What We Do in the Shadows (FX) Trailer HD – Vampire comedy series

[BELL RINGS] It’s nightfall. [CLOCK TICKING] [LONG-REACH LIGHTER IGNITES] [TAPPING] He awakens! [WHOOSH] [THUD] [CREAKING] Very cool, master. Very scary. Thank you.
Laszlo! Yeah? Yes? NANDOR: Can you come downstairs
for a second, please? The problems with
living with other vampires are the vampires I have
chosen to stay with. NANDOR: I wanted to talk about
general hygiene in the cell. Last night, there were all these
people down there, half drunk. Well, where did
they find the alcohol? No, they were half drunk. They’ve been half drunk. If you’ve got something to
say, then damn well say it. It’s not hygienic! [MUSIC PLAYING] NADJA: Nandor is
like a big turkey. NANDOR: Can we pay with that? I’m so sorry,
sir, you can’t be throwing ancient coins at me. Yeah, multi credit card is– Stab this man. –fine. NANDOR: Guillermo
is my familiar. (YELPING) Woo hoo! GUILLERMO: I’m not a killer. I find people who
are easy to kill. They are virgins? I don’t see how
that’s relevant. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ugh! That’s werewolf piss. To werewolf! Colin, what are
you doing in here? This is my bedroom. My name is Colin Robinson– Hi, Deb– And I am
a energy vampire. We either bore you with
a long conversation– Hey, Don– or– Don!– we enrage you! [PENCIL SHARPENER] [MUSIC PLAYING] Something terrible is coming! I’m going to fucking kill you! (SCREAMING) Ahhh! Master, this is
pretty macabre. Eh. Ha. (SCREAMING) Ahhh! [MUSIC PLAYING] I’ve got my cap
caught in the door. NADJA: Well, yank it out. (YELPS) Hugh! Fuck! MUSIC: Ow!

41 Replies to “What We Do in the Shadows (FX) Trailer HD – Vampire comedy series”

  1. is this the best news or what?! this wonky concept found the right home at FX. what i'm excited about is knowing that it's the same creative team behind both projects. so you know that the show itself and we, the audience, are in good hands.

  2. I first saw the title and thought ‘…nooooo what have they done’ but actually I laughed at this so I’m hoping it’s as good as the original!

  3. 🎶This is real life or just a fantasy🎶 because this series is what I did not know I needed in life but it needed a lot😍😍😍😍

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  5. Mark Proksch will never top his portrayal of the three stooges on the On Cinema Oscar's special. Everything else is b-tier stuff. That being said, loved this trailer. 5 bags of popcorn.

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