Which Comedian Has A Messiah Complex?

rifle that was currently on msnbc to
promote his new uh… stand up toward known as messiah complex and he was
talking to make a brzezinski and some other i guess house on the program
antique started off a little shaky and turns out making prisons he doesn’t
really know who he is let’s take a look hello i’m joining us now he’s a really
big deal considered finally i’m told this time not very powerful tool beside comedienne
movie star arthur in her service have brenda tax muscle brands this summary isn’t working on his
first-ever worldwide comedy tour the messiah complex caddy game brian tracker
here as well in your retail brian the team i wanted to throw i’m just saying i just thought maybe i
could loosen up a little show a little more testimony be asylum or us something
to that it later he would say have out of our space rahul disturbance
you grow again anyways so and very nice syndrome right like i didn’t want
to do that really recognize them not really pop culture and you know the
russell brand his stitches like he’s seinfeld relating
was literally canceled the stuff he read that he was very upset about him
and separate so that i will serve as a huge saris rate you know but another he doesn’t have a right to
be said somewhat all know that home in brussels seems like he’s taking
it all and he he’s ok with and that is not my just know very quickly do some women
cycling could do a little bit man uh… on so it’s not like particularly attractive
like he’s not conventionally attractive right that there’s something so hot
about russell brand unlike like just like and like his chest and i like the lexus four day and he’s kinda messy like being unit was
in a suit and has a lot of this error as long as you know this all dress sizes
i think this is where this is going are anywhere less than a second flat where there are
a lot more on overheard about making fun of it will
take a look when i seen a person tolley find forgetting sarah marshall or
the tv so it’s fine but on satellite radio in the car
accuracy in singapore can do that on on the senate can yes but i’m sure when i’m driving a car
anytime you want laughing out into the radio mike i have no idea what he’s he’s
resting focus on your driving demanding don’t want to be distracted by chemo you
might crashing recognition so now they’ve been in a couple of shots
out again now ninety overwhelmed at how mean they were
there but at the same time you open the door landlords have some fun he actually an
and let me just give you a little more context into everyone showed the hole
eight miniclip but early ron he was trying to explain
to them why the name of his towards messiah complex actually had a really
smart on syria’s point to make and they just
kept like making jokes about him and he was getting visibly annoyed with it
behind those ran a little bit in the sense that i’ve seen his t_v_ shows and
briefly on a cd shivers amen uh… before and after with a buddy main
credibly brief interactions with the deficit really smart he owes a stop
really well so too treating dismissive lease of mistakes
yet they were definitely dismissive of him that’s the best way to describe the
entire interview now he starts getting a little agitated uh… and he decides to try to do a
little strike back the signal i think i’m just might this is my first time in reddick
surrender and the apt dot it’s not listening to and six it’s experience just sort of taking it
all and you are talking about is not an o_a_s_ visit some extraterrestrials another in the country i think its
intent on may twenty seven my ring the whole time is the whole thing is i think
if you have to object to the commission experiences and i think he’s insisted
favorite confident absolutely perfect adding so sexy which ironically do you think jugs at his best-known as
the criticize them for the rich anyway com note i thought the most is the support
of it was i don’t understand what you’re saying
but you look pleasant i guess so i guess all packages alright although i would
understand that on the radio so it was the one password about not at
all with a city allright who’s a u_s_ about a lot more taxes they favor by the
interview with signal as when he’s heading up there time right mission safety when a person is
presently sure-fire proposal and then i think system as well that is heading drizzling okay mouthful brent this is why you
won’t do for a living finance arsenal carrying out its pundits and from circle messiah complex
history of the people of america i want the people in america to come see me to
send it back to russel brand dot cv where you can add thirty steve is this a
make these people and so i think it’s a very very good a job forcing your combine these two people in
america their freemen ok we’re going to be ok everything’s alright daisy atrocity are incorrect that but the polar bear one too many times i tell russell present huge progressive
and i know that he it you know is on the side and light nicely said no based on what i’ve seen of him what he
said he pierce the other side the wherever
says this is a little too friendly to the administration is that i know
this is a zero a smart guy knows the public’s so that the people we want to
to apparently but not get is is what you do donated

100 Replies to “Which Comedian Has A Messiah Complex?”

  1. That was a brilliant interview. Every one should make time to watch it. It is on youtube its called 'Russell Brand on 'MSNBC mocking media'.

  2. they knew full well who he is, they were just trying to discredit him and distract from his real message

  3. You may as well as ask where the Church of Rome, and hence Christianity came from if you're going to ask where the money came from, since they are the ones that spent the money. The fact remains that in the last 2000 years of European history the Church of Rome, and Christianity in general have been vital to that history and the gradual emergence of what is today known as the Western world. If Christianity never existed, then neither would the modern world including some of its positive aspects.

  4. Stabby666 you are either part of the English grammatical society, an internet troll, part of the Russel Brand fan club or maybe even Russel brand himself. In fact, you display similar mannerisms to Brand in your style of argument. I can guarantee you I am more "informed" than Brand. In fact, Russell Brands use of the English language is as bad as my own. I don't judge him for that. I listen to his ideas and sympathize with his statements but see no depth.

  5. a clip as evidence……Search "Russell Brand On Edward Snowden: 'There Needs To Be A Structural Shift In How We Regard Leaders'

  6. You point is less valid because it is idiotic, not because of your place of birth. You implied that I assume all Americans would make the same overblown display of outrage that you did. That's why I described your comment as a parody of stereotypical American outrage, rather than claim that all Americans would do the same.

  7. Why because I'm saying you should judge others based on the action of a few people? Oh no you're so right, that's stupid. We should all just make stupid prejudice assumptions. Why am I tell you, you're already on top of that. I didn't imply shit, you did by putting "Is this a witty parody of an American response to criticism, or the real thing".

  8. And you're all ganging up on Americans telling us we're "ignorant, arrogant and rude…" yet I'm the only one intelligent enough to see the irony of each ridiculous insult that gets thrown my way. I wasn't taking the side of Americans by using that statement. I was simply remarking on how pointless prejudice is. after all, prejudice is what caused slavery and the HOLOCAUST. So why can't we just wash our hands with it and be done?
    It's people like you who keep it alive, and always will. ~tyvm~

  9. He's not trying to insult the amendment, he's trying to abolish a single part of it that would render the American people defenseless against Tyranny, as its purpose was written in the amendment. The idea of a government going tyrannical is apparently incomprehensible to you. So long as the government is controlled by people, the government is and always will be corruptible.
    Would you throw a brick at your grandmother's window for 100,000 dollars?
    If you say no, I can find someone else. Trust me

  10. If you were all vegetarians who supported PETA, would you eat a slab of meat for 10,000 dollars? No? 20,000 dollars? Maybe a million?
    There is ALWAYS a price.
    Sure, you might not see things my way, but don't just blindly insult me. It's rude, and I know how everyone here hates rude people.

  11. I'm going to give myself a high five, simply because I know I'm going to get flamed for whatever was so wrong with what I said. Yet in my heart, I know I just fucking pwned all of you. And I don't need anyone's approval for being correct, because I AM, regardless if you want me to be or not. Good day.
    LOL and by the way, if you don't agree with me, click on the "I am Bradley Manning (full HD)", video in the suggestions.
    Power over the mind of man; not over those of us who are open minded.

  12. Prejudice is equal to prejudgment. Prejudgment is equal to judging a person or a group of people before you know anything about them. Type in Prejudice definition in on Google.
    Maybe you need to think a little deeper before talking.
    "If you want to know why a large proportion of the world thinks that Americans are ignorant, arrogant and rude", this is prejudice. Basing the characteristics of an entire nation of people from the actions of a few individuals on the news is prejudice.

  13. PEOPLE were the cause of slavery and the holocaust. If people did not hate jews, they would not have killed them, their women, children. If people thought of Africans as equals, there would not have been slavery in the US. People could have simply refused to do these horrible things. Maybe there were a few who did it out of fear of punishment, or a hope of a better future, who knows. You can blame the leader all you want, at the end of the day, PEOPLE are responsible. Not money. Not greed.

  14. Saying "Americans on the whole are ignorant, arrogant and rude" is the same as talking about black people and listing off a few common generalizations, and trust me, you would not want to do that to a black man/woman's face. The whole 200+ years of slavery thing and all (which, as I said, was caused by your same belief system).
    You and the 60+ people here agreeing with your and other people's stupid fucking comments need to grow the fuck up.

  15. Also, as for your second statement, it is still prejudice. I do not know where you get your statistics from. Furthermore, there is no crime in ignorance. There is only crime in morality. We have a place for people who lack it. It's called prison.

  16. So this is what you have to respond with?
    Will that be all?
    I removed them because I was slightly drunk and made some grammatical errors that I didn't want you to jump on and start insulting me about how dumb I was.
    And now instead of changing the subject to how idiotic I am, you've changed the subject about my comments being too much for you to handle.
    So I tried to avoid you changing the subject and instead you… changed the subject.

  17. You do know what we don't like Pierce Morgan either? He's probably the most universally hated figure in Britain.

  18. That's not the point. I didn't use Pierce Morgan as an example because I assumed all of Britain loved him.
    I was trying to say that just because some British celebrity is an asshole doesn't mean all British people are assholes.
    For instance, I wouldn't have assumed all British people were good because of the actions of Russell Brand.
    Oh and by the way :

  19. "Russell Brand was currently on" lol.
    'was currently'
    Fantastic English Ana!
    It's a good thing you don't have a job that entails you using those linguistic skills or anything….

  20. Everyone is too busy being prejudice to even care what you have to say. Come back later… say another… never.

  21. Trust the Young Turds to submerge and divert any real message from anyone having the testicles & backbone to point out truths in our society. Young Turds are clearly just trying to bandwagon onto Russell's completely deserved acclaim and popularity. He'd have nothing to do with their smarmy disinfo parade!

  22. a sober man knows,not the case with red rights live rush limp,bill o,glenn bech,mike savage,all eather addicted,and or adused by an addicted as a child.

  23. Does anyone know a way to block these guys from showing up in youtube results? Tired of you guys tricking me with thumbnails then i click and it's not the vid!

  24. TYT, Love ya, but why the labels? Russell Brand is a Progressive? No he's not a fucking Progressive, he speaks the god damn truth. I know we don't get anything like that from the Right but I don't know why speaking the truth and putting forward alternative ideas for failing systems and Ideals gets you labelled a Progressive. He's not, he is just a man with common sense and a sense of justice.

  25. @matt Pease: to be a progressive means your in favour of change by definition lol conservatism is the opposite of that. Russell rights for progressive news papers here in the uk.

  26. These MSNBC morons were too clueless to understand how successfully Russell struck back after being insulted by them one too many times.

  27. that interview (if we can call it that in good conscience) is precisely why I CANNOT abide network news, talk shows, ETC….and the fact that it was mika brezinski was icing on the cake along with the smug fellow who seemed visibly upset by the females reaction to his "machismo" for lack of a better word and some sleep.

  28. God these network gasbag suck!!! They make millions every year acting like assheads while I struggle to survive taking care of my fellow man. Russell Brand is an intelligent human being surrounded by a bunch of fuckhead, arrogant yuppies!

  29. I absolutely understand where Russell is coming from. I also cannot believe that these dumb asses are the people we get our news from. Msnbc talk show hosts/ anchormen don't know who the fuck they even invite on their show. Msnbc is absolutely detached from reality. 

  30. I'm usually not a Russell Brand fan, but I loved that clip of him. He really put those idiot reporters in their place. That last part had be rolling.  🙂

  31. Wow, you upity fuckers need to die. Unsubbing right now, always report with this patronising know-it-all'y tone, ughhh, I'm done.

  32. lol msnbc is full a bunch of light weight skullfucked libtards who have no intentions of talking about anything of any substance…

  33. You didn't talk about the best part! Russell eventually starting helping them do their job, and he did a great intelligent sounding intro do discuss Edward Snowden, and they just laughed and made another joke at him. So then he embarrassed the hell out of the lady in blue. 

  34. holy shit… you people watch people who comment people commenting people…? this actually exists? i'm…. shocked.

  35. That interview made me respect Russell, I never really thought of him any other than a comedian/actor but after that I went on a Russell rampage on YouTube and just got fucking hooked. He isn't perfect, but I admire his courage, and his willingness to put forth his opinions in 'educating' or at least letting people know about world issues. Not many people will agree with him, but the thought counts. He does make fair judgement, in my opinion.

  36. A mind that is open to listen and a heart that is willing to be put on the line, deserves respect.  We should all seek to learn the truth and find the courage to stand up for our rights.  Knowledge is power.  Divine Blessings, Melanthe xxx

  37. They're hating on him because he has built a name. He literally is a brand. Cocky, maybe, but he has good values in some ways and talented.

  38. I adore that clip; how dumb they seems—and rude at that—and how he absolutely schools them. Everyone should definitely watch the whole thing in its interety.

    Also, Brand is truly one sexy motherfucker.

  39. Cenk needs too stop doing that English accent, it's embarassing. I like the guy, but wish he was a bit more articulate and witty.

  40. Russell Brand is an amazing combination of hilarious, intelligent and eccentric. We need more people like him, the world would be a better, and happier place.

  41. Russell Brand is a really funny articulate, intelligent guy with a lot of depth, He totally destroyed MSNBC and Fox News for underestimating him. Bob Geldof made the same mistake. Look on YouTube for Russell Brand vs Bob Geldof. Total Classic.

  42. I'm always prepared to dislike Brand when he appears, but for some reason he wins me over. Although having said that, he reminds me of a sixth former who just discovered or read something new then goes on to pontificate about it in the most obnoxious and egotistical way as if it were their own wisdom. You can tell he's intellectually green. Telling his fans not to vote during a rather close general election then doing a 180 on the matter pretty much sums him up (not that it would have mattered, he's not that influential despite what he thinks, he just gets a few knickers moist… ^case in point^).

  43. Brand has a quick tongue and he occasionally has some sharp observations, but I wouldn't call him ''extremely intelligent''. He speaks plenty of utter bullshit too.

  44. I remember when I saw that interview thinking, the short haired blond is so into Russel, she's gonna jump him any sec.

  45. Cenk is acting like a school girl over brand, says alot….

    Anna said I don't think he's particularly attractive. But then says "omg he's so sexy"

    And Cenk trying to get his dick wet, haha. "Guess who else has lots of chest hair?"

    Do these two think before they speak?

  46. The end made me like Russell even more. He just straight up made of them in front of their face and the hosts were too dumb to realize that.

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