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Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Unveil Jainism with Smiley. I have a new surprise for you all! We have a new friend, Aarzoo Jain with us
today. She will be telling you a nice Jain story. So, Off to Aarzoo! Thank you Smiley for introducing me. Friends, there are various tales attached
with the festival of Rakshabandhan. One such beautiful tale is of Jainism. I hope you enjoy it. There was a town named Ujjain. The king of Ujjain was a strict follower of
Jainism. However, his four ministers Bali, Brihaspati,
Prahlad, and Namuchi were jealous of Jain Saints & Jainism. Once a group of 700 Jain Saints headed by
Shri Akampanacharya came to Ujjain. The head gave the vow of silence that is Maunvrata
to all the saints suspecting some mishappening. The king along with everyone came to see Saints. However, all saints remained engrossed in
their meditation as per the order of their Acharya and nobody talked with the King. The ministers started insinuating king against
Jain saints saying silence is the sign of foolishness. At that time, Saint Shrutsagar who was unaware
of the head’s order was returning from the city after taking his meal (Aahar). Seeing him coming, the minister called him
an ox and started unwanted debate with him. Saint Shrutsagar shattered their pride in
no time with his reasoning ability. Their ego was hurt but they could not say
anything in front of the king. After returning, he narrated the whole story
to the chief. Akampanacharya became concerned and told him
that he should not have indulged in any such dialogue. It is similar to offering milk to a snake
who turns it into poison. Saint Shrutsagar felt guilty and decided
to go and get engrossed in meditation at the place of the debate as penitence. With the feeling of revenge, the defeated
ministers came there at night and raised their swords to attack the meditating Saint. Although Vandevta (deity of the forest) nailed
them in the same posture with the sword. When the king and people got to know about
this in the morning, they criticized the ministers. Ultimately, the King ordered the ministers
to leave the city forever. The wicked ministers reached Hastinapur and
somehow pleased the King of Hastinapur by defeating his enemy Simhabal. The king asked them to take anything as a
gift but they requested the king to bestow the gift whenever they require in future. Few days later, Muniraj Akampanacharya arrived
at Hastinapur with his group of 700 Saints. When the ministers came to knew about it,
they made a cruel plan to take revenge from these innocent Saints. They demanded to rule the kingdom for seven
days from the king as per their promise. So, the minister Bali took over the kingdom
and became king for seven days. King Bali now decided to disturb the meditation
of Saints by surrounding them with fire and ultimately killing them. The Saints were undergoing hard atrocities
but they remained peaceful thinking that the fire can burn the body, not the soul because the soul is immortal, eternal and boundless. Meanwhile, saint Vishnu Kumar who had obtained
the supernatural power to change the shape & size of the body by his penance came to
know about this brutality. He left his monkhood and took the form of
a dwarf Brahman. King Bali got pleased after seeing a Brahman
and told him to ask anything he wish. The Brahman asked him for 3 steps land to
do meditation measured by his own feet. King Bali agreed because he thought that the
Brahman was too small to take over much land. By the effect of his Vikriyariddhi that is
the power to expand the body as per the wish, the Brahman became so big and measured the
whole land with two steps only. There remained no place for keeping the third
step. This way he defeated Bali and saved the lives
of the 700 monks. After that, the Munis took Aahar of kheer
because they had been meditating since 7 days. So friends as the symbol of the protection
of Munis, ‘Rakshabandhan’ festival is celebrated on Shravan Shukla Purnima that is the night
of full moon in the month of Shravan of each year since then. Thus, we say Rakshabandhan means the bond
of protection. I, Aarzoo Jain, wish you all a very happy
and joyful Rakshabandhan. Thank you

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