Your Favorite Comedians Can’t Pronounce JHPIEGO

Every two minutes, a woman
dies during pregnancy, and there’s one organization
fighting to ensure that every mother survives child birth. And that organization is… Ja-puig… Ja… Ch… Gel… Ja… By partnering with local
communities to help build sustainable healthcare solutions
for women and their families, Ja-hi-piegoo… Ja-hi… Ja-hi-piegoo. Because of Ji-ga-ju-guaco. Ja-quago. [Clears throat] Ja…Ja-quigo. Ja…[Coughs]…uga. Ji-beek…sheep. Loosen up. Just get…
gotta get ready for this one here. J H P I E G O Ja-pierogi. [sighs] Those letters shouldn’t
be together like that. Why don’t you just tell us what it is? -If you just say it out loud then we could just–
-Slowly. –that would be a lot easier, right? Wait, I’m… I’m being told that this is an acronym. And it stands for, Johns Hopkins… Pees In Every Guys Orifice. So… Does that make anything
clearer to anyone? It feels like it should, but it doesn’t. Jay Z Has Put It Everywhere Gosh Oh-Man. [laughs] Ja-ha…
Ja-pie-go. Ja-pie-g?
Ja-piego. Ja-piego.
Is that it? Did I say it right? Our name is challenging. But so is the work we do. Kristen: Jhpiego, preventing the needless
deaths of women and families. Who needs that, death? [scoffs] Not Jhpiego.

44 Replies to “Your Favorite Comedians Can’t Pronounce JHPIEGO”

  1. 12 comments and all of them are mean. Quit rippin on amy schumer people shes funny as hell. Id like you see all of you a-holes try bring a successful comedian.

    Vid made me LOL. Thanks.

  2. is this even a real organization or is this all "comedy"?
    sorry, I just don't know how to think right anymore

  3. Amy Schumer is NOBODY'S favorite comedian.
    Also a reminder to the PC crowd that Johns Hopkins University and medical school are strong opposed to sex change operations.

  4. the woman at around 45 seconds who was in flight of the conchords sounds like she is in a david lynch movie when she first tries to pronounce it.

  5. I confused about this. if it is a real organization then it makes it into a joke and made so people are so caught up in the joke that it runs dry 2 seconds into it. The gimmick is Celebrities and I think they should worry about the "Name" syndrome that hinders the power of a joke. This was so awkward to me.

  6. What an awesome branding exercise!! Well done… an awful abbreviation like this will stick in your head forever

  7. Hardly MY favorite comedians. Only people of worth are Schaal, Ferrell, and Key & Peele. That cow Amy Schumer is not a comedian. She's a cow, duh.

  8. hey… excuse me… amy strudel is not one of my favorite comedians…. in fact I fucking hate her thievery fat hands, fuck her up the bum!

  9. Every two minutes a woman dies of pregnancy? We must band together to wipe out the causes of this affliction, sexual intercourse, the children caused by it, and of course, actual pregnancy. Abortions for women, Chemical castration for men, and small clubs for all to deal with the children.

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