Women & Chili | Comedian Brian Lykke and Chili Klaus w/subtitles

Hi, and welcome to an authentic summer chili tasting. I’ve really been looking forward to this. And welcome to you, Brian. Yes, thanks. Thanks. I have to say I’ve been excited too – and a bit nervous. You don’t have to be. I think what we’ll do this time, Brian – – since I know you like spicy food… Yeah, that’s definitely what I tell myself? …So what we’ll try this time: You’re familiar with wine tastings? You don’t just have one glass; you try a bunch of different types. That’s what we’ll do today. You’ve certainly brought plenty with you! We’ll try to make our way through it and see what different types there are? Sometimes, I think chilis are like women: You don’t realize what you’ve gotten yourself into until you sink your teeth in. That’s correct. So let’s take a bite of her – This fine, little thing here. What a little cutie! Look at how fine it is. Try and taste it… It’s definitely interesting. Oh, so it’s happening this second…? We’re trying them… Just to get a sense of… What such a little, fine, yellow chili can do. It’s little and fine, isn’t it… Yes… …in its own way. I think it’s so fantastic! It’s just so great… If we’re sticking to the thing about women, and I say this with all respect… It’s like a woman who, once you get her home and undressed… Somehow, there’s suddenly more of her. That’s perhaps what you’d call a ’one night stand.’ Yeah. And it’s a ’WHACK!’ – then it’s over. Now I have this one here, called Comet’s Tail. I’ll cut off a bit of the end. Here’s a little piece for you, just to taste it. Yeah, OK. Yeah. Comet’s Tail – it’s sweet, right? Wow. Yeah… Really nice sweetness… Really lovely. She’s a gentle woman… Gentle and… Easy to work with… You’d ask for her number afterwards. Here comes something a bit crazier: Chinese 5 Color. It’s from a tree that grows five different fruits at once. I’ve never seen a purple one before? You know what, we’ll each have one. I’ll cut it in half. That’s for you. This one’s tricky. I have no idea if it’s even edible? Yes … yes? She wants me. Yes. She definitely wants me. But it’s also a little bit boring. Strictly speaking in terms of flavor. It’s actually funny… She’s kicking in now. But it’s almost like she promised more than she delivered…? I mean, in the beginning… And that’s the thing. She was so pretty, but sometimes… …there isn’t much behind it. A bit too flashy. Now I think we ought to give her a try. It’s called Yellow Carolina Reaper … the sister of the Red Carolina Reaper. I feel like I’ve heard ’reaper’ before in your little films. Yes, they’re incredibly popular. People have been really happy with her. That’s because there’s serious ignition with this one. So she’s been around. Should we give her a taste? She must be able to… She’s got some experience. Yeah It’s a bit of a different taste, I think. I think. She’s, um… She’s a mature woman, right? Yes – these are definitely a grown women right here. If she had hair, she’d be a redhead. This is a totally different caliber of woman. You’d be a little bit nervous to go home with her. She’s the type that would kill you. I’ve heard about it, the one with rabbits in a pot and everything. What are your thoughts? We’ve got two left? if we want to get through the whole thing? Yeah. I feel like I’m keeping up. But I have to say… This girl… There’s a lot happening in the throat area, Klaus. I wasn’t totally ready for her… She’s spreading… Like I said, right? For such a little thing… She keeps going… She keeps going… Holy sh*t, man. It’s insane, I don’t get it. There’s that ignition again. But it’s right there in the throat area, spinning around. By ’throat area’, you mean your throat in particular? ’Throat opening’, whatever you’d call it… I’m looking at this one… I’m actually feeling a little bit raped. Alright. What are your thoughts, Brian? Sorry, what are you saying? Women … means … lots of … trouble Sorry, what are you saying? What do you think about our set-up? You’re going to have to repeat that. I seriously can’t get over this last part. I feel like the others were, ”Whoa, good Lord,” but… … a little easier to work with. Maybe we should drink some water? No. – OK, I’ll have a little bit. That doesn’t help. Should we… Should we say that’s all for now, Brian? Or…? I mean… I don’t know? I actually think you’re hanging in there really well. I think so too. I mean, I don’t know? Maybe we should just take it all the way? Can we do that? You came all the way here… What do we have here? The big brother… The big SISTER! The big SISTER!? As the saying goes, the big sister is the sensible one and the little sister is wild. Actually, I can’t feel my arms right now. I think I’ll say farewell. This is the fresh one. Brian Lykke … It was a tremendous pleasure to stop by. Thanks for coming, Klaus. Ladies and gentlemen, Brian Lykke in the flesh. Denmark’s very own Brian Lykke. This one talks back. She uses big words, this one… She uses big words. That went really well. Yeah, it was great. Lots of fun. You hung in there really well. Lots of fun.

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