Who Will Win the Black Vote in 2020? | The Daily Show

Tonight’s debate was held at Tyler Perry Studios
in Atlanta, a choice some believe
is about sending a message to a very specific group
of voters. So we sent Roy Wood Jr.
down to Atlanta to investigate. Atlanta, the capital of Georgia
and blackness. Democrats are here
to appeal to black voters, but what do black voters want? I’m here to find out. But first, Waffle House. As the Democrats prepare
for the debate at Tyler Perry’s
gated community, I assembled a panel of voters
all with one thing in common. All right,
who voted for Obama in 2012? I was too young. So, which candidate
do you think best understands the needs of the black voter? I think Elizabeth Warren. -Bernie.
-I want to go Bernie. Chris, who do you think
best understands -the needs of the black voter?
-Donald Trump. Huh? I’m sorry. Uh, explain. Some of the stuff I’ve heard, he’s already doing it,
like prison reform. He’s been hanging
around black people as long as I can remember. They loved him till he ran
for president as a Republican. Trump was the man. Raise your hand if you remember
when Donald Trump was the man. (laughter) The man as in the man
but not the man. He wouldn’t let black people
into his apartment. Roy know what I’m talking about. WOOD: I don’t know
what he’s talking about. But maybe some word association will show us what they think
of the other candidates. Joe Biden. -Gaffes.
-Touching women. All right. So, nothing positive. Okay, next candidate. WOMAN:
Okay. Serve as a leader. Thinks well on her feet. Warren is discussing
giving black people reparations. Is that a campaign promise
you believe she could fulfill? ALL:
No. Instead of calling it
reparations, what if they called it back pay? -No. -No.
-No, that sounds even worse. That-That’s worse. WOOD:
All right, next candidate. That’s the man right there. Bernie. He was with Martin Luther King. But, uh, he just had
a heart attack, so no. So, why do you love Bernie,
Jessica? Um, ’cause he gon’ walk it
like he talk it. He gon’ be out there with us. -If he can. If he can.
-JESSICA: If he can walk. I’ll put him in a wheelchair.
I’ll be right there behind him. What do we feel about… Pete Buttigieg? Oh, I’m sorry.
That’s not Pete Buttigieg. -(chuckling)
-That’s– There he is. But, look,
you can see the similarities. Very much so. He got the– Ooh, his hairline
is like the bread. (chuckling) They could be twins. -They could, you know,
be siblings. -It is. But he’s polling terribly
with black people right now. Exactly. We don’t know him. He went up to Harlem,
sat down with Al Sharpton, had some soul food at Sylvia’s. Is that pandering or outreach? -Pandering.
-Pandering. -Pandering. -What did he order?
-Right. So if you saw him crumble the
cornbread on top of the greens. -That’s real. Yeah. -Might-might
be– He might be all right. So, Kamala Harris. -She the police.
-Exactly. There’s-there’s
a lot of people who look like me locked up under her watch. So, Kamala’s campaign
released a video of her dancing to Cardi B. -That’s pandering.
-Pandering. So then what is Kamala
supposed to do? When you’re out and you black
and a band plays, do you not do a little dance while you walking along
with the second line? I think we’re harder on the
black candidates, to be honest. I think it’s difficult
for-for black people like her, even l– even Cory,
to-to be themselves when the spotlight is on them. Cory Booker told Joe Biden
that he dipping in the Kool-Aid and don’t know the flavor.
How did that make you feel -as a black person?
-He corny. Oh, no, we-we’ve all said
something like that. Oh, yeah. He allowed.
He just said it in a corny way. Is their a behavioral
expectation on black candidates that’s not put
on white candidates -when appealing to black voters?
-Mm. Yes. -Yes. Why do you think that is,
for black voters? Why do you think we do that? Because we see ourselves
in them. And if they’re acting a certain
way, then we’re like, “Mm, no.” Eh, white people are watching.
Don’t act like that. (mutters) -Exactly.
-We expect them to represent all the different
types of blacks. -The spectrum.
-Yes. So, we’ve talked about a lot
of stuff tonight. Having said all of that
about all of the Democratic candidates, how many of you all still think
Trump will win in 2020? Do you honestly think
that any of these Democrats -could beat Trump?
-If they all rallied for one. There are so many people
running. So we all need to agree
on who that one candidate is, and then all the other
candidates support him. Tell me who’s that candidate. -Bernie. -Elizabeth Warren.
-Elizabeth Warren. Trump 2020, baby. Just– Hold on. Just hold on a second. And there’s a lesson
for Democrats. You can’t win the black vote
by pandering, because black people
are as complex as any other voter base. If you want our trust,
make promises you can keep, walk it like you talk it and, above all,
keep the faith. Father God,
we call on you right now to pray for Chri–
Chris, close your eyes. We’re praying for you. We ask you, Father God,
to help Christopher. Lordy, we respect Chris
as a voter, Lord, but we just hope
his check engine light come on in November, Lord,
on Election Day, to just make sure that his truck
does not start. -(humming)
-These and many other blessings we ask in your name,
Jesus’ name. -Hallelujah!
-Amen. It’s a good talk. Good talking to y’all. Good talk. (cheering and applause) Roy Wood Jr., everybody.

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  1. They cannot agree between them who is the best man for the POTUS job by they almost agree that Trump will win. Well , in a way Trump did unite the people :)))).

  2. This shows that black people don’t all think the same which is great but they still seemed to kinda shun chris for being republican. It’s like they didn’t mind having different views if it was within the Democratic Party but outside of that they made it seem like chris was wrong for liking trump. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

  3. The real question is how much of the black vote can Trump get in Philly,Pittsburgh,Detroit,and Milwaukee.If he gets anywhere near 15-20 per cent,he's in.

  4. Kamal Haris certainly not. She's about to leave the ring of fire. More interesting would who will win the Hispanics? As the fastest-growing minority in the US , with Trump's Latino rhetoric in mind, the Wall-To-Be and only white candidates lined up chances, are that a large chunk is going to support Sanders. Except for Florida because of Cuba and so on.

  5. Using the Lord's name in vein… praying for comedic effect… for evil effect…. Don't know who this idiot is and don't care. Just another reason why Comedy Central should be renamed Comedy Left of Central.

  6. Here is the problem with this group except the one man they want handouts and free stuff and the government to take care of them. Problem is these people are being fooled by the Democrats because they are the party of the KKK not the Republicans They are keeping them down by keeping them dependent on the government. They are blind to what is really happening. The Republicans are the one's that Freed them from slavery they were the north. Democrats were the south and slave owners. They don't know history and choose to be kept in the dark. Blacks need to learn history or they will never get out of where they are now oppressed by the government because they are trusting the Democrats who are the KKK.

  7. Who will win the African American vote in 2020? That is a easy question to answer. President Donald Trump will win the African American vote in 2020. President Trump has done more to help the African American community in three years than the last four Administrations combined.

  8. MLK and Malcolm x didn't even like welfare.

    MLK just wanted money for his own people until they got out of poverty and not a lifetime. Smh. Know your history people damn. Lo

  9. be nice if there wasn't as much warren appreciation (she's fake af), but it's great y'all helped highlight the fact black folk are both capable and allowed to have individual thought and actions; it also helps show that black folk are indeed paying attention, despite what the pandering strategists pray they never do lol

    (more savage, honest, non-pro-establishment segments like this gem plzkthx)

  10. Everything might be funny now but when President Trump gets reelected with the help of the black community vote all of the doubters will learn a painful reality and that reality is that it is a new day in black America because black people are waking up and saying good bye to the Democratic Party. RIP Democratic Trump 2020 and beyond 😀

  11. I have black guys counting my money! I hate it. … The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. … Laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. TRUMP…1991…” RECALLED” O’DONNELL

  12. Talk about no hope for my people. Wow! Non of the democrats are worthy of the black vote with no black agenda. I feel that any black people that are against a black agenda to benefit the black community need to sign a list stating that so you will not benefit for going against your race of people.

  13. You know what black and every other American Voters wants (needs)? Money!!! WE ALL NEED MONEY!!! WHERE THE FUCK IS ANDREW YANG?!? Only ANDREW YANG is fighting for what MARTIN LUTHER KING was fighting for, Bernie just marched along, ANDREW IS MARCHING FORWARD Yang is also a Person of Color. ONLY YANG can BEAT TRUMP. YANG is the candidate we can all really behind. #YANG2020 #YANG GANG #YANGMEDIABLACKOUT

  14. The "black vote" is a racist term, used to divide people into groups based primarily on the color of their skin instead of anything that actually makes them different.

  15. I'm sorry but this was the most realistic, thoughtful and informative panel of black voters I've seen. They brought REAL issues to the table, were brutally honest, and I feel represent most households in America. Impressed.

  16. It's either going to be Bernie (Lord, we gon' have to pray for his health) or Elizabeth. Kamala seems way too fake. It's something about her I just don't like.

  17. The black vote better vote for WHOEVER is the Dem candidate if they want their children and their children to still live in a post civil rights act world. Have no illusions: Donald and his white supremacist base are committed to rolling this nation back to a pre 1964 world.

  18. Reparations will never happen!!!! Plus why the hell do people think they deserve money because thier ancestors were slaves?????

  19. Andrew Yang spoke at the Nation Action Network and under his policies, Black people and all other minorities would get a leg up from the universal basic income.

  20. i guess the lowest black employment rate is at it's lowest in american history doesn't mean shit. stop being brainwashed. black america…you're being use d for them to stay in power. they have not done ANYTHING for you but lock you up and break up the black families

  21. Of that wasn't the best representation of black voters I don't know what is…. And ole boy is right kamala is the police.

  22. I know what Chris was talking about! Look at the way Trump shook Kanye's hand when he hugged him. Trump has shook a lot of blk ppls hands that's obvious!

  23. The question should be who should win the Black vote based on history?

    If the media won’t say it I’ll say it Bernie Sanders 2020 AOC 2028 stop the corruption in America….

  24. Blacks waiting for obama..jay z…and Kanye to tell them how to think lol. Sad that blacks haven't progressed at all after all these years

  25. Imagine you told them they can have 1k extra a month. Democracy dollars, releasing everyone from jail for non violent marijuana charges, paid family leave, banning robo callers, etc.

  26. Trump, especially since he just let around 40 thousand black people out of jail,,,put there in the 90s for drugs by Clinton 3 strike your out policy.

  27. What is up with this outrage concern over Bernie’s health, he had a heart attack granted that is bad, but not uncommon for someone in his 70s. Two days later he’s back on his feet campaigning. Meanwhile Biden is going senile and Trump as we all know is completely senile. Bernie is absolutely the most sound and explosive on the debate stage, policy wise and his cadence.

  28. Good segment Roy, but as a black man myself, I would have liked to see their perspective on Andrew Yang as well as the frontrunners

  29. "Black Voters" hmm "Asian Voters" "White Voters" "Spanish Voters" "Middle Easter Voters" "Guyanese Voters" how is labeling the Voters by race proactive ? What is this realistic ? Why cant we all be Voters ? Or why not label us by our economic status ? "Black Voters" quick question why dont black people acknowledge their racist tendencies ?

  30. If these 6 represent black America, then democrats are in trouble. Democrats need 85% of black voters to win and they only have 83.3% of black people in this sketch.

  31. Is anyone really confused about why bleak people are not voting for Pete? I think we’re all just being polite here.

  32. If Joe Biden win the primary election Trump has it hands down #btw #fucktrump #fuckthetrumpadministration #fuckmikepence #notrumpnokkknofascistusa #blacksfortrumpmyass just had to put that out there

  33. Look I am offended. Kamala Harris is half Indian. And she isn’t completely black . Her mom is from Chennai Tamil Nadu India 🇮🇳. Her dad is from Jamaica. But she is part of India 🇮🇳.

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