When one friend takes forever to eat | Soul Decision Comedy

– That’s how I end up with
a hose in my backyard. (All laugh)
– Oh my god! – Oh! Yo, spray me down, man,
because I am full. Oh, Kev, you barely touched
your food. – Oh my god, look at me,
just yap, yap, yapping. Oh! (Laughs) Sorry, guys,
I will hurry up. – Hey, hey, don’t worry, we’re here celebrating
your big promotion. – Yeah, yeah, you’re right. A dog… walker. – Yeah!
– That’s right, yeah! – Exactly, take your time. – Yeah. (Coughs) The only thing
I need to do tomorrow is head to the doctor’s to get
this weird cough looked at. – Yeah, man, there’s no rush. – Great, all right. Okay. Thank you so mu– oh my god, hey, did I ever tell you guys
about that time I had a whole head of broccoli
in an hour? ♪♪♪ – So it turns out it wasn’t
a baguette festival, it was a broccoli festival
the whole time! All: (Laugh uncomfortably)
– Can I take this for you, sir? – Oh god, sorry, you know what? I actually haven’t even taken
a bite, um… I’m just gonna need a few more
minutes, if that’s okay. – Oh, uh, yeah. Okay,
take your time. – Thank you, thank you so much. Oh my god, I’ve been talking
too much again, haven’t I? Oh Kevin, you dumb, dumb, dumb,
dummy! – No, it’s fine,
there’s no rush. – (Coughing) – Oh my god. Oh my god,
that sounds awful. – Mm-mm.
– Wow… That sounds almost as awful
as the time I had a cough. Did I ever tell you guys about
that time I had that cough? ♪♪♪ Yeah, so it turns out I’m at
a table festival, right? And there’s like, mahogany, oak,
sed-ar. – It’s cedar.
– Cedar? – Mm-hmm. Hey um… Hey, man, it looks like
the place is closing down and people wanna go.
It’s getting late, so would you mind just…
– Yeah, Kev, I’m getting tired. – Yeah, and I’m physically not
doing very well. – Guys, I- truly, I am so sorry. You said don’t rush and I
totally took advantage of that. Um, look, if you need to leave,
leave, I’m fine by myself. – Hey, hey, it’s okay. You spent ten years
at dog walking school, what’s another 10 minutes? – Yeah, what’s… another
10 minutes? – Thanks, guys. Uh, all right.
(Laughs) So anyway, uh, fir, f-i-r. Uh, pine. – (Coughs violently) I think I just coughed up blood. – Glass even, there was glass. ♪♪♪ What is that? What is that? Is that… is that oak? Hmm? – Mmm, whoa. – Mahogany, it’s mahogany. ♪♪♪ So anyway, the cough lasted
a whole three and a half hours. Huh. Got a nice side table
out of it, though. – Mm, you know what? I uh… I think I gotta use
the bathroom. I’ll uh, I’ll be right back. – (Gasps) (Gulping, guzzling sounds) – Okay, so where was I? (Gasps) Oh, look at that. Must’ve been a lot hungrier
than I thought. – Oh! (Laughs)
– Hmm. – Whew! Uh, where’s Lucy? – She’s at the hospital. – Like a hospital? – Wow. Did… did I… Did I ever tell you about that
time I was in the hospital? ♪♪♪

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  1. Why is the woman fanning her coughs at the guy? Why isn't that the video? That is some creepy malevolent stuff!

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