16 Replies to “Woman Set To Inherit Mom’s Mansion Calls Family Situation ‘A Crazy, Sad, Black Comedy’”

  1. “learned helplessness” means things have gone wrong in life so many times you expect it to keep going wrong so you don’t try to change or try anything new.
    “Learned helplessness is defined as the general belief that one is incapable of accomplishing tasks and has little or no control of the environment. For example, a child who performs poorly on math tests and assignments will quickly begin to feel that nothing he or she does will have any effect on math performance.”
    learning about this helped me a lot and I figured others might relate and find this useful. things can change if we try!

  2. I bet you there was an abusive father in that home, and mom allowed the abuse in order to live the mansion life. Where is the rest of this story? There is too much pain, and it came from somewhere. Mom has learned how to maintain the image like most woman learn to do when they want to live the lie.

  3. Her mother can do whatever she wants with her money. And her house. She worked her whole life for it. The daughter got no right to tell her mother what to do with her money. If I was the mother I would not leave her anything lol

  4. I’m down for mom and sis in the mansion, this ungrateful broad has some nerve and clearly thinks she better than everybody else

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