WHAT MEN WANT Official Trailer (2018) Taraji P. Henson, Shaquille O’Neal Comedy Movie HD

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100 Replies to “WHAT MEN WANT Official Trailer (2018) Taraji P. Henson, Shaquille O’Neal Comedy Movie HD”

  1. This goes to show that film makers and writers are completely RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS for the next upcoming movie to be made. This happens EVERY single year.
    Within the first 5 seconds of seeing this, I already knew right off the bat where it was going simply because it was waaayy too OBVIOUS. Mel Gibson's remake of course. SPOILER ALERT!!! The storyline to this film is still the same as the Mel Gibson version.
    The majority of viewers supporting this film most on these comments here are black people. When Mel Gibson's version was released, it was the white people that supported it majority wise. Watch what happens in the years to come. Soon you'll see the Hispanic version of this film re-created or the Chinese version remake or even the French or Italian remake of this very film. C'mon film industry!!! Come up with something Newer instead of doing remakes!!. . . .Like when they did the remake of version of the 1981 movie of "Arthur" with Dudley Moore and popped up with the 2011 version with Russel Brand

  2. the first one was set up in a way that showed mel gibson's character what and how women think. it wasn't disrespectful towards women when revealing their thoughts. this movie is just making fun of men, showing that all they really think about is being stupid or hateful all the time. it makes all men look bad

  3. Looks funny, but isn't even a little bit authentic. Men know that no one would ever go see a movie where a woman could hear mens unfiltered uncensored thoughts. It would be so fowl womens groups would boycott the trailer alone.

  4. I'm huge what women want fan and this look really bad. Don't know why they need to remake every movie ever made, try to be original for once. thank you

  5. This might be one of the times where rebooting a movie with a female lead actually works. I guess we'll see when it comes out. I'm kind of skeptical

  6. I'm just grateful they didn't use that girl from 'Girl's Trip'. This could have gone so bad so quick! Big ups to Taraji! ❤💯

  7. SOoooo an other scraping the barel gender swaped REMAKE …………tbh it doesn't look that bad

    too bad in the curent market this will crash and burn if only out of spite and fatigue from all the other BS remakes that have poisoned the well

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