.

    So it was about a week before my father passed. The family was eating at Red Lobster, and were getting up to leave after paying the bill. Knowing that he was going to die soon, my father didn't gave a damn what people thought of him. So, he proceeded to pull his shirt up over his head, exposing his pale, big bowl full of jelly stomach. He then grabbed his cane, and pushed himself–still in his chair mind you–out of restaurant as though he was rowing a boat.

  10. Why must melons get married in church? Because they cantaloupe. (Can't elope) I'm not a dad and my dad never told jokes. So there's my contribution. Taa Dah

  11. daughter to dad: "This year, I'm getting 6 periods at school"
    Dad to daughter: "maybe that's a talk you should have with your mother" 😂

  12. Jr: Mommy, Mommy Daddy's throwing up in the bathroom
    Mom: That's Okay…
    Jr: No it's not…
    Mom: Why????
    Jr: Because Johnny's getting all the big pieces!!!

  13. Jr: Daddy, Daddy, why do I keep running around in circles???
    Dad: Shut up, before I nail your other foot to the floor!

  14. I love how happy these people look thinking about their dad's! It's so sweet. That kids reaction to the interrupting cow though is great, she looks so unimpressed lol. My dad has way too many dad jokes..

  15. My dads top two

    Me: I'm hungry
    Dad: Nice to meet you Hungry, I'm Ray.

    Or when he's swimming –
    Someone: How's the water?
    Dad: Wet

  16. Alright, maybe its because Im a 17yo teen, but his (in my eyes) childish and nonfunny jokes bother me so much. The worst thing is that he tries too hard to be 'funny', and then laughs way too hard at himself.
    He still makes the same jokes as 12 years ago, thats why I find it childish.

    This is just regular teenager behaviour from my side, right? I really hope he will ever change, but maybe he will when I do.

  17. I mean i can only do swedish dad jokes: så om du är svensk här är ett Göteborg skämt…….. Vad sa göteborgaren till det arga star wars fanet?? Ge daj

  18. My dad is extremely sarcastic and all his jokes involve sarcasm or insults. Hence now all my jokes involve sarcasm or insults.

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