100 Replies to “Woman Thinks Boyfriend’s Apple Orchard Proposal is a Joke: ‘Are You Lying?”

  1. If you guys don’t have a prankster boyfriend you will never understand lol congratulations to them ❤️

  2. Surprised her fat ass threw the apple, she looks hungry! He should have thrown Jenny Craig's number back at her.

  3. Did y’all know back in Greek times throwing an apple means “will you marry me”…if you think I’m lying go look it up it was traditional way back then to say yes

  4. To all haters….this is my cousin. You don't know the story. He faked proposed to her like 6 times( once with a mcnugget). He's like the boy who cried wolf….she didn't know wether to believe him or not until he had an actual ring. Hope that clarifies things

  5. What a dumb beta there u go people equality right there this is the reason why many decent men refuse to do this

  6. Lets have a Moment of Silence for that Apple. Sir Crunch A Lot had Many Seeds among many Trees of Apple families. He will be loved and remembered Forever in our Hearts.

  7. I can't tell which way it goes because I've seen this before on another channel but it was the opposite direction

  8. She is an a$$ that apple to the head could have hurt him … U lucky he still wanted your abusive a$$ !!!

  9. Couple 13 years later with a family

    Kid: mom how did daddy propose to you
    Mom: well darling I was eating an apple and I tuned around and your dad was on his knees, i thought he was joking so I threw a apple on his head
    Kid: 😐

    Kid: ( secretly she walked to his dad and said ) keep apples away from mom please, how could you marry her

  10. You have women saying aww that's a sweet purposal. It's only sweet because she said yes. It'll be the other way around if she said no because she has the right to say no. Plus did we not see she assaulted this man by throw a apple? I guess she excuse from the assault bcuz she thought he was doing a joke or being an ass.

  11. Can you imagine if it was a guy throwing an apple on a woman's face like that?
    The story would've been quite different.

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