Who are YOU voting for? – a funny political satire cartoon

[ snoring ] Hey hon’, who are you voting for? I don’t know… they’re all the same, aren’t
they? “Who do you trust?” “A fair go.” “Interest rates.” “Education.” “Economy.” “Climate change.” “National security.” “Medicare.” “Boat people.” “Work choices.” “Terrorists!” “Tax-payers’ money.” “Jobs.” “Broadband.” “Oil!” “Economy!” “Money!” “Economy!” “How about a sustainable future?”

8 Replies to “Who are YOU voting for? – a funny political satire cartoon”

  1. This video was produced as an entry in the GetUp 'Oz in 30 seconds' competition. The brief was to produce your own pre-election political spot. The winner gets aired on national TV later this year.

  2. Thanks dave, better here than nowhere! your vote would be appreciated on the getup system too of course, should you find the time to play the 'refresh' game. it's a painful system though.

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