What People Think About Zodiac Signs (Fire and Water Signs)

– I really believe in astrology. – I’m like 110% into it. – I think it’s dumb. (“Schwingin”) – Air.
– Stubborn. – Dominate. – Hardheaded. – Aries is a fighter. – Passionate. – Firey. – Bossy, but not bossy in a bad way, but just, you know, in
charge of everything. – [Woman in Leather Jacket] It’s like someone misspelled pieces. – Mmmmm. Pisces are sensitive. – They’re really creative. – They’re too nice. – I’ll take that.
– Like a lot of Pisces follow their own path. They’re very, very much weirdos. – Pisces is that guy that’s so nice that you’re like, there’s something wrong. – Exactly. – And I get along with every single Pisces I’ve ever met. – They don’t ask for much. – A Pisces is the person who
you’re like, “It’s fine.” And they’re like, “Listen, it’s not fine. “Let’s sit down and talk about this.” – Yeah. I am. It’s so annoying. – [Woman in Leather
Jacket] Leos are fun. Boss. – Arrogant. – Ambitious as (bleep). – They will fight you on everything. – Leos are prideful. – Yeah, we have a lot of pride. I’ll say that. – Center of attention. – I think they’re leaders, often. – Leaders, yeah. – And they like to be in charge. – We’re also like really misunderstood. – We’re gold egg, so we’re all flashy and
hard on the outside, but the minute you crack us, we are all goopy and like mushy. Moody. Oh my God. – There’s a reason Cancer is a crab. (Woman in Dodger’s Hat laughs) – Emotional.
– Yeah. – Loving. – Straight forward, but caring. – But I love them. They’re also very caring though. – They’re so peaceful. – Very athletic. – Yeah. – Cancers will bring you flowers. Cancers are romantic. – [Woman in Tank Top]
Anthropomorphically sexy. – What the hell does that even mean? – Wanderlust. – You know how like Disney characters? You’re like oh, like Disney
characters are attractive, but like oh they’re cartoons. Like I’m conflicted. – Right, OK. – Free spirit. – Always looking for another adventure. – They’re like, “Oh I’m
sexy, but I’m horse, “so you can’t have sex with me.” – They’re very much in their own element. They do their own thing. And they get (bleep) done. – [Woman in Leather Jacket] Vicious. – Yeah, my sister’s a Scorpio. And it’s just a real, you don’t know what you’re gonna get. – Scorpios are probably more likely to (bleep) you over. – Don’t mess with a Scorpio.
– Hmm mmm. – Because you will get whipped hard. – Intense. – We’re intense.
– Scorpios are intense. – But I think underneath it all are really, really sensitive. – I’m very sensitive, but I don’t show it. Like I show no emotions, never. – Yo, I’m gonna say sex appeal. (“Schwingin”) They’re just very attractive people. Like I can’t think of a– – [Man in Grey Shirt]
Just keep flattering. – [Woman in Dodger’s Hat] (laughs) They do tend to be very attractive people.

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  1. I'm a Scorpio and like 4/5 words they used don't describe me aren't true at all, I'm not vicious and find vengeance to be quite petty. I would probably just cut off whoever hurt me and go about my life having learned from that experience. That girl who said Leo's are misunderstood is kinda wrong. Not that Leo's aren't, just that there are more signs, such as mine, which happen to be completely and utterly misunderstood as proved by this video.

  2. Scorpios be like “make me your one and only but don’t make me your enemy” *in a Katy Perry voice~

  3. Most of my friends are geminis and libras, and i have this friend who is a pisces, i think that she's really sensitive but we get along well with each other. But we sometimes just can't understand each other and end up as me seeing her as a weak person and her seeing me as unrealistic. But i have this only one problem with her SHE'S TOO FREAKING NICE! most of the time, people take advantage of her kindness.

  4. I’m Pisces! These people’s answers are so so so true XDD

    I’m sensitive

    Too kind (at least what people say)

    I don’t really like to ask for stuff

    I go to my own path cause I think it’s my choice in my life, not others to control it.

    I’m super creative! I love dancing, singing and drawing!! <3

  5. I’m a cancer and I love what they said 🥰 I feel like there were some people that were against water signs and fire signs that make it very easy to notice

  6. A description of Pisces by a fellow Pisces:
    Pros- Imaginative, mysterious, creative, caring, romantic, dreamy
    Cons- Doormats, loose sense of reality, pretty childish, helpless (I always am so pathetically lost 🤣)

  7. Hold on a minute, a significant portion of americans actually believe in this stuff? I thought this video would be some kind of satrie. Am i just totally misinterpreting this whole thing, or is this belief actually a thing in the states?

  8. One of my moms friends daughter, she is a pisces and she is a daredevil, so prove that all pisces isn't too nice.

  9. My mom Scorpio super sensitive and hard exterior , dad Sagittarius very quiet and affectionate . And me Leo it's a good mix

  10. There is something about astrology that is alluring. I think it's US wanting an extra tool to help us figure out why we do what we do or why people are the way that they are. However I think if astrology is accurate which many times it does seem it, there are plenty of other factors in someone's life that makes them who they are. Such as environmental upbringing for example. Anyway I'm a pisces 😁♓

  11. I am aries AND I hate it bc people do think of us like a little mean but again I hate it I wish I was a little bit calm and pretty so yeah I hate my zodiac sign

  12. My sign is Saggitarius I feel like when someone says something to me that I get offended about or pissed I react like I literally REACTTT like I get insanely mad and I have to walk for like a minute so I can cool off

  13. So a video about a bunch of dummies..

    Dont @ me. If you do and believe in astrology, I'm just gonna keep laughing and continue to think you're unintelligent.

  14. I am a pisces
    Even tho when I'm sad I don't ask people to talk about it. Cuz I honestly don't like talking about my problems

    Also I am not a weirdo 😑

  15. Where are my Leo’s at? We are always misunderstood and we get angry real fast like realllllllllllyyyyyyy fast

  16. Ah yes, zodiac signs. People only start to believe in them once they realize they can blame anything they want on their signs and not their own choices.

  17. i literally don’t feel like i’m a scorpio 😐 i hate being mean to people and i just wanna be warm and soft 🖤 if im ever in a relationship i wanna hold hands, go on picnics, not do the nasty 😂.

  18. If you hurt a Scorpio (me) we MAY except your apology, but we will be plotting and plotting of the day we will hurt you the way you hurt us.

  19. zodiac sign: Scorpio.
    Moon sign: Leo

    I am a handful! Btw, everything that they said about us scorpios is true.

  20. I'm a scorpio and I am pretty much a pisces with an outer shell. I just protect my loved ones ok?! Don't hate on me or my friends, and I won't hate on you

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