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I’ve been noticing this thing that I wanna
talk through with you. Have you noticed that female comedians are doing a much better job of covering the news, than the news. There’s this dumpster fire. But that’s not what the tweet said. The tweets said the electoral process. But that’s the electoral process. No it’s not… voting is not an electoral process No it’s not, Jeffrey, Jeffrey do you think, Oh come on. Versus this direct approach. Do something about your dad’s immigration practices your feckless cunt, he listens to you. I get it. They need to take Trump seriously in order to be taken seriously themselves. But comedians don’t have to even entertain Trump’s B.S Bullshit alert, bullshit alert. because comedy has a much lower tolerance for B.S. Did you know that Trump is on track to be
the most joked about President in U.S. history? He was the target of over a thousand jokes during his first 100 days in office. That’s more than any recent president had
during their entire first year. But I couldn’t exactly figure out what it
was about female comedians that was so engaging right now. So I reached out to the co-creator of the
Daily Show, Lizz Winstead, to find out. Women comedians and also just comedians who are not traditional what you think of as a late night talk show host. They’re the ones who have things at stake. So they’re writing better jokes with more
depth because it’s not just like, “Well, Trump’s an idiot again, let’s see him talk
about his tweets, and how stupid he his or that he is orange.” You watch black and brown comics, you watch women, you watch differently abled people talk about it and it’s like their jokes
have a lot of layers and depth because it’s real life. By the dawn’s early light. What am I doing? Come on. Oh am I supposed to get on a knee? Uh-huh! And the national anthem? Yep. You got the wrong guy for that. I ain’t doing that. What do you think I was doing? It brings the essence of why you should care about it to the foreground. It pick the targets that you have control over amplifying their bullshit. But I think getting people emotionally invested through humor is humor’s most valuable tool. Lately I’ve develop a very rational fear of man, based on how you portray yourselves in person. Do you think that, the proliferation of satire and satirical news shows will lead to misinformation? The question should be why are we not holding our media accountable to give us the news in a way that satire doesn’t have to be where we get our news? Like she burns facts. And then she uses that ash to create a perfect smokey eye. What it says is the comedians are the ones giving us the most accurate news. And we should all be aghast at that. The humorist as the neutral player can be
super powerful, if you’re willing to make sure whenever hypocrisy happens you’re calling it out. So when your person whose values align with yours screw up you can’t conveniently leave off that. You know, you have to call people out on how you see it. I have a track record of using humor to talk about issues and getting people to sit up and take notice. I look at the hypocrisy of why they’re doing it. I find the flaws and then I’d poke holes in
the arguments with humor. Female comedians aren’t just helping us
make sense of the news, they’re also really funny. Everyone was smiling. Everyone was happy. The men all have erections. And every single one of the women was ovulating left and right. But what makes this administration different is that they can’t take a joke. This is the first time in our country’s history that an administration has so publicly attacked comedians. Clearly female comedians are a threat which isn’t shocking when you consider that Without these women holding our government accountable, I wouldn’t know what to believe and I’d probably tune out. Wait, women make 86 percent of calls to Congress? Yeah, isn’t that crazy. Yes it is, but that’s time, Elisa. And young, angry, white dudes might totally have social media on lockdown but it’s women ages 46 and over who are doing like the actual work. Yeah, yeah I get it. Do you though?

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  1. You mean comedians, John Oliver, Hasan Minaj. Is that the lady that's caused the daily show to have an establishment bias. While you sit there lying through your teeth, clearly aware of the fact that corporate media has always had a bias toward the one percent. Supporting every war the US has ever started illegally. Even in a conversation about the media's bias. You try to play it off as some gendered debate the f is wrong with you. Innocents die around the world as a result of shitty reporting. I'm sure this lady was involved in making the daily show come out in support of the bombing of Syria, which is a crime under the US constitution, as a bomb is considered an act of war, seeing as none of it was approved by Congress. Why is this trash of a video in my recommended feed?

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