World Leaders Caught Talking S**t About Trump | The Daily Show

The NATO summit. It’s the annual meeting of the
world’s most powerful alliance. Sort of like if the Avengers
were extremely concerned about steel tariffs. And yesterday, the meeting
got off to a rocky start. President Trump had
a testy exchange with the president of France. He called out Canada for not
pulling its weight financially. And he demanded that Germany stop pronouncing
their “W”s like “V”s. “You’re make ‘Wienerschnitzel’
sound way less funny like that. It’s ‘wiener,’ not ‘viener.'” So Trump spent all day causing
chaos at the NATO summit. Right? And then, later that day,
it lead to something that nobody has seen before– a bunch of world leaders
caught on camera laughing at America’s president behind his back. Breaking overnight. A video that might just
drive the president crazy. It appears to show the Canadian
prime minister, Justin Trudeau, the French president,
Emmanuel Macron, and British prime minister
Boris Johnson laughing at how the president
conducted himself yesterday. Watch this. Man. -(laughter)
-That… that video… That video is amazing
for two reasons. One– it is crazy
that we were able to hear a private conversation
between major world leaders. Like, did they not know
this was happening? And two– that
when world leaders get together, they are gossipy bitches
just like the rest of us. -(laughter)
-Like… (applause and cheering) ‘Cause, like… I thought… I thought after meetings with Trump,
world leaders would be like, (British accent):
“Okay, we need to go back and draw up a new treaty.” Instead, they’re out there like,
“What was he wearing?” And the French guy is like,
“Oh, so he can’t speak English. “I mean, I don’t speak English, but he really can’t
speak English!” Yeah, it turns out
NATO is so catty, they should get Andy Cohen
to host it. That’s what they should do. And while most people thought
this video of world leaders trashing Trump
was hilarious, there was, uh, one person
who did not find it funny. We got the president leaving
a testy NATO summit. Leaders appear to be mocking him
behind the scenes, and that was the last straw. The president responding
right in front of the cameras. Take a look. (camera shutters clicking) The president was scheduled
to have a press conference before he left, but during
that bilateral meeting, after he was asked about
this video that’s going viral of Trudeau that we played for
you, the president said: Well, I don’t think I’m going to have
the press conference now. I think after
my bilateral meetings, I’ll just get on the plane
and head back home. Yeah. In response
to what happened, Trump called Trudeau “two-faced” and announced that he
was leaving the summit early. And you know what,
you know what, to be fair, Trump’s not wrong–
Justin Trudeau is two-faced. He’s got a white one
and a brown one. -(laughter, groaning)
-And… as for him going home,
as for Trump going home early, guys… I think they hurt his feelings. (laughter) Yeah. It’s like… it’s
like Trump was at a sleepover, and all the other kids
turned on him. You know? And now
he’s just there like, “Mom, I know it’s a day early, but can you come pick me up
from NATO?” (laughter) And look, man, I know a lot
of people don’t like Trump, but I don’t care
who you are, man, every single one of us
knows this feeling. Huh? Finding out
all the cool kids at school are laughing at you? Hmm? And then you run home
all the way, crying. And you know
when you’re a kid and you cry, you run with your arms dangling
by your sides. (sobbing loudly) (continues sobbing) And for Trump,
the most hurtful thing is probably the fact
that Boris Johnson joined in. That’s a shitty thing.
That’s shitty, Boris. -(cheering, applause)
-That’s a shitty move, Boris. That’s your friend! You know who Boris is?
Boris is that one kid you think is your real friend,
and then you see him over there trying to fit in
with everyone else, telling them
your deepest secrets. “Oh, and also, Donald told me
he pees the bed.” (like Trump): I told you that
in confidence, Boris! So shitty. So President… President Trump
was clearly hurt by what happened, and he decided
to head home early. But before he left,
before he left, he tried to get back
at all these other dudes by making some new friends. NEWSMAN:
From the Merkel meeting, President Trump has got lunch
with a select group of NATO nations–
what President Trump calls the “two percenters.” That’s a group
of eight other nations that are spending two percent
of their GDP on defense. They include Bulgaria, Greece, Britain, Estonia, Romania,
Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Okay, this is
just embarrassing now. Trump’s rolling with Romania,
Lithuania and Latvia because of what happened? It’s almost like
the popular kids dropped him, and now he’s eating lunch
at the loser table. And they’re
probably really nice. They’re like,
“Don’t be sad, Donald. “You can have some
of my horse tongue. It’s boiled and pickled.” (like Trump):
Get away. So look, man, clearly NATO did
not go well for Donald Trump. And I’ll be honest,
I don’t blame The Donald for flying home early. Mr. President,
you shouldn’t be in a place where people are gonna laugh
at you behind your back. You get on Air Force One,
and you fly straight back home, where we promise that we
will laugh at you to your face. (laughter, cheering, applause)

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  1. Are we so divided as a nation that we are going to let Canada and France laugh at us? We Are Family and we all know that family can make fun of family but if anybody else does…..

  2. You know what a real man would have done, put a smile on his face, stayed till the end of the summit, and then on the way home reflect on why you are the butt of everyone jokes. Not donald trump, he leaves early with his balls in his pocket, like a little bitch. Way to go. So proud to be an American.

  3. Trump is the butt of all jokes 😂😂
    Love it when the tables is turned..😍.. Not even NATO could take him seriously… Even Princess Anne was laughing at him in that group….

  4. "The world is laughing at us." No, the world is laughing at you Drump. Impeach and save America's standing in the world. Leaving summit early like a baby in kindergarten playground. SMH

  5. Waooo !!! United States looks like a bunch of fools , I don’t like Donald Trump as president but as US Citizens myself is embarrassing.
    I’m not Republican or Democrat but at least we deserve a real President no matter at what party belongs 😕!!!

  6. Helmet of pubic hair, the commentator if left in his own country would be reporting on chopped off hands and women with broken pop bottles up them.

  7. Frankly, I find it sad that at such a function, world leaders gather and they somehow find the perfect time to badmouth another leader rather than discuss how best to solve few of the basic problems face by humans like merely having food, water and shelter. What a waste😳.

    Let's be better 💕

  8. I have never liked Trump! But I kinda feel bad🤷 idk though, that's embarrassing! And he should be embarrassed but he's REALLY EMBARRASSED!

  9. It's a good day when you have the Canadian substitute teacher turned prime minister, and France's Macaroni making jokes about you. That's when you know you've annoyed the right people.

  10. I had to do a double-take after mistaking Boris Johnson for Trump standing in the circle.
    Trumps dumb-ass is laughed at & talked about by world leaders in far worse ways than this.

  11. Trump was late by 40 minutes because he always want to make a grand entry into ever event. He was late showing up at Mc Cain's funeral. Everything has to be about Trump.

  12. Trump got the last laugh…our economy is booming while theirs is failing….but u typical dems don't get it. And dude get a real job….why all the fake laughs….maybe because ur not funny….ju st annoying.

  13. As a Canadian, I agree with Trump – TURDeau is two faced. But in this situation TURDeau looks like a loser kid at a party who wants to join the conversation so bad that he'll throw someone else under the bus for laughs and/or acceptance.

  14. The crybaby criminal who is a puppet treason weasel should be bitched slapped thrown in jail and given oatmeal to eat while he goes crazy

  15. Bully brigade, imperfect stone throwers bearing pitchforks and torches, cast those stones. Puppet parroting gets you nowhere & losing your mind sky screaming with anguish for the current success of our country is unbecoming AND p-i-t-i-f-u-l. Wishing all of you a fast recovery when he is re-elected. 🙂 XOXOXO

  16. So which table is the leader of South Africa sitting at? Losers or popular kids? I don't even know who the f**k runs that s**t hole.

  17. So what's wrong with Latvia, Bulgaria you dumb fuck? maybe Trump is smarter than all other previous presidents and see that no matter what east European countries always stood by America regardless, while Western European countries been milking America for last 200 years. You should learn some of our history since you so Americanized now and wonder how come you don't talk about your South African country since your president turned that place back to stone age. You mother fuckers always wane make fun about other people in stead of cleaning your own shit

  18. No one can take advantage of Trump! Look what hes done! He had everyone pullong their weight or he calls them out! Trump has saved US Dillions fron chins! You Democratic Americans wish you could demand the respect his has! .

  19. The unemployment rate in France is close to 10%. Canada lost 70,000 jobs in November.
    The unemployment rate in the US is ~ 3.5% and around 250,000 new jobs were added in November. Yep….we deserve to be made fun of by the French and the Canadians.

  20. The laughs on them. Thanks to Trump- USA's economy is at a 50 year high while their countries aren't doing very well. Plus Trump is on their case to pay their NATO Fees which other presidents ignored. So, of course they're not happy. Now, chew on that, DemonRat Traitors.

  21. US economy doing wonderfully, while Canada is failing… Let the morons laugh, as Trump shows us what a real leader does for his country.

  22. Turns out the world leaders of other major Western world powers aren't solely elected based on their pop culture celebrity status. Donald Trump never held political office before the presidency, was born rich, and wowey-zowey became richer. Ain't that the American Dream? Born a multi millionaire, one day to be a billionaire! Just like the rest of us! Trump is JUST LIKE the working class! Fucking idiots.

  23. Imagine this, that night Obama made fun of Trump, the was rabid and he imagined his future, will take over the White House and humiliate Obama all over the world and the everybody will love me.

    Now: he has seen the truth, the world still loves Obama even if Obama blew up a hospital and everybody laughs at Trump, including those he dreamt would be cheering him. The saddest loser in history.

  24. Yes Trudeau and the others were two faced but they're all politicians. That's the nature of their jobs. Chump was correct on that 1 thing about being 2 faced, but he needs to grow a pair. Quit being such a hypocrite and a baby. Though he's said worse about Canada so It's not like he didn't deserve it. Who doesn't mock and laugh at CHUMP? He's a moron and embarrasses us Americans constantly. I'm American and I hate Chump. No I was not dumb enough to vote for him. All I could do was shake my head in shame with a heavy heart the day he was elected knowing the death and destruction he'd cause, worldwide. I wasn't wrong about him, was I? It's not hard to predict a selfish, greedy, maniacal moron will act like, exactly that. I will give him credit on 1 thing. Leaving the summit early, quietly without making a bad situation worse with a bigger scene, was the most graceful and mature thing I've ever seen him do. It only took almost 4 years to get 1 act of grace and dignity out of him. It would be nice if he could keep doing that.

  25. Laughing ? At our President? Holy shit really. Well let analyze this,
    everyone of those world leaders, are in trouble, failing economy’s
    Revolting, rioting, in the streets, unemployment high, income down, taxes up
    Now, the US of A well we are breaking every financial record available, lowest unemployment
    Highest market growth in world history , income up , taxes down, military stronger than ever,
    401’s up IRA’s up . Justice reform bill passed, regulations smashed, small businesses growth at all high
    So much more to list and all while under attack by a bunch of sore losing socialist, cowardly pussy’s
    Keep laughing while your countries go down the tubes , while the greatest president for the people in a century
    keeps working on making our lives better right here in the good ole USA

  26. This asshole needs to go back to shitty South Africa. But aside from that, he is right about Trudeau, Johnson, and Macron. They are looking petty. Why do liberals always think everything is about feelings. When they attack Trump, who represents the American people, it is the American people they're mocking. We do not need to be mocked by leaders of countries that our fathers and grandfather saved from the NAZIs and Soviets. Trudeau is two faced. This is the second time he has turned on Trump behind his back. Remember this Trudeau quote after making a trade deal with Trump during last year's G-7 meeting, "We are not going to let the U.S. push Canada around anymore." ?

  27. You have to see it correctly.

    What people say about you is not saying anything about you, it is showing who and what they are.

    Matthew 12:34  33“Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for the tree is known by its fruit. 34“You brood of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak what is good? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. 35“The good man brings out of his good treasure what is good; and the evil man brings out of his evil treasure what is evil. 36“But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment. 37“For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.

  28. If these presidents laugh at Trump!! Netinyahoo and Putin have screwed him and all his supporters!! Good for Israel and Russia who screw them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. When the boot's on the other foot and he can't even take his own medicine! What they said was far less personal and damaging than what he constantly said about Maria Yoanovitch.

  30. When the boot's on the other foot and he can't even take his own medicine! What they said was far less personal and damaging than what he constantly said about Maria Yoanovitch.

  31. Making a big deal about a shitty remark will not make this shitty comedian funny. You need good writers to be funny

  32. You all either won't admit it or you are truly blind to the fact that that idiot is hated by the entire world of thinking people! I no longer live in the USA ( thank God Almighty) and I travel a lot and have lived in many other countries. I have yet to meet a single person who thinks or speaks highly of number 45. Even the children around the world ask questions and laugh about him when you tell them where you come from. He is the joke of jokes everywhere. And the USA is suffering because he has brought wickedness to the White House, exposing it openly and flaunting it in his arrogance and stupidly.

  33. Which country is he gonna hang out with next when these other countries laughs at him? Just stop being stupid already 😂😂

  34. Trump MUST be impeached for crimes against humanity. TO ignore the UN's IPCC report that gives humanity 11 years before civilization collapses is why:
    Click [CC] subtitles

  35. Trump MUST be impeached for crimes against humanity. TO ignore the UN's IPCC report that gives humanity 11 years before civilization collapses is why:
    Click [CC] subtitles

  36. Trump MUST be impeached for crimes against humanity. TO ignore the UN's IPCC report that gives humanity 11 years before civilization collapses is why:
    Click [CC] subtitles

  37. I am not American and I like Trump as many Americans and non-Americans do. I hope he is re-elected again. He is trying to put some order in the mess he inherited in South America. How could Obama lift sanctions against the Castros facilitating them to pursue their aggressive Castro-communist agenda in the Southern continent destabilizing the whole region and threatening the security of USA?! ( I am sure Putin is behind all this as well) Trump is also fighting so more factories go back to American soil to bust employment and the economy as a whole.
    Yes! He wants to make America big again and I hope he does! I would rather have America as the police of the world than the Russians and/or the Chinese! God forbid!🙏🏻

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