When It Rains In L.A.

(phone ringing) (typing) (drizzling on roof) (ominous music) – [Newscaster] Sunny,
with highs at about 76, you can take a look at the… Excuse me… Are you sure? This just in, we might have rain. (gasps) Are you sure? Julia, I can’t be wrong. Los Angeles will be experiencing
a quarter inch of rain. (gasps) – That’s so much. – It’s happening. – So whip out your umbrellas, folks. This could be a rain of terror. (suspenseful music) – We gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go! – The dispensaries are going to close! – Guys, I’ve seen this before, just stay inside and we’ll be okay. – I don’t know how to use this thing! – Make it open. – Is there an on button? – Open it! – It’s okay, Mr. Woofington, it’s okay. – Drive much slower,
and sometimes pull over if it gets too scary. (screams) (gagging) (crying) (heavy breathing) – Guys, wait… the sun is coming out! (playful music) (laughter) – Wow, that was a crazy 11 seconds. (phones ringing) (shaking) – Did you just feel that? – I think we just had an earthquake. – Oh. (laughter) – Does this mean the drought is over?

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    Friend: wanna go outside?
    Me: it’s too hot
    Friend: it’s more cool today
    Me: it’s raining
    Friend:no it’s no- pours


  2. Topekans right now, cause we are having a downpour of rain: Damn! Its raining again, we still on for bowling?

  3. "Does this mean the drought is over?"
    Me: No. The drought will end when i can finally move back to California.

  4. Born in hollywood, raised in south central . I can honestly say i dont own or know how to use an umbrella.

  5. It’s very common to rain in my area but whenever it does I think a tornado will form or something 😂 I’m 12 years old the tornado Siren went off once and everything was fine.

  6. And then when a Earthquake happens they act normal and go outside and my family out of state just panicking

  7. I love how when the person searches up "How to survive rain" the first autocomplete is Don't Starve WHERE ALL MY STARVERS AT

  8. A 6.4 and then a 7.1 and another I can't remember just hit like 2 days ago and I had to watch this again for the laughs 😂🤣🤣😭

  9. a quarter inch i’m WEAKKKKKK. my state had legit RIVER flooding from FEET of rain this year 💀

  10. I feel like they should've titled it when it rains in Tucson Arizona😂 it literally rains like 1 a year…

  11. I'm from Estonia and basically it can rain for a few sec and then stop, then start raining again for a few sec and stop. While somewhere in the north can snow and somewhere in the south, the sun is shinin' bright like a diamond.

  12. where I live I get all 4 seasons in 1 day, and sometimes when it's raining the drive ways get a tiny bit of flood but not alot and the hail once got to a golf ball size, I'm used to it

  13. My school made us stay inside when it was just sprinkling. We couldn't even go on the playground for a week just because there was tiny little puddles

  14. boi, recently there's been a tornado trough Europe, and my 3 y.o brotha didn't mind the trees tripping and stuff, but if some grown ass humans react to rain like to the zombie apocalypse then I don't know man

  15. "a quarter inch of rain" and here in India there's 2 ft deep water logging in the streets and ducks are swimming where the cars are supposed to be

  16. Is this a thing because when I was born in Florida and lived there it rains all the time, and when I moved to Canada it rains quite a few times

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