Zach vs. CJ in Dramatic ‘Hall Brawl’ Elimination | The Challenge: Battle of The Seasons

– (crashing noises) – [Frank] Come on Zach! – [Chet] Let’s go CJ – [Ashley] Come on Zach!
– Come on Zach! Come on Zach! – [Chet] Good job CJ! Go CJ, go, go! (crowd cheering) (bell dings)
(air horn blows) (bell dings)
– [Chet] Yes, good Job CJ! (crowd cheering) – [Green Team] Way to go CJ! (upbeat intense music) – [Chet] Good job CJ! Zach’s ego has completely
been blown to shreds. I love it. He just lost to a guy who is easily 60 lbs lighter than he is. – [Zach] You know, CJ’s an athlete. CJ’s a MMA fighter. He’s four years older than me. He’s smart. I’m not surprised that CJ
just won this first round. This is what I’ve been dreading all day. – Come on Zach. – [Frank] Zach, get pissed! (suspenseful music) – [T.J.] Alright, the score is 1-0. Cancun. Zach, you need to pick it up! You guys ready? Go!
(air horn blows) (intense music) (crowd cheering) (bell rings)
(air horn blows) (bell rings)
(crowd cheers) – [Chet] Yeah CJ! (bleep) yeah! (clapping) Good job CJ! (upbeat celebratory music) – Yeah! – You got one more. – Just got my ass kicked. He’s getting too low. I’m 6’4″, I can’t get that low. – That was awesome! – I just — I’m lost for words because (laughs) there’s a reason why I came in here today. There’s a reason why
she came in here today. You’re put into a spot you have to step up for your team and that’s
what me and Jazzy are both doing. – Okay guys, we gotta go to a tie breaker. Alright? Girls, are heads. Guys, are tails. (suspenseful music) – [T.J.] Tails it is. (clapping) Get suited up guys. (upbeat music) (intense music) – [Zach] CJ’s going
low and tripping me up. So, I gotta go with a different plan now. (suspenseful music) – [T.J.] Okay guys. Best two out of three wins. This determines who
stays and who goes home. You guys ready? Go.
(air horn blows) (intense music) (crowd cheering) – [Ashley] Oh my gosh! (crowd cheering) – [T.J.] No wrestling. No wrestling Zach! (crowd cheering) (bell rings)
(air horn blows) (clapping) (sad music playing) – [Jonna] I can not believe
this is happening right now. I’m cheering because it’s my team but at the same time, I can’t even make eye contact with Zach because I know that he’s really upset right now. – [Devyn] Zach’s gotta
be pretty embarrassed. I mean, you’re 7 foot 13 and you just got your ass beat by the same dude chasing your ex-girlfriend. You can not be happy. – [Frank] Come on Zach. All you man. – [Chet] One more CJ. You got this CJ, lets go! – Alright, the score is 1-0. Cancun. Zach, you need this one
to stay in the game. You guys ready? – Yeah. – Go!
(air horn blowing) (suspenseful music) (crowd cheering) (bell ringing)
(air horn blowing) (crowd cheering) – Yes! – I don’t know. – Yes Zach! – Do it again. – [Jasimne] That’s okay, you did good CJ. You did good! That was good. (heavy breathing) – Alright, guys. Score is one to one. This is the final round
and the final heat. Whoever wins this round,
stays in the game, whoever loses, goes home. – [CJ] I know I’m so close to the final and I’m this close to
pulling this victory out. – [T.J.] You guys ready? – [Zach] I’m gonna hurt ya CJ (laughs). I’m comin for ya now. (suspenseful music) – Go!
(air horn blows) (suspenseful music) (guitar intro) – Alright, guys. Score is one to one. This is the final round
and the final heat. Whoever wins this round,
stays in the game, whoever loses, goes home. You guys ready? Go!
(air horn blows) (suspenseful music) (crowd cheering) – [Frank] Go Zach, Go! Get the bell Zach! (bell rings)
(air horn blows) – Get the (bleep) out of here! (crowd cheering) Yes! – Yeah! – Yes! (Zach yelling) That’s what’s up! Yes! I just went from getting my ass kicked three times in a row to out smarting him and then out manning him. At this point I feel like there’s nothing in this game I can’t do.

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  1. hey…i’m speaking for the black coalition….the challenge needs a Lit Black guy on the show…..Leroy is not the answer😂

  2. All CJ had to do was go low again but rise up on Zach's jump. That's how he flipped Zach on one of the rounds. Changing his strategy to collide with Zach was stupid.

  3. I miss all these guys!! Frank CJ Sam all them… sucks a lot of the cast can’t come back cause they leak to much crap lol or don’t wanna come back cause they have families… I miss the old days sometimes

    If they did an Allstar and brought everyone back it would be insane! Still waiting to see Sara come back and prove to bananas she can win without him.. still waiting lol

  4. I miss this Zach did Jenna make him soft? Don’t get me wrong I love Jenna.. she’s the Barbie Beast! But he has changed so much

  5. I didn't watch this so I dont understand the rules but it sure does look like just gave Zach a do over he got wiped by CJ initially.

  6. This elimination was such crap. CJ won 3 rounds. Zack won 2. And Zack wins? No. Sorry. A tie breaker should be one round, not 2 out of 3. Overly produced bs where the producers favor Zack for bringing more drama.

  7. He’s 4 years older than me so what does that mean lol Cj to me won that he was 3/5. Zach tried tearing his shirt at the end but couldn’t lol he’s just a big soft bitch. Ct would kill him

  8. this was a game changer, had Jonna went in she would of beat Sam and Cancun would most likely won The Challenge as they were the strongest team till that point and still did pretty well even after Jasmine and CJ went home

  9. Upload Jonna and Jasmine defeating Sarah and Katelyn in Rivals 1 next. Underrated match up with a big upset at the time.

  10. All CJ would have had to do was clip Zack's feet when he jumped and he would have won.

    Instead he tries to go mano y mano with a 6'5 250 pound D1 football player…

  11. Why would Zach be embarrassed? I don’t like him as a person, but I don’t recall him ever undermining a strong competitor.

  12. Hello Zach you're an athlete too. Didn't he play in that Arena football league or something like that? He's just making excuses.

  13. And Ofc Jasmine couldn’t get it done against Sam the former dude… I remember this challenge being so frustrated.

  14. Zach is so annoying. Why do they keep casting him. Esp after last season when he admitted to going n throwing eliminations cause doesnt care

  15. Zach has one of the best character arcs on the challenge…he's went from a hot head to someone who can kind of take the back seat and play with a bit more strategy

  16. Zach looked like the next CT for awhile but gets in his own way to much & isn't that tough anymore (compared to when he first showed up(

  17. Zach wasn't allowed to watch the simpsons as a child because his father said it'll make him dumb. Zach and his father remind me of the father and son from euphoria.

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